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Jun 22 24 tweets 9 min read
🧵#OTD in 1941, Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union in Operation #Barbarossa

Many people will focus on the massive battles, but it's also important to conside the ways in which the war in the East was directly connected to the Nazi genocidal project. Most importantly, the invasion of the Soviet Union and the apparent initial success of the first months likely accelerated a decision-making process that had envisioned delaying the solution of "Jewish Question" until after the war.
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As everyone starts to post their pics of tanks streaming into the Soviet Union during Operation Barbarossa, just your reminder that the mass murder phase of the #Holocaust began in the USSR and during this period. These are not coincidences.  IWM HU 86369 Caveat 1: This is not to say that the Nazis hadn't murdered people prior to this, but, that it was the first time that all Jews were targeted for killing regardless of age or sex.
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I call it..."Wicket's Salvage."

1:48 Bandai AT-ST kit. Everything else scratch-built. I'm tired, so I'm calling it done for the moment.
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Gun control: A Thread 🧵
I'm not a gun expert,but I think there are a LOT of things we can do to limit gun violence without even having tp]o ban certain models (though I'm ok with that).

I would make these changes at the FEDERAL level.

Here are just a few (25) ideas
#Uvalde 1) Ban sale/possession of magazines over 5 rounds.
2) Require same licensing rigor that we use for driving licenses, including training/testing
3) Require special liability insurance as a pre-requisite for owning a gun (see above with cars).
4) Make legal age for gun ownership 21
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🧵So, I took a look at the #Buffalo shooter's manifesto from an antisemitism point of view and here are some observations in no particular order:

(CW: Antisemitism/Racism) Note: He doesn't make any particuarly insightful or new claims (not surprisingly) but he does draw from a very broad variety of sources and forms of antisemitism.
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Mar 14 43 tweets 9 min read
[Thread 🧵] No, it's not time to call Putin's War in Ukraine Genocide

Words have meanings and it's not helpful to call the Russian attack on #Ukraine genocide.

Gourevitch should know better...

newyorker.com/news/daily-com… Before we start:

Pointing out that the war is not genocidal (atm) is NOT to a) deny that the war is illegal and in violation of international law
b) to excuse very real Russian war crimes, or
c) in any way to minimize the suffering of those in Ukraine.
Mar 12 22 tweets 11 min read
Photo Thread 🧵

Lviv, #Ukraine is a beautiful and welcoming city that I have spent a good deal of time in. These are a few of the places at risk.*

*Of course, human suffering is most important, but after that so is the loss of important cultural space.

bbc.co.uk/news/world-eur… Many of these are part of a recent emergence of interest/concern for Jewish and Holocaust history in Ukraine. They are likely particularly vulnerable if the Russians get to/attack Lviv.

This memory work will be massively set back by this war already sadly.