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21 Sep
I just voted!

Everyone get out there and fight for your country at the ballot box. 📩 Image
If you are in NC, vote for @CalforNC for Senate. He's a veteran and will be a great warrior in the upcoming fight.

If you need an absentee ballot, here is how you can get one:
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20 Sep
[Thread] Postwar German prosecution of Nazis

I was inspired by @nath4nglx to do this explainer on the ins and outs (and ups and downs) of postwar Nazi trials. It's a really interesting look into #History, memory, the #Holocaust, and the law. Enjoy!
First off, I am not talking about the Nuremburg International Tribunal or the Subsequent Trials. Those were not German prosecutions but were allied prosecutions which relied on different legal standards and methods.

Instead, I'll be talking about post-1949 trials in Germany.
If you want resources on those trials, both @HarvardHarvard and @Yale have great websites on them.

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17 Sep
Currently..."watching" and, oh boy.

Here is a @UVA undergrad (Victoria Spiotto) opining on things she has no understanding of with a healthy dose of both sidesism and cancel culture awareness. Good lord.

She hopes to be...a TEACHER, y'all.

Bless your heart!

But the internet is forever.
Can I get a wide shot to see how many old white dudes are on this panel?

Can we call it a Whimanel?
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16 Sep
I certainly agree that people need to know more about the Holocaust.

But I can't find the survey data or questions anywhere. 200 random people, 18-39, from each U.S. state.

But, what were the questions? Where is the data? I'd love to know more.
Ok. Found the actual questions here.

See...this is why I think this is a bit problematic.

Auschwitz is all of these things. LOL Image
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29 Aug
Ok, so while I am writing I have a documentary on the Third Reich on and...well, let me suggest some rules for documentaries on the Nazis. You have limited screentime. Use it widely.

Pay attention, directors!

- You can make a film on the Nazis without ANY Wagner. Really. It's not required. Not even the Twilight of the Gods.
- Himmler, the SS, and the Occult. If you devote more than 0 minutes to Himmler's weird Nordic kink, you're doing it wrong.

Even Hitler thought Himmler was a clownshow on this point. Despite Captain America, most Nazis weren't out to find some ancient bones or whatever. Stop.
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25 Aug
For my British friends confused about the @GOPconvention, let me confirm as an American that before Trump, we all lived in squalor, without electricity, or higher order thought. Barack Obama ate children for dinner and possessed the only gun in the country. Image
When Our Dear Leader Anger Yam descended from the God place, our land became light. He raised up the skyscrapers and made us all millionaires. Big men cried. All racial divisions disappeared. We could move things with our minds. All our children became honor students.
Then China created a worldwide pandemic in order to stop Our Dear Leader's Great American Making. Now, the poors are burning all the nice things and literally erecting massive monuments to Stalin and building gulags and massive gun cabinets to take all our guns.
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24 Aug
So, apparently, Nazi Germany and Trump vs. Hitler is trending because @jemelehill made the comparison and the right is losing their mind.

Well, I've done a lot of thinking (and writing on this). The US isn't Nazi Germany, but comparison is not an all or nothing endeavor.
In fact, I addressed this in a thread a while back.

On ICE detention centers vs. concentration camps.

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13 Aug
In this issue of The Chronicle: Product placement for services you don't need.

(Who pays $250 for a Zoom background consultation?)

@ratemyskyperoom will do it for free without pretending there is some deep pedagogical value. Image
This is nuts. Image
Who cares? Image
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7 Aug
In Memoriam.

I am so very sad to learn of the passing of @HolocaustMuseum's Geoff Megargee. He was a giant in the field of Holocaust Studies and his Encyclopedia of Camps and Ghettos is a lasting,transformative, and foundational contribution to our historical knowledge. ImageImageImage
He was a kind and generous colleague, always willing to help out or just meet up for a chat and a beer. Geoff was always a friendly face at the USHMM and someone who would always make time for you. I could never pass by the 4th Floor without stopping in.
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30 Jul
You may have heard that @CanisiusCollege has illegally fired 25 mostly tenured professors under the guise of "low enrolment" and financial difficulty. Please join me in writing them to protest this ridiculous act. My letter is below. Image
Canisius, a JESUIT university, eliminated its Religious Studies and Classics departments.

I mean, can you people even hear yourselves?

Here is the 28 July statement from the Canisius AAUP Image
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28 Jul
Hey there! Want to buy a crap wooden flag desecrated with a picture of Trump on it? @FlagBuilderUSA's got you covered! Image
While you're here, don't miss their "multi-cultural heritage" crap. Image
Still not convinced? Go to their Facebook page and watch their nativist videos narrated in a real tough-guy voice!

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2 Jul
Really excited to hear this. And we're off!

I'll try to live tweet it a bit.
Question: Why now?

@agordonreed There is something difference about this context with the quarantine and pandemic that makes this different.

Blight: Culmination of a 150 year counterattack on the Lost Cause mythology. It was a racial ideology. An ideology of white supremacy.
Blight: 1871 Frederick Douglass is already taking on the Lost Cause. Hopes that the rage against Trumpism can be harnessed.
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2 Jul
[THREAD] I admit, even I was skeptical, but, yep, this is just another example of the (failed) inside jokes and dog whistles to white supremacy that dominate the Trump administration and campaign.

So, let's take a picture tour.
(And here is the receipt in case the Trump campaign is smart enough to remove this product).
First...America First.

Straight up nativist and a favorite saying of the Ku Klux Klan.

Read @sarahchurchwell on this. Her book delves deeply into this history (link to that below).

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1 Jul
At best, @jordanbpeterson is, a Nazi fanboy.

At worst, an actual Nazi and a #Holocaust denier.

(Of all the successful qualities Hitler MAY have had, organization was empirically NOT one of them.)
Receipts. Image
Receipts. Image
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25 Jun
Listen up, kids.

This is a band called @VanHalen and a song called “Right Now” from 1992.

Apparently, they can predict the future.


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25 Jun
Just in...continuing with a focus on #BlackLivesMatter and using this platform to learn, Historians at the Movies-UK will be watching Mudbound on S͟u͟n͟d͟a͟y͟ ͟a͟t͟ ͟8͟p͟m͟ ͟B͟S͟T͟ ͟(͟3͟p͟m͟ ͟E͟S͟T͟)͟ on @NetflixUK

Please join us at #HATMUK for this important film. Image
Please share far and wide.
#HATMUK offers an opportunity to come together online and discuss films (good and bad) in a historical context, often with experts sharing their opinions and thoughts.

All are welcome to join, ask questions, and comment as we watch in real time. Image
Call for Volunteers:

Are you a historian who also likes movies? Is there a film in your area that you would like to discuss? I am ALWAYS happy to invite guest hosts or hand over hosting to interested folks! Don't hesitate to contact me!
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18 Jun
[Thread] On Trump's appropriation of Nazi symbols (yes, really)

It looks like others (@IwriteOK) have brought this up, but, the Trump campaign is using an unmistakably #Holocaust image for political purposes, so, let's talk about this.

Here is the detailed ad info from @facebook. It didn't last long but looked to be a hit in...Texas.

(h/t to @MFrancisWrites who included this in his Medium article bit.ly/2NbiYmd)

FB Ad data: bit.ly/2BheGXR
The ad was created (or placed) for the Trump campaign by @RedCurvSolution, a conservative fundraising and management firm run by a former Romney campaigner.

@TomCottonAR was a client...so that's fun.
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14 Jun
[THREAD] On defunding the police and the Nazis

Apparently, the meme below has been going around comparing moves to defund the police to the Nazi rise to power. It's apparently made its way from 4chan and
@reddit to @Facebook so, let's talk about this.
B͟o͟t͟t͟o͟m͟ ͟l͟i͟n͟e͟ ͟u͟p͟ ͟f͟r͟o͟n͟t͟: Nope. That ain't right. Not even a little bit.

As usual, the conservative Meme and Clownsuit Factory is playing fast and loose with history in an attempt to discredit the left and scare people.
They do this with gun control, too. And they are equally wrong.

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10 Jun
Dear @USArmy,

So you've decided to rename your posts that are named after traitors and racists. 👏

But where to start?

Here are some suggestions! ⬇️

(brief summaries of individuals follow)
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