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Former TPS teacher and current Representative for Oklahoma House District 77.
Feb 1 51 tweets 10 min read
Attending the joint session on the Oklahoma education budget, presided over by Chairs McBride and Pugh and delivered by Superintendent Walters. /1 Image Superintendent Walters begins by saying “it’s essential to end an era of indoctrination.” It’s another shot across the bow, and a sign that he hasn’t yet left campaign mode. He follows up with phrases like “Critical Race Theory” and liberal indoctrination.” And here we go. /2
Jan 30 5 tweets 2 min read
Attending a ceremony honoring John Franklin Stephens, the model for the Golden Driller, at Expo Square. Image Did you know the Driller was modeled on a real person? Or that that person - John Franklin Stephens - is a real Oklahoma cowboy? Image
Jan 24 25 tweets 7 min read
Watching State Superintendent Ryan Walters present this year’s education budget. He begins by pointing to shortcomings in Oklahoma education outcomes. /1 Image I take objection to his claim, in his opening, that districts like TPS shut down during the pandemic. It’s inaccurate and ignores the Herculean efforts districts undertook to keep communities safe. /2
Jan 23 8 tweets 2 min read
Next up at the Hunt Workshop: teacher quality and certification. Dr. Bryan Duke, UCO dean, lays out the importance of quality assurance in teacher preparation. There are many ways to become a teacher, and he lays them out. /1 He warns about the reliance on emergency certification as a workforce staple, and the lack of quality assurance in the new designation of full time adjunct teachers. /2
Jan 23 10 tweets 2 min read
Hunt Institute Conference round two: school choice discussion. Andrea Castaneda of TPS opens with a call for accessible, accountable and well-funded schools for all. She says we have a responsibility to get this right. “That’s the promise we make to our families.” /1 Image Other speakers representing the Walton Family Foundation and charter schools argue for the value of other choice models. It sets the framework for the debate to come, about using public dollars outside the traditional public school system. /2
Jan 23 5 tweets 2 min read
Attending the Hunt Institute Legislators’ Retreat. It’s a great opportunity to meet with my colleagues and with policy experts to talk about education issues. It’s one of those precious and rare bipartisan spaces. /1 Lt. Gov. Pinnell leads off with a friendly discussion of shared values and goals. Believe it or not, Republicans and Democrats share many of these. If we could stay in this space, it would be better for Oklahoma. /2
Oct 28, 2022 10 tweets 3 min read
Rogers County Democrats!/1 I spoke at the RCDP meeting tonight on behalf of Jena Nelson for State Superintendent. It was encouraging to see so many people turn out to hear about her. /2
Oct 26, 2022 5 tweets 1 min read
Noticing how many Democrats have been endorsed by the Tulsa World this year. It’s not just that Melissa Provenzano, JJ Dossett, Jena Nelson and others are better candidates. It’s also a testament to what’s happening to the state GOP. On abortion, guns, vouchers and other issues, it has moved to the right of Oklahoma. Candidates like Ryan Walters are an example of the problem. Ask yourself: does he speak for us all? Or do you find his rants a bit extreme?
Oct 25, 2022 47 tweets 4 min read
Lying right off the bat!
Ryan Walters is wrong about Oklahoma libraries. Item #2: Hillsdale College. He’s throwing smoke to disguise the fact that he wants to pay an out of state Christian nationalist entity to indoctrinate teachers and kids.
Oct 24, 2022 15 tweets 5 min read
Drama Kings

Remember when people used to say women were too “emotional” to govern? Maybe some people still say it. But a close look at the candidates in statewide races this year reveals a different story. 1/14 Image In the race for Inhofe’s open senate seat, Markwayne Mullin has demonstrated a hasty and intemperate approach to governing. He indulges in conspiracy thinking, such as his claim that “AOC wants to control the nation’s food supply.” 2/14…
Sep 29, 2022 32 tweets 8 min read
The Oklahoma House of Representatives is now in special session, for the purpose of spending $2bn in federal recovery funds. It’s an important day and we will do some good work for the people of Oklahoma. But there’s a story here… 1/x The American Recovery Plan Act was passed in March 2021. It gave states authority to spend federal dollars according to certain stipulations. Governor Stitt was to oversee the process. A year and a half later, we are meeting to do what he failed to do. 2/x
Sep 27, 2022 5 tweets 1 min read
GOP be like: “term limits are needed to reign in career politicians.”

ALSO “Markwayne Mullin for Senate.” 1/5 GOP be like: “we have to elect candidates who have good character and family values.”

ALSO “Trump ‘24” 2/5
Sep 22, 2022 9 tweets 3 min read
1. With Jena Nelson in Tahlequah! 2. Jena is drawing big crowds all over the state. The energy is apparent.
Sep 21, 2022 16 tweets 5 min read
Kendra’s in town tonight! Vote Kendra for United States Senate! David and Randee Charney introduced her in their beautiful home. They applauded her hard work, her moderation and her good work promoting women in politics.
Sep 5, 2022 20 tweets 6 min read
Waldron’s Weird History: Sink the Moskva!

An historical essay that doubles as a lesson on how the people of Oklahoma can defeat a threat to our schools and our way of life. 1/19 n February of this year, Russia invaded the state of Ukraine, without cause or provocation. Russian president Vladimir Putin expected to take the country in a few days. 2/19
Sep 3, 2022 7 tweets 1 min read
Deputy Principal Chief Bryan a Warner delivering his speech for the Cherokee State of the Nation. Chief Hoskin tested positive and had to record his remarks. He is making strong statements about sovereignty and the need to expand the tribal justice system.
Sep 1, 2022 4 tweets 1 min read
GOP be like: “schools need to focus on teaching math.”

ALSO: “Trump won the 2020 election.” 1/4 GOP be like: “we should overturn the 2020 election” (during the primary campaign)

ALSO: “it’s time to put the past behind us” (during the general election) 2/4
Aug 27, 2022 20 tweets 5 min read
Jack Straws

I attended a conference on early childhood issues in Phoenix this week. Democrats and Republicans from all over the country joined a conversation about the welfare of the rising generation. 1/19 For a long time, our system of childcare has been in crisis. Families struggle with access and affordability. Workers struggle to survive on low wages. Many kids experience poverty, toxic stress and developmental challenges. 2/19
Aug 26, 2022 4 tweets 1 min read
GOP be like: “we’ve got to do something about CRT in the public schools.”

ALSO: “Wait! I didn’t mean _my_ schools.” 1/4 GOP be like: “we can’t just throw money at education”
ALSO: “early childhood is the responsibility of the family. The state shouldn’t have to help poor families.”
ALSO: “jeez, these prisons are expensive!” 2/4
Aug 24, 2022 4 tweets 1 min read
GOP be like: “I’ll take the lesser of two evils, please.”
ALSO “all right then, greater it is.” 1/4 GOP be like: “We spend too much on administration. Let’s consolidate school districts.”
ALSO “let’s give state money to hundreds of unregulated private schools.” 2/4
Aug 22, 2022 13 tweets 5 min read
Those Who Can’t Govern, Yell

Voters have a choice tomorrow, The airwaves and social media are full of destructive messages and nasty attacks. We hear dire warnings about woke mobs and liberal threats to Oklahoma. I think they’re pulling a big con on the voters. 1/13 Image Peel back a layer, though, and you find different stories. Here’s one about how Oklahoma is about to lose $18m slated for education because the Governor and the Secretary of Education didn’t do their jobs. 2/13…