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14 Mar 20
Hi, this is @kevinpatterson. I’m a critical care doctor; I work in an ICU on Vancouver Island, and in the Arctic on the west coast of Hudson Bay. I’ve been thinking a lot about the history of pandemics lately, for all the obvious reasons—and also, about February 15. 1/11
Only six weeks ago, in the last days of January, Wuhan, China was seeing thousands of new cases a day. The hospitals were overwhelmed, and 14% of nurses became infected. It got pretty Dantean. 2/11
On January 23, China imposed draconian public health measures to try and halt the spread. At that point, there had been 517 #COVIDー19 cases in Wuhan, and 17 deaths—on both counts, fewer than America has right now. 3/11
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18 Mar 19
Hi, @genna_buck here. My profile of Tessa Virtue didn’t include much fodder for those who enjoy our national pastime—discussing her partnership with Scott Moir. So here’s a Twitter thread about it! 1/15…
If you ask skating people what makes Virtue and Moir so magical, they’ll likely answer “everything,” then get into their perfect height difference, their musicality, the bend of their knees. But mostly, it’ is their CONNECTION 2/15
The connection is what makes them so watchable. But what is it, really? And could a future Canadian ice-dance team study and replicate it? 3/15
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