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23 Oct
Now that I’ve seen what it takes to win undying, uncritical loyalty of partisan sycophants, I too would like to run for something. Vote for me and I promise not to fundamentally change anything. I’ll give pretty speeches full of outrage and devoid of calls for action SEND CASH
I promise to talk about existential threats posed by voter suppression without forcefully mounting a campaign to end the filibuster. I pledge to tell folksy stories about how I got to work. And if elected to the Senate, I promise to trade stocks curiously linked to inside info.
Send cash! I promise not to talk about rising fascism, so you can enjoy all the new television programming without the distraction of existential dread. Problems don’t exist if you sing songs of bipartisanship. Sleep my little boiling froggies, sleeeeeep. But first send cash.
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22 Oct
Here's some music for anyone else who has had it up to here with this week.
So much empty talk this week. Let's have some music.
I hate this week so much. Here's some more music.
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16 Oct
The State Department is deploying a new team of trainers to help developing nations adopt American-style democracy.
Here’s the lesson plan for setting up American democracy in your country:
1.Give a group of 590,013 people 2 Senators, and give a different group of 39,656,838 people 2 senators. (Just watch the looks on their faces—lol.)
2. Let corporations and wealthy people drown out the voices of others by flooding each election cycle with oceans of cash, and tell everyone the “marketplace of ideas” will ensure the guy who donates $12 is heard. (Try not to laugh when you say this — it ruins the surprise.)
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23 Sep
“The bill includes reforms we urgently need to address the problem that Arthur Schlesinger called the ‘imperial presidency’ in 1973, a problem that reached its peak with Trump but that predates Trump and persists after his departure from Washington” —me…
“…Walter Shaub, former head of the Office of Government Ethics tells me. ‘It’s no exaggeration to say that America needs these reforms if we want to keep this nation a free republic.’”
“Liz Hempowicz, director of public policy at the Project On Government Oversight, made clear in a written statement: “Donald Trump’s presidency exposed significant cracks in the system our founders designed to serve as a check against an imperial president…”
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17 Sep
“‘The response to the Nixon administration was sweeping ethics reform,’ Walter Shaub told The New Republic. ‘We just had four years that were worse than Nixon. The response was to gut the ethics provision that made it through the House? That’s an insult’”…
“Trump didn’t create the weaknesses, he merely exploited them. This is a case of the entrenched powers that be on both sides of the aisle liking the system the way it is. They don’t want to change it. They’re naïve to the threat to democracy.”…
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14 Sep
The Joe Manchin voting rights bill HAS TO PASS because voting rights are under attack. For that reason, I’ll support it. But let’s be clear about the flimflam the Senate Dems behind this watered down just pulled. They took out ALL of HR1’s ethics provisions. EVERY LAST ONE! /1
Here are SOME of the provisions they felt were dealbreakers and had to be removed. These are provisions that the House of Representatives passed. But the Senate? No, this was a bridge too far for these Senators. Somebody should ask them why! /2
- require POTUS/VPOTUS + CANDIDATES for POTUS/VPOTUS to disclose 10 years of tax returns
- require the Supreme Court to FINALLY adopt an ethics code
- void federal contracts with POTUS/VPOTUS & impose penalties for holding such contracts /3
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14 Aug
ATTN: Congressional reporters

As I just told @mehdirhasan on MSNBC, Rand Paul's claim is that he filled out the report 16 months ago and forget to hit send. This is objectively verifiable. The Senate uses an e-filing system and the meta data will show when he started the report.
If he's telling the truth, we can forgive the 16 month delay. But if not, we should be suspicious that he may have been trying to conceal the purchase while other Senators were under investigation. If he won't authorize the Senate to release the metadata, that's suspicious too.
In either case, let's not forget that, aside from any concerns of possible insider trading in the case of any individual Senator, the broader issue is clear:

Members of Congress should not be allowed to trade stocks.
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