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1 Jul 20
@KatiePhang Katie, you keep this up and you won't be invited to the next soiree with the socialite once dubbed Washington's "it" girl. She's positively viral.
@KatiePhang Her joie de vivre could be called infectious.
@KatiePhang Did you miss her CORONAtion as the reigning queen of the hoity-toities? She's been out in the COMMUNITY SPREADing joy for years.
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30 Jun 20
Here's an interesting thing. It turns out that when you vote for the racist guy because he hates all the people you hate, instead of a candidate with policies and proven public service experience, you risk electing a stupid person whose stupidity is a national security threat.
And if you get really unlucky, he'll be too stupid to even suspect that he's stupid. This article is just amazing, and that's saying something because it's hard for an article about Trump's stupidity to be amazing anymore.…
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25 Jun 20
In response to a bill that would allow DOJ's IG to investigate DOJ attorneys (which he can't now do), Graham has proposed an amendment that would require the IG to . . . wait for it . . . request Bill Barr's PERMISSION to conduct an investigation! 1/2
Graham says AG Barr can be trusted over the IGs because Barr is . . . wait for it . . . a political appointee!

On Planet Graham being a POLITICIAN makes you trustworthy.

p.s. Graham is being disingenuous: BOTH the AG and the IG are Senate-confirmed Presidential appointees. 2/2
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23 Jun 20
Brace yourself for weirdness from the office responsible for fighting Hatch Act violations. I won't attribute a cause, I'll just describe it. I leave it to you to interpret what's going on here. Ok, here we go:

It's the U.S. Office of Special Counsel (no relation to Mueller). /1
OSC enforces the Hatch Act, which bars misuse of public office to influence partisan elections. We filed a complaint when Jared Kushner talked up Trump's campaign on CNN. Part of the interview ran on TV and part ran in an article that CNN published online. /2
OSC rejected the complaint because the worst part of the interview was in the article, not on TV. They said they can't consider that part because it was printed online.

Um, what??

The Hatch Act doesn't only prohibit activity that appears on TV. So the decision made no sense. /3
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20 Jun 20
Congress didn't impeach Trump when he fired Comey for investigating him...

or fired Sessions for letting the investigation continue...

or fired inspectors general for investigating his administration.

Now he's fired Berman.


Barr was the trigger man. Impeach Barr!
Barr lied about the Mueller report

Barr reduced a sentencing recommendation for Trump ally Roger Stone

Barr is dropping charges against Trump ally Michael Flynn

Barr launched an attack on peaceful protestors for a photo op

Barr lied about Berman "stepping down"

Barr's conducting a retaliatory investigation of agents who investigated Trump

Barr opened a back channel for Trump's personal attorney to funnel dirt from dubious foreign sources on Trump's rival

Barr has ordered that any investigation of Trump needs his approval

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19 Jun 20
Grassley also complains about his critics, but he doesn't mention that he knows a Senator, several in fact. If Senate Republicans had wanted to stop the firings of Linick and Atkinson, they'd have held a hearing. But they've shown America that witnesses aren't really their thing.
If they had wanted to stop the IG firings, they also could've put holds on judicial nominees or cut funding for a program Trump cares about. Or Grassley and Johnson could've threatened to stop doing the corrupt investigation of a Trump political rival that Ukraine refused to do.
To be fair, Grassley did do something. Eventually. After it was too late to stop the firings. He put holds on 2 nominees. He picked 2 Trump likely doesn't care about. Still, it's more than the others did. But not enough to justify the self-pitying grievances he airs in his op ed.
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18 Jun 20
Three members of Congress are demanding answers from the White House about VP Pence's Chief of Staff, Marc Short, after @CREWcrew caught him participating in meetings with companies whose stocks he owns. The letter is signed by @ewarren, @SenBlumenthal, and @RepJayapal:
Here's the complaint from @CREWcrew that we filed with the @FBI:
Here's the detailed analysis from @CREWcrew that got the ball rolling:
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17 Jun 20
That Trump supported China building horrific concentration camps should be a presidency-ending scandal. But so should soliciting election interference from Russia, Ukraine & China; being accused of tax fraud; profiteering; and all the rest. This is what his party stands for now.
I recognize that "and all the rest" is doing a lot of work here, but Twitter only gives 280 characters.
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17 Jun 20
With all that's going on you may not have followed the Voice of America story. Senate confirmed a Steve Bannon associate to lead VOA's parent agency on June 4. Saturday we learned CDC blacklisted VOA in April. Monday VOA's Director & Deputy resigned. VOA is being Breitbartized.
Though VOA is run by the govt, it built a reputation for objectivity. That's about to change under the leadership of Steve Bannon associate Michael Pack. The news that he's purging VOA's leadership is alarming. The Breitbart crowd may be getting a taxpayer-funded global platform.
Bannon associate Michael Pack now leads the U.S. Agency for Global Media, which oversees VOA and the Office of Cuba Broadcasting. It also funds these entities through grants: Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Radio Free Asia, and the Middle East Broadcasting Networks.
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15 Jun 20
Trump leaving this board vacant is part of his war on the civil service. That may sound bureaucratic, but you will feel the effects if Trump ever succeeds in his administration's goal of replacing the nonpartisan civil service with a partisan workforce of his choosing. /1
In the 19th century, we had a "spoils system" in which presidents doled out jobs to supporters. Corruption flourished. Starting in 1883, the US spent a century building a merit-based civil service with officials loyal to our Constitution and laws instead of corrupt politicians./2
Trump wants to undo the merit system and fill the government with loyalists who will look the other way when he and his appointees engage in corruption. If you think you've seen corruption so far, you haven't seen anything like the corrupt future Trump wants to build. /3
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