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1 Aug
Jeep passenger that 'sped through Black Lives Matter protesters in Colorado' says they simply got lost, followed GPS directions into the highway & feared for their safety as demonstrators threw 'projectiles' & shot bullets at them 😱 Daily Mail #Terrorism…
Goodenough said a friend was driving him to a local airport ahead of a flight to San Jose, CA.

When Google Maps reportedly alerted them of potential accident at an intersection, Goodenough said they rerouted the directions & took the next available on-ramp onto Interstate 225.
'We did notice that there were Black Lives Matter protesters on all sides of the street trying to stop traffic.' said Goodenough.

'We then avoided any pedestrians in the roadways and continued onto the freeway. There was no police barricade that stopped us.'
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5 Jun
Opinion: The Myth of Systemic Police Racism: Hold officers accountable who use excessive force. But there’s no evidence of widespread racial bias. WSJ…
George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis has revived the Obama-era narrative that law enforcement is endemically racist. On Friday, Barack Obama tweeted that for millions of black Americans, being treated differently by the criminal justice system on account of race is “tragically,
painfully, maddeningly ‘normal.’ ” Mr. Obama called on the police and the public to create a “new normal,” in which bigotry no longer “infects our institutions and our hearts.”

Joe Biden released a video the same day in which he asserted that all African-Americans fear for their
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16 Apr
China's Secret Weapon In The Looming Tech War: China controls 100% of cesium, with only one junior Canadian miner - Power Metals (TSXV:PWM, OTC:PWRMF) - emerging w potential to develop supply of this critical mineral outside of China’s influence. #5G 🚨…
It’s critical not only to 5G, but to healthcare industry, which uses cesium compounds in medical imaging, cancer therapy, positron emission tomography (PET), & in catalyst promoters, glass amplifiers, photoelectric cell components, crystals in scintillation counters & getters in
vacuum tubes. It’s also vital to the oil and gas industry, which uses cesium formate brines in drilling fluids to prevent blow-outs in high-temperature, over-pressurized wells.
The “cesium standard” is also key to time:
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10 Aug 19
We Need Criminal and Crazy Control, Not Gun Control! When criminals and psychos aren’t locked up, then everyone ends up in jail. 🚨Frontpage Mag #WakeUpAmerica #2A #JusticeReform…
A society with mass murder is experiencing a moral problem.

America’s moral problem is more complex than that of Nazi Germany or its Communist counterparts. We don’t have a government that is actively killing people. Instead we have a government that has made it easy for...
... killers to operate by dismantling the criminal justice and immigration systems, making it very difficult to stop the three primary categories of killers, gang members, terrorists and the insane.
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