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21 Aug 19
The threat of far-right supporters and violent white supremacists in the Canadian Armed Forces is not being taken seriously by the military. Let’s see just how bad it is:

Four reservists running a white supremacist online store were temporarily suspended. One even appeared on a white nationalist podcast.

None were expelled from the military... /2
In 2017, a Radio-Canada investigation found that 75 members of Armed Forces were part of La Meute's private Facebook group.

La Meute is a far-right group infamous for extreme anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant beliefs /3
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23 Jul 19
This morning the CBC published a misleading story about North99 that includes several factual errors.

That misleading story is now being used by Conservatives like @lraitt to demonize us.

Let's set the record straight.
First, like every political party and most political advocacy groups in Canada, North99 uses a mix of surveys, petitions, and issue campaigns to engage people and encourage Canadians to take action. This is standard practice and by no means unique.
We want to know what supporters care about because that determines what issues we focus on. We never spam people and we keep their data 100% secure and private.
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24 Sep 18

The Frontier Centre for Public Policy (FCPP), a Canadian think-tank, claims it's a myth that "residential schools robbed native kids of their childhood".…

This same think tank publishes fake information climate change. They've published 23 different stories about it.

Here's one arguing that Canada wins if the earth warms, and here's another attacking the public sector.

So why bring attention to these stories? /2
Because the FCPP is connected to the Koch brothers and the Atlas Network. The issues/tactics they use are similar to what libertarian groups do in the US.

We've written about the Atlas Network, the Koch brothers and their influence in Canada here: /3
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23 Sep 18
Wendy Mesley questioned Maxime Bernier about his connections to the Koch brothers through the Montreal Economic Institute, which is supported by the Atlas Network.

She’s stumbled onto a big story that our team's been covering for a while… #cdnpoli /t
The Atlas Network, funded by the Kochs and other billionaire rightwing Republicans, are involved in Canadian political groups and supposedly non-partisan think-tanks:…

According to their website, they supported the following Canadian groups as of 2016: /2
Atlantic Insitute for Market Studies
Canadian Constitution Foundation
Canadian Taxpayers Federation
The Fraser Institute
Frontier Centre for Public Policy
Institute for Liberal Studies
Justice Centre for Constitution Freedoms
Ludwig Von Mises Institute of Canada
(cont) /3
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