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15 Mar
Infuriating to see ppl praising the chinese communist party mishandling of Coronavirus. if they didn’t cover it up for over a MONTH, we wouldn’t be in the shit we are ALL in now
The Chines communist party is the PRIMARY responsible for the global spread of the Coronavirus. They HID it for a month, detained and silenced whistleblowers. Let MILLION leave China on the Chinese new year & other millions come to it. That’s how we have a global pandemic!
The Chinese Communist party OWES a huge deal of explanation to the ENTIRE world for the Coronavirus pandemic. They are its origin, and they did their BEST to hide it for a full month! So please STOP praising them. they caused this!…
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29 Feb
The Assad regime & Iran's militia, in 9 years of war, NEVER experienced this level of destruction from the air.
The Assad regime is being bombarded from the air continuously, and guess what? No WW3 broke out. In fact, media is more focused on the Coronavirus than this. Of course, WW3 was never even a possibility, but it shows how powerful propaganda is.
So, What’s different now?

1- Russia knows it has to let Turkey have its day.. for now to preserve the relationship
2- The West wants no refugee flood, hence not hindering Turkey’s response
3- Assad & Iran militias deaths are a small price to keep the status quo
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11 Jan
Omani TV breaks with a long Arab tradition of crying newscasters when announcing the death of the ruler. Truth be said, Qaboos was the last of a generation..
1 of my earliest memories: listening to a bunch of diplomats telling the story of a famous altercation in an Arab league summit between Libya & Oman. Qaboos criticized Qadhafi. Qadhafi’s 2nd in command Jalloud read him a verse about respecting one’s parents - alluding to his coup
Ever since, everytime I saw Qaboos’ picture I remembered the verse:
وبالوالدين إحسانا إما يبلغن عندك الكبر أحدهما أو كلاهما فلا تقل لهما أف ولا تنهرهما
The Libyan was alluding to Qaboos imprisoning to his father..
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19 Oct 19
🇱🇧 Downtown Beirut minutes ago. Something is brewing against the ruling political class. There seems to be a growing rejection of that class across all sects.
🇱🇧 Lebanon: bottom line, the Lebanese state is broke. the economy is in very bad shape. The ruling class’ corruption is catching up with it. No solutions on the horizon.
🇱🇧 Lebanon: geopolitics and alliances aside, the ruling Lebanese class is itself part of the problems driving the country to bankruptcy, not to mention, the sclerotic sect-based system that ultimately makes governing and planning almost impossible.
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18 Oct 19
Just a reminder: Turkey, Baghdad’s central gov, Iran, Assad’s regime, Trump (Obama before him), Russia all agree on 1 thing: No Kurdish statehood.

All these players are happy to use the Kurds to advance their agendas then discard them.
As of the media outcry, and the outpour on social media, if that was worth anything, it’d have saved Syrians from Assad. The fact here is that the rules of the game in the middle east as they are are: the Kurds aren’t allowed to have their own state.
The thorny question here is: when were the Kurds betrayed by the US? Was it Trump pulling the plug? or was it when Obama decided to use them to fight ISIS without ever committing to secure at least an autonomy for them?
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1 Sep 19
Hostility management: This after Russian diplomats told Israel's Channel 1 (whatever it's called now) correspondent @galberger yesterday that "Hezbollah likely to retaliate to drone attack".. basically passing a message: "hey.. we'll do something, don't go crazy now"
@galberger Basically,
1- Netanyahu has an election coming up, needs to look tough on Hizbullah & Iran without a war.

2- Nasrallah needs to look tough on Israel without provoking a war; very broke these days and needs some cash -- not time for a major war.

Resolution: save appearances
Win-Win Hostility:
1- Netanyahu hit Dhahiya with drones claiming to neutralize a major Hizbullah tech project to make precision missiles

2- Nasrallah fires a few missiles & bullets at dummy israeli soldiers & empty armored ambulance

3- Bloodshed at a minimum

4- Move on
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26 Feb 19
Algeria: the protest wave against Bouteflika ("The Mummy") running for a 5th term is persisting.. at least online. The malaise with the ruling elite is palpable #لا_للعهدة_الخامسة
Algeria: "we slapped them twice in less than a week, proved we're a civilized & aware ppl. Yet they persist in antagonizing the ppl & their hypocrisy.."
#لا_للعهدة_الخامسة #حراك_الطلبة
Algeria protest sign: "Had I wanted to be **** by the government, I'd have elected Brad Pitt, not Bouteflika"
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24 Dec 18
Sudanese regime militia trying to intimidate the civilians yesterday with a display of force.. and spinning anti-aircraft guns…
Sudan protests: Bashir a.k.a Raggass (the dancer) promises economic relief and warns against 'rumor-mongers"
Sudan Protest - Bashir's speech: "Finally he decided to make an appearance. Thanks Omar Al Bashir, I am not a rumor-monger, I am reporting facts you thief."
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1 Sep 18
Mauritania election day: the incident happened in Boutlimit where the ruling party's campaign boss was caught printing ballots - the citizens sized it along with the printer
Mauritania election day: Mauritanians are asked to elect MP's, regional council reps in lieu of the dissolved Senate, and mayors. Unlike past elections, there's a flood of candidates. The voting ballot is a few dozen centimeters long
Mauritania election day: the context is tense because the current President's term end by June '19, he's said many times he's leaving, but given his history, few believe he's leaving.
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