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6 Jul
The president taking the side of the noose is so on brand I'm surprised it's not a promoted tweet.
If you want to help people who need it the most right now And of course you do! - here's an option. Please donate &/or spread the word!
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15 Jun

"Hi, Mr. Brooks. I'm w/ The Dept. of You OK? So, you OK? Looks like you fell asleep in your car. Lemme get you a ride home. I'll be by your home tomorrow to check on you. Here's my number. Looks like your ride's here. Good night, sir."
Seriously, what's the MOST LIKELY scenario if they let #RayshardBrooks run?

He runs for 2 or 3 blocks tops. He gets exhausted. Because he's drunk he hyperventilates & throws up. He passes out. The cops then leisurely walk up & cuff him while he sleeps. & NOBODY IS MURDERED!
The number of people of who think that at the 1st sign of any conflict it is totally reasonable to pull out a gun & start shooting is qwhite something.
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3 Jun
The Bay Area always gets credit for being the most liberal & progressive place, but it often seems to go out of its way to reject that reputation. The only surprising thing here is that Mayor @Sashi said the quiet part out loud.
And here is the apology AFTER the outcry...
Wow. I'm so used to bad public apologies that I didn't even realize that THIS ISN'T AN APOLOGY!!!!
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11 Apr
The idea you could go 12 tweets on why Black folks & other POC suffer higher rates of #COVID19 & never use the word racism is malpractice.

The answer to all of this is racism.

Environmental Racism
Structural Racism
Instutional Racism

Why are you like this, @JeromeAdamsMD?
As an asthmatic, the idea that you would use your inhaler as an inspirational prop, is gross. Some of those asthmatic kids you were talking to can't afford inhalers & will die of an asthma attack before they get the chance to be Surgeon General. Talk about that, @JeromeAdamsMD.
& as you know, the inhaler you used as a prop is a "rescue inhaler" because by the time you pull that out your health is fucked. For many it's all they have because they can't afford maintenance meds. If you don't have 1, the next stop is the ER or the morgue. @JeromeAdamsMD
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27 May 19
This is the 2nd "article" I've seen that said I left anti-abortion activist interviews on "the cutting room floor" because I didn't agree w/ them. This 1 is from @TuckerCarlson's site. (Maybe they're mad I said, "F**k Tucker Carlson." on #UnitedShades😄) Lemme clear this up.
Portions of both of them are online here. I even promoted that you could see them online DURING the #ReproductiveJustice #UnitedShades episode. I'm the 1 who decided to put them online. They could've been gone completely. Like most interviews we cut out. cnn.com/videos/tv/2019…
On #UnitedShades we always film more than we need. Cutting interviews out rarely means they aren't good. It means we don't have room, or something else resonated, or it felt redundant. The show is only 42 minutes long minus commercials. Every season I've pushed for extras online.
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19 May 19
When I went to end my ability to reproduce, there were no protesters. No 1 tried to talk me out of it, talked about God or murder, or made me get my wife's approval. The surgery took 10 minutes & was covered by insurance. It should be that easy for women. cnn.com/interactive/20…
To be clear #ReproductiveJustice should cover women, the Trans community, non binary people, anyone with a uterus, and more. Let's make everyone's reproductive healthcare & services as easy, professional, & uneventful as my vasectomy. 😁😳 #AlabamaAbortionBan #ReproductiveRights Doctor cauterizing Kamau'd vas deferens while Kamau lays down.
Fellas, in solidarity w/ #ShoutYourAbortion, #ShoutYourVasectomy.

Hat tip to @smartstatistic @FundMSabortions for the idea! 😎 Kamau getting a vasectomy from Dr. Joel Piser and an unnamed nurse.
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8 May 19
Only $208 gets this classroom a fridge & some snacks for kids who can't afford to bring their own. & as we all know HUNGRY KIDS CAN'T LEARN GOOD.*

*Maybe I need a snack too. 😁
Only $208 gives these kids more access to the same kind of technology that I'm using to write this tweet! And that you are probably using to read it. WHO'S WITH ME?
Only $186 helps teach financial literacy to low income students w/ intellectual disabilities & autism. Such a little bit of money can accomplish so much. If you can't give, RT! IT IS ON US!

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29 Apr 19
This is the official #UnitedShades of America livetweet thread. If you have questions about the show (or need a recipe for 2 ingredient pancakes) ask them here. Tonight is the premiere. It is megachurches in Dallas, TX. pscp.tv/w/b5ZGNTF4a1FE…
Getting ready for the livetweet of the premiere of season 4 of #UnitedShades. I'll be watching it w/ @pastormykmac & @fhunscripted (He's on the speakerphone.). They're both in the episode & they'll both be livetweeting w/ me. If you have questions respond to this thread.
Do me a favor and follow @pastormykmac & @fhunscripted on Twitter right now! They are both doing the big work. You can read more about them in this piece I wrote for @CNN. cnn.com/2019/04/27/opi… And use the hashtag #UnitedShades as much as you can.
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22 Apr 19
*steps up to the bullhorn*

Well here goes...

United Shades of America RETURNS THIS SUNDAY April 28th at 10pm ET / 7pm PT on @CNN!

We. Are. All. The. People. #UnitedShades #WeAreAllThePeople
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22 Apr 19
This is almost across the finish line. $160 gets these public school kids a computer! LET'S DO THIS! donorschoose.org/project/help-t…
For those of you who are sad that you couldn't help those other kids get a computer... YOU CAN HELP B THESE KIDS GET AN iPAD! Only $238 gets it done. Any amount helps! donorschoose.org/project/an-ipa…
Only 9 days left to finish funding this classroom project. Helping kids learn to read. Luckily only $159 to go! Let's knock this out so the kids can celebrate at lunchtime! donorschoose.org/project/word-w…
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15 Apr 19
Just got yelled at on the phone by a @Postmates delivery person who decided not to deliver what I ordered. This is after I ordered an adapter from @Apple that I had no idea was being delivered by Postmates. Anybody else feel like this gig economy isn't working out as planned?
I just feel like that despite the "convenience" it's clear that gig people are independent contractors, aren't paid well, don't have benefits, & I'm guessing are held up to unreasonable standards which means that automatically you occassionally get gig people who juat say...

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14 Apr 19
Who knew this is what it would take to unite people? #TigerWoodsWinningTheMastersForPresident2020
Only time I'll ever explain a joke because some people really don't get that I'm not saying "Tiger Woods for president". I'm saying "the feeling of Tiger Woods winning the Masters for president". Because all across my timeline people of all stripes are excited. It's a silly joke.
People are so literal it is sad. It is literally sad. And also people are doing the thing that the right accuses us of doing... NOT GETTING JOKES.
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6 Mar 19
Leonard Powell is a 77 y/o veteran & retired postal worker. He's a father & a widow. He has owned his home in Berkeley for 45 years. But because of code violations the city is working hard to take his home. $45,000 by March 11 will give him his home back. ca.gofundme.com/9k5cqq-save-le…
These are the details of the maddening situation that Leonard Powell is in. Berkeley is putting Mr. Powell through a torturous process to take his home away from him & his family. A home he has owned for 45 years. This another way gentrification works. berkeleyside.com/2019/03/05/ber…
Again, here's the @gofundme page to help Mr. Powell save his house. Apparently if he raises $45,000 more by March 11 then he gets to keep the home he has owned in Berkeley for FORTY-FIVE YEARS! Let's all come together and help make this happen!

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5 Mar 19
1. sigh
2. There's no such thing as a self-made billionaire.
3. If there was it certainly wouldn't be Kylie or Zuckerberg.*
4. heavy sigh

* The closest self-made rich person I can think of Madame CJ Walker.**

** Google her yourself.
Well since @jackfrombkln did all this great work. Here is a thread on Madame CJ Walker the closest thing to a self-made rich person that I can think of.
Info on how @Forbes define "self-made". All due respect, it makes no sense.

"As long as the list member didn't inherit a business or money, she is labeled self-made."

Kylie, was born wealthy & her parents put her on TV. She lives inside a business.

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5 Mar 19
1) Happy for Kenyans & Kamaus that our name was said & defined on TV
2) I should've been a $1000. @TessaThompson_x is way more famous.
3) I wondered who'd know my name. Funny enough I've met @KenJennings.
4) MAMA @CheathamBell WE MADE IT!
5)Technically it's "W. Kamau Bell". 🤣😢
@Jeopardy ☝🏿
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25 Feb 19
Shout out to all the people out there who've been rolling with Regina King since 227!!! #Oscars
Ruth Carter said this Oscar has been a long time coming. And she ain't lyin'. This woman is living Hollywood history. Spike Lee films to Black Panther and beyond! #Oscars
My 7 y/o daughter is lowkey pissed that Black Panther keeps beating Mary Poppins returns. #Oscars
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11 Feb 19
I hope the woman on the phone is ready to be memed through the end of time. #GRAMMYs 😯
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6 Feb 19
Help these kids get the supplies they need. You can stew over the #SOTU later. 😡
More kids could use your help getting what they need!
Less than $300 gets these kids needed technology to help them fix the broken world we are leaving them. How can you say no?
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17 Jan 19
Only $96 helps fill these students bellies so they can focus on learning. @DonorsChoose 👇🏿
Great job on that last one. Now help this teacher help her students. A storage unit for blocks may seem like a small thing, but it takes many simple elements to make a good classroom. This is just 1 of them. @DonorsChoose👇🏿 donorschoose.org/project/tidy-b…
This is a public, ALL GIRLS, STEM middle & high school in Los Angeles, California. It sounds like where Shuri would teach if this was Wakanda. But it Wakanda. They need calculators.


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6 Jan 19
This series is like a 6 hour horror film. & the scariest part is at the end when you realize that the horror still continues. So now it is on us, the viewers, to do something. Thank you to @dreamhampton & to all the survivors who spoke out. #SurivingRKelly thegrapevine.theroot.com/complicit-poli…
People keep asking, "What's next after #SurivingRKelly?" I don't exactly know. But I'm sure many people smarter than me will have those answers. & I'll send them out as I get them. For example, my friends at @ColorOfChange right here...
This is another thing I recommend after watching #SurvivingRKelly. I'm on the advisory board of @iHollaback, an organzation that is working to end harassment around the world. They do great work. Please, read up on them & if you can donate and/or RT. ihollaback.org
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22 Dec 18
I've had locks multiple times in my life. The process of cutting them is something that I would plan & carefully select who did it. It can be an emotional experience. To have it happen in public like that is gross. Every adult in the building is at fault.

Also, I can't help but think about the effed up haircut he ended up w/. The most important part of getting my locks cut was the haircut I got. Often, I tried not to look in the mirror during the cut because the transition was the most painful. He was left stuck in the transition.
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