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1 Aug
NEW: DHS has removed its top intel official, who oversaw intel reports on journalists

Confirming scoop machine @shaneharris…
Brian Murphy is being removed from his post as head of DHS's Office of Intelligence and Analysis. Morale in the office has suffered for years
When he was at the FBI, Murphy was the subject a *glowing* Esquire story…
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21 Jul
Trump on Ghislaine Maxwell: "I just wish her well, frankly. I've met her numerous times over the years...I just wish her well, whatever it is"
At DOJ, this comment has, uh, raised some eyebrows
From one federal prosecutor: "The president has nothing to say about a gun-toting madman who just murdered the son of a federal judge. But he takes time out of his press conference to send well wishes to a woman accused of trafficking teenager girls for sex..."
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