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27 Feb
Far-right white nationalist Nick Fuentes announces that AZ Congressman @RepGosar is giving the keynote address for his AFPAC tonight
Gosar's chief of staff was part of a Clubhouse chatroom days ago with Stop the Steal founder Ali Alexander:

A speaker on before @RepGosar tells the crowd: "We must not be afraid of the idea of secession."
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24 Feb
NEW: Just weeks after the Capitol siege, CPAC is set to be packed with panels rehashing 2020 election claims, featuring a number of speakers who worked to overturn the results and pushed conspiracies that led to the pro-Trump attack w. @libbycathey

Rep. Mo Brooks — who told the crowd at the Jan. 6 rally to "start taking down names and kicking ass” — will be speaking on a panel titled: “Why Judges & Media Refused to Look at the Evidence”
Cleta Mitchell, a longtime conservative lawyer who was on the Jan. 2 phone call when Trump urged Georgia election officials to "find" enough votes to overturn the state's presidential results is also scheduled to speak at CPAC.
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23 Feb
Stop the Steal organizer Ali Alexander is on Clubhouse right now talking “brands & business” Image
Ali says he’s banning “nasty” press in the room. I’m not banned yet.
Just a few weeks ago, Ali was posting on Telegram about “civil war” and saying he wants to give his political enemies helicopter rides, an apparent reference to a meme around killing people by dropping them from helicopters:
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12 Feb
Ali Alexander on a Telegram voice chat tells about 50 supporters Jan 6th wasn't an "insurrection"

"If I wanted there to be an insurrection, there would have been a fucking insurrection... If Alex Jones wanted one, if Roger Stone wanted one, there would have been one," he says
Someone is now asking Alexander to "pray about" not using bad language

"If I use the word mother fucker, I mean it," he replies.
Ali says the major problem facing Western civilization is "game theory"
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2 Feb
NEW: Jan. 6 rally organizer planning 'MAGA Sellout' tour targeting Republicans who 'betrayed' Trump

Dustin Stockton, a longtime associate of Steve Bannon and a "March for Trump" organizer, posted a tour schedule from FEB to MAY targeting multiple GOPers in their home states, including Reps. Cheney, Rice, and Kinzinger.
"We will be able to turn out crowds in each one of these stops," Stockton told ABC News, adding that the group will be partnering up with local churches to hold events.
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17 Nov 20
NEW: Giuliani’s team attempted a “coup” inside the campaign per sources. Legal adviser Jenna Ellis told staff only take orders from "Rudy or Jenna"—leading to a screaming match between Ellis and Jason Miller w. @KFaulders @Santucci abcnews.go.com/Politics/infig…
Giuliani’s team has taken over office space in the Trump campaign’s Arlington, Virginia, headquarters...advisers fear that Giuliani and Ellis' heightened influence over Trump will continue to result in the president giving in to his worst impulses, sources said.
"To the dismay of the fake news, there’s no division here. I have full confidence in Jenna’s abilities as a lawyer and as an effective communicator on behalf of POTUS, and I look forward to working with her to help deliver the win for President Trump," Miller said in a statement
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6 Nov 18
Hello from the Corey Stewart election night party at the Harbour Grill
There is also this room. The chicken wings are great BTW
for some reason @TheYoungTurks is on at the Corey Stewart election party

Someone just shouted: “I don’t want to see this crap”
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