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12 May
1. I am absolutely devastated.

Luggard, my favorite @SheldrickTrust orphan has died. He was just 5-years-old and was one of the reasons I feel so passionate about protecting elephants.

I feel so grateful that I got to spend time with him...my heart is broken in half.
2. Luggard arrived at @SheldrickTrust nursery a few years ago after he lost his mom and had been shot in the leg which left him disabled.

Even though humans caused him nothing but grief and trauma, he was so tender and kind.

I filmed this video of him at the nursery in Kenya.
3. You can see in the video I posted in the tweet above that the other orphans were ahead of him. That was often not the case as Luggard was loved by the other orphans. His best friend Musiara would often slow down so that he could keep up with him.

Luggard and his friend Jotto. Image
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12 May
1. Putting all the thank you notes from the teachers in this thread here...

Thank you all so much.

(And don’t get too comfortable, I have 15 more rounds to go) Image
2. 😭 Image
3. See what you all did?!! Thank you! Image
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10 May
1. As promised, here are the first 25 teacher wishlists! If you don't see your wishlist here, there are more to come!

Let's get these lists cleared!

First up, @LineaTunick who teaches 5th grade.

2. Next, we have @BarnesRianna who teaches 5th and 6th grade!

3. @Riddle_inMiddle teaches middle school science and social studies in South Carolina!

Here's her list.

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10 May
1. This excuse has never held up.

Let's pretend for a moment that Epstein hadn't been a convicted sex offender.

Even then, there would be no excuse for Gates to meet with Epstein as many times as he did.

Bill Gates is the most powerful individual in global philanthropy. Image
2. Bill Gates has presidential level power in the sense there's no expert he can't get on the phone. There's no world leader he can't get on the phone. He can move mountains.

Jeffrey Epstein wasn't engaging in anything that would normally be of interest to the Gates Foundation.
3. But even if Epstein had been doing things that were of interest to the Gates Foundation, Gates didn't need him. And knowing what I know about how Gates allocates his time (very carefully), giving multiple meetings to Epstein for philanthropy just doesn't add up.
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7 May
1. It's been just over a year since I tweeted this thread below.

I wish I felt hopeful about the future with respect to the folks who have been financially devastated by this pandemic, but I am more worried than ever.

Would be grateful if you would read & share this new thread.
2. As more people get vaccinated, life is returning back to normal.

This is a wonderful development and I know many of us are looking forward to our old routines.

But this progress also means that we won't be as mindful of those who are still trying to recover financially.
3. I witnessed this lack of mindfulness last year. In the first month of the pandemic, so many privileged people were eager to help those who were impacted by the pandemic.

I was able to raise a million dollars for hourly/tipped workers as a result.
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7 May
1. I know this weekend is difficult for those of you whose moms have passed away.

I also know this weekend is painful for those of you who have decided that it's not healthy to have a relationship with your mom.

Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you.
2. One of the reasons this weekend is particularly difficult for those who have, for various reasons, decided to not have a relationship with their mom, is how many people urge them to reconcile without understanding why they decided to get some space.
3. I have so many friends who have been pressured by friends to "put the past aside." Some friends have caved to that pressure & regretted it because their moms quickly reminded them why they walked away.

Please don't place this pressure on people. It's none of your business.
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6 May
1. Let me tell you something...if you need a contract negotiated or your compensation package negotiated, I'm your guy. I'll get you more than you ever imagined. Truly.

But when it comes to myself re money and valuing my labor...I absolutely suck.
2. Unless it's a really big company...I feel selfish valuing my labor

I feel like people will see me as a selfish narcissist!

I've gotten lucky, one time when I told a boss how much of a bonus I thought I deserved, they looked at me dumbfounded & said they were giving me double
3. Most of my close friends ask me for advice on their deals from top execs to actors to friends who do administrative work to friends who work for non-profits.

I get the difference between why I am so good at helping them and not myself but gosh does it make me sad sometimes.
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6 May

1. Zimbabwe mulls first mass elephant killing in decades

Zimbabwe is considering allowing the β€˜culling’ of elephants for the first time since 1988 to reduce the 100,000 strong population of the animals.

2. Zimbabwe killed more than 50,000 elephants when it carried out culling on five occasions between 1965 and 1988.

When elephants are culled, entire herds are shot to prevent post traumatic stress for surviving animals.

3. Culling would be a massive mistake. The last time Zimbabwe culled elephant herds, the international trade of ivory was not yet banned yet.

What we know is when you allow the killing of elephants, nefarious characters slip in and kill for ivory.

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4 May
1. When a zoo has a non-human primate who is dealing with birth complications, they bring in a OB-GYN for humans

Birth complications are extremely rare, so it's often the first time the OB-GYN will have treated a non-human mom

First, a gorilla mom with pre-eclampsia in Bristol
2. OB-GYN Dr. Rebekah McCurdy has delivered hundreds of human babies.

She delivered her first baby gorilla when Kira, a gorilla at Philly Zoo, needed an emergency c-section

OB-GYNs with no experience treating wildlife can do this because our primate cousins are so similar to us
3. Daisy, a Sumatran orangutan at the Wichita Zoo, faced severe complications when she went into labor.

One of the zoo's vets called her personal OB-GYNs to come in and perform an emergency c-section.

Baby Lily was born happy and healthy.
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30 Apr
Remember when people would allow 12 and 13 year olds to babysit their small children?
2. Adding to this thread....

- Was not referring to 12 and 13 year olds who babysit their siblings or relatives

- So many people asking "have people stopped doing this?" I don't know, but lots of people say they are. Was just referring to my experience.
3. My issue was more about parents who could easily afford to have an adult babysit while they go out on a date but chose to have a 12 year old babysit a toddler.

When I was 13 our next door neighbor's babysitter got sick so they had me watch their two young kids until 1 AM????
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27 Apr

@TeamTrace & @NewYorker have obtained footage of the NRA's Wayne LaPierre and his wife Susan shooting and killing two elephants in Botswana.

@mikespiesnyc reports

2. Wayne LaPierre is a poor marksman.

He shot the elephant once from a distance and then three times from point-blank range.

In the footage in the tweet above you can hear the elephant breathing heavily and trying to do a low rumble vocalization.

3. Wayne LaPierre's wife Susan is a better marksman than her husband.

She got the bull elephant she killed in one shot and then went for one more just to be sure.

Upon killing it she cut the elephant's tail off and held it up in victory.

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25 Apr
1. Some of my friends (I love them) like to have different standards on text response time.

If they don't respond, they say they were busy or working, etc, & I better accept it.

If I don't respond within minutes/hours (despite having a very public cell #) I get texts like this:
2. All I want, and I think this is fair, is uniform standards. I have friends who aren't very good re responding to texts which I'm fine with because they don't complain when I don't respond quickly.

But a certain group of friends likes to have different standards...seems unfair
3. Often what I say to these friends who give me minutes to respond or say I'm ignoring them after a few hours or a day, is "you try having your cell phone number on your Twitter profile, and let's see how you handle it."

I think I'm pretty good about responding considering...
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21 Apr

The Republic of Zimbabwe is going to sell 500 licenses to hunt elephants this year. A license to hunt one elephant will go for as much as $70k

The gov claims the money will be used to fund national parks & that the growing elephant population has become a safety hazard
2. One of the things I've tried to share with my followers is how unpopular elephants are in certain African countries. Deeply unpopular. Human-wildlife conflict is a major issue.

But allowing for the hunting of elephants doesn't solve this problem in the long-term.
3. There are solutions to deal with human-elephant conflict. For example, elephants are terrified of bees. Farms with bee hives lining their borders keep elephants away. In other countries, shooting elephants with contraception darts has been stunningly effective.
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21 Apr
1. I've been reporting on the rape allegations against Danny Masterson for years. And as many of you know, I have been reporting on Scientology for years.

The arguments Masterson makes in this filing are not only false but they're filled with Scientological projection.
2. The idea that Leah Remini has any influence with LAPD or prosecutors is just so far from the truth.

So much influence it took four years to get rape charges? Four years?

And the idea that she could convince four women to file for rape charges cause her ego was bruised?
3. This is a bunch of BS

I've spoken to all four accusers & reviewed so much evidence for my reporting. The three women who accused Danny of rape who got charges all told people on record for years.

But they were also Scientologists who knew what would happen if they spoke out
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21 Apr
1. This is the most ridiculous and irresponsible framing and just borrows from the nonsensical campaign Ariadna Jacob has been running to try and convince people she was canceled.

Jacob lost her business because she took in money paid to her clients and didn't give it to them.
2. How do I know this? Well, there have been news reports. But more importantly, two of my friends were her clients and they had to sue & threaten to sue her in order to get money they had earned.
But there's more, she's been accused by multiple former clients on record of worse
3. When a client of hers wanted to part ways, Ariadna shared nude photographs (without the client's consent) with business partners and potential investors.

Also, she has never represented @charlidamelio and @whoisaddison...that's simply not true and easily confirmed as false.
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15 Apr
1. Three sources tell me that CBS will be announcing the new CBS News President at some point today. (timing can always change!)

I'm also told by multiple sources that George Cheeks has been telling people that the pick will be a "diverse man."

Who will it be? Hell if I know!
2. After Wendy McMahon's fast departure from ABC yesterday a lot of my sources have been wondering if she's returning to CBS to head up stations after Peter Dunn was fired.

While ABC has better owned stations, CBS has way more owned stations.

3. As I said, the identity of the new CBS News Pres has been one of the best kept secrets in some time.

George Cheeks has kept this close & no one who knows is talking.

Also helps that Cheeks isn't telling agents anything.

Put me out of my misery.

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14 Apr
1. Longtime Scientologist Nancy Cartwright (voice of Bart Simpson) slamming "Going Clear," gives you some insight into Scientology talking points and how people like her remain trapped in Scientology.

Cartwright has donated over 20 million dollars to Scientology.

Yes, twenty.
2. Nancy Cartwright slams the book and documentary "Going Clear" but she has not watched the doc or read the book. Why? Because she's not allowed to!

Also, Scientologists love to say "go learn for yourself." Sounds easy, but learning isn't free in Scientology, it costs a fortune
3. But Nancy Cartwright says something in the clip that is important to point out. She says "I am helping"

She really believes she is.

If you talk to as many former Scientologists as I do they will tell you that when they were in they genuinely believed they were helping people
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8 Apr
1. Instagram posts like this don’t happen by accident or because someone like Tom Brady wants to celebrate a country he visited.

Tom thanks his host Sheika Al-Mayassa bint Hamad Al-Thani who is the sister of Qatar’s current Emir and the daughter of the previous Emir.

2. Sheika Al-Mayassa bint Hamad Al-Thani is the most powerful woman in the global art market. She has spent billions on acquiring some of the most important and valuable art in the world.

Tom Brady just launched an NFT company. Is she a partner or investor?
3. In addition to acquiring billions in art, Sheika Al-Mayassa bint Hamad Al-Thani oversees a ton of cultural projects & investments

Monarchies in the Middle-East aren’t above paying celebrities directly for posts like this (Saudi being one example) but Tom is too rich for that.
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16 Mar
1. Exclusive: Sharon Osbourne, co-host of the CBS daytime panel show β€œThe Talk,” would frequently refer to then-co-host Julie Chen, who is Chinese American, as β€œwonton” and β€œslanty eyes,” according to multiple sources.

2. Osbourne would also refer to her then co-host Sara Gilbert, who is a lesbian, as β€œpussy licker” and β€œfish eater," according to multiple sources.

3. After Osbourne's former colleague Holly Robinson Peete said Osbourne referred to her as "ghetto" and got her fired from "The Talk", Osbourne had her attorneys send a cease and desist letter saying if she didn't delete the tweet below, she would be sued
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14 Mar
1. A few years ago, I did a lot of reporting on CBS and The Talk.

Here's what I know:

Three months after Holly sent this email, she learned about Sharon's role in her ouster at the show and sent another email holding her accountable.

This is an incomplete record of events.
2. Further, one email where someone is nice to someone is not evidence that that person didn't misbehave, didn't say or do racist things.

Holly and Leah's names were being dragged through the mud at this point and it's perfectly normal for someone to try and normalize things.
3. This is a complete and total lie...Sharon referred to @hollyrpeete as "ghetto."

I have definitive reporting from years ago on this.

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12 Mar
1. I think there WAS an alternate universe where Cuomo could have avoided impeachment and the growing calls to resign: if he had said, a month ago, that he wasn't running for re-election in 2022.

But it's too late now...here's why I think he could have avoided this.
2. What I've learned over years of doing sexual misconduct reporting is that accusers/survivors are more willing to go through the humiliating experience of sharing their stories in the hopes that there will be some accountability.
3. I can't speak on behalf of any of the women who have come forward, but from my past experience, a pledge to not run again or an announcement that someone won't renew their contract, often leads accusers to pull back...
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