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Preventing death is my life’s mission. Now developing a longevity gene therapy that uses partial reprogramming. Also, "lab leak guy", #DRASTIC member |🇷🇺🇨🇦
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10 Sep
Sorry @yaneerbaryam but that’s actually a myth — that if you don’t finish the full term of your prescribed antibiotic, “your body” can somehow produce a novel antibiotic-resistant strain of bacteria.
If the bacterial strain you are infected with does not already have a mechanism to pump out or circumvent the antibiotic you are using, it won’t be able to produce mutations to invent one in the few days that you’re actively killing it with the drug.
And given that bacterial replication cycle takes mere hours, just a few days of antibiotics should pretty much wipe out the entire population in your body. Unless it is resistant already, of course.
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29 Aug
Longevity researchers know that many amphibian species have pretty long lifespans: various kinds of frogs live for 20+ years. But this guy is a longevity champion! Meet European Proteus (or olm), whose average lifespan is 69 years and is estimated to live to 100+.
What is even more surprising is that it is not some kind of a giant, like, for example, the Japanese salamander (pictured), weighing in at 20 kg, living up to 50 years. No, the little dude in the previous tweet weighs only 150 grams.
By the way, continuing with the theme of miniature centenarians: it has long been known that giant turtles can live for a very long time — up to 200 years, if not more.
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27 Aug
Some are using this preprint to claim natural immunity is stronger than one from vaccines. Which, even if true, is irrelevant because natural immunity has a huge risk of killing you or giving you long Covid, unlike vaccines.

But this isn’t what it shows.

The Israeli standard for fully vaccinated is different from that and the rest of the world because Israel used only 3 weeks as the interval between the two doses, which we now know is too short. So their comparison between “fully vaccinated” and unvaccinated is invalid.
But this study shows me something more valuable: catching Covid twice is very rare: 37/14029=0.26%, ie natural immunity is 99.74% protective. Which is AWESOME news for eradicating Covid — hey, even if you don’t want to take the vaccine, no worries, Delta will inoculate you.
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25 Aug
Hey @fullydavid, how dare you call me “a bit of a dick”? Seriously?? That just hurts, man. “A bit”??? Please refer to me as Biggus Dickus!

Ok, but in seriousness, you could see in this video that @BretWeinstein and @HeatherEHeying were also bitty-dicky, and they were so FIRST.
PS: and boy do Bret and Heather look stupid now in their questioning of my half-life analysis, especially after Pierre Kory himself modified his FLCCC protocol to be BIWEEKLY, as he himself got Covid despite being on the “100% effective”ivermectin 😂😂😂
PPS: for all those unfamiliar with the classics:
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20 Aug
If anybody is interested in my deep dive into intermittent fasting, caloric restriction and the impact (or lack thereof) of dietary interventions on human longevity, here is a series of articles I wrote on this topic in 2017:

Here’s my own 5-day fasting experience:

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17 Aug
@HeatherEHeying: “Bret never said that a person with a headache “is having mRNA go into their brain”.

@BretWeinstein on @joerogan: “[spike from mRNA vaccines] shreds the blood-brain barrier. So, it opens up holes into the brain.”
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15 Aug
Wild goose chase time. For my friends at the @CIA to follow up on. So remember how Milan, Italy is like Europe’s Wuhan?

Wouldn’t you know it, there is a virology lab in nearby Bellinzona that’s been studying coronaviruses.
And publishing papers like this in 2019: “Unexpected Receptor Functional Mimicry Elucidates Activation of Coronavirus Fusion”.

You know who else was interested in coronavirus membrane fusion in 2019? Shi Zhengli and her coauthors working on their pan-CoV fusion inhibitor:

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10 Aug
Conclusive proof that the “YouTube stuff” this poor guy was brainwashed by came from @BretWeinstein: he shared Bret’s antivaxx “How to save the world podcast” on his Facebook page:

Bret, how will you live with this?
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8 Aug
Bret Weinstein, ladies and gentlemen: Vaccines open holes in your brain with toxic spike.

Also @BretWeinstein: draws parallels between long COVID and "post vaccines syndrome".

Quote (split up):

"Now, the fact is, the components of the vaccine do not stay in the injection site. ImageImageImageImage
"And the spike proteins do not stay locked to the cell surface.

Maybe some of them do, but many of them seem to float around the body, so we have this molecule which is based on a COVID molecule or SARS-CoV-2 molecule that is cytotoxic, that circulates around the body.
"The evidence is that it actually shreds the blood-brain barrier. So, it opens up holes into the brain.

So, you know, when you're talking about long COVID post-vaccine syndrome and these people have brain fog and other cognitive disabilities, it makes sense that
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6 Aug
Ok, I am having trouble reconciling their abstract and their data - could someone double check? They claim "memory antibodies selected over time by natural infection have greater potency ... than antibodies elicited by vaccination."

But then they say:
"memory antibodies obtained from convalescent individuals showed improved neutralizing activity between 1.33 and 6.2 months with IC50 of 171 ng/ml to 116 ng/ml (Fig. 3f)"

The vaccine-generated neutralizing titers are as follows:

"There was no further improvement in neutralizing activity of the monoclonal antibodies obtained between 2 and 5 months after vaccination (IC50 140 vs. 144 ng/ml, Fig. 3f)."
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2 Aug
Don’t you just hate it when your abstract says IVM works but your actual data show IVM is shit? 😂

For a trained eye, these two graphs SCREAM: “IVM is shit!” No meaningful differences in days 4 and 6, and the Kaplan-Meier graph is pretty pathetic.
Not to mention the authors engaged in despicable p-hacking with throwing people out of the control group who go better to quickly 😆😆😆

If you actually include them back any semblance of statistical significance disappears.

Great catch @GidMK!
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29 Jul
Fresh podcast of @EricRWeinstein with @fullydavid on @BretWeinstein’s vaccine and IVM misinformation.

Eric makes a lot of sense from a position of a layman. The US public health agencies have totally FUBARed their trust and communication with people.

But from the position of someone with an understanding of the underlying science and drug development pathways, there are enough data to make highly informed inferences on vaccine safety and IVM’s lack of efficacy from first principles.
No trust is required, just the ability to analyze and synthesize data. Those data are distributed worldwide, so unless you think there is a worldwide conspiracy to suppress vaccine dangers and drug repurposing efforts, you can just mine those data to make your own conclusions.
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28 Jul
“Why would you vaccinate <15yr old?”

Reason #1 — to prevent them from dying from Covid.

Reason #2 — to prevent them from killing grandma from Covid. Kids are the biggest spreaders.

Let me unpack #1:
The infection mortality rate in kids is about 0.001%. Yes, that’s quite low but it’s still way higher than 0. Why risk your child’s life? Why risk them getting long Covid symptoms or yet unknown long term symptoms?

Death rate in kids from vaccines? ZERO. No kids have died —
— and in the US they’ve already administered 10.2M doses in kids 5-18 and 14.6 doses in people aged 18-24. How many deaths reported for those age categories? Zero.

Is it obvious yet why we should vaccinate all ages?
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27 Jul
Wait a minute. Could it be that the Carvallo study was initially sponsored by this Austrian company selling carrageenan spray? Their investor pitch deck references the Carvallo study and some other studies of their branded carrageenan spray in Argentina.
They also seem to have ran an RCT on just their carrageenan (without IVM) in Argentina. Maybe they ran it and it showed no efficacy and *that* is why Carvallo then said carageenan is irrelevant?
This is their clinicaltrials.gov entry:

It is also a trial in hospital workers.

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26 Jul
@BetterSkeptics #gtcentry Unsupported claim:
[02:21:25] And then the other place that we have a signal, which I think suggests something we need to worry farther down the road. You tell me, Robert, if I'm on the right track here or not. But the fact that it shows up concentrating
in bone marrow.

[02:21:39] Steve: Bad news.

[02:21:40] Bret: Actually that suggests that you could end up with-- And I'm not saying this is gonna happen, but I'm saying we need to look for something like leukemias showing up here, because of their creation in the bone marrow."
As I outlined in detail in another submission, mRNA vaccines carry no oncorisk:

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26 Jul
@BetterSkeptics #gtcentry Unsupported claim:

[02:21:40] Bret: I know from other work, that it also seems to show up preferentially in-in, uh, lymph nodes, which raises the question of whether or not, uh, lymphomas might be created.
Lymphomas are a group of blood cancers caused by an oncotransformation of lymphocytes, a subclass of immune system cells which includes T- and B-cells.

For cells to turn cancerous, driver mutations are necessary. Such mutations are usually endogenous
but could also be caused by external factors: radiation or chronic exposure to external carcinogens, e.g. asbestos or cigarette smoke.

Mutations must happen in the DNA of such cells, which is located in the nucleus.
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26 Jul
@BetterSkeptics #gtcentry Falsification:

[00:39:34] Heather: the authors of the Quillette article don't seem to know what prophylaxis means.
[00:40:48] Bret: Yeah, so they absolutely screw up. And somehow it got through the editing process.
"They screw up that, that fundamental distinction.
the issue that we are going to argue is absolutely central that they have completely botched and having botched it, when you see how the logic correctly works, you'll understand why their entire argument must be wrong"
This is a resubmission of a clearly false claim that was not assessed by all of the refs on its merits.

This claim by B&H is important as they open with it their critique of our arguments in their podcast and use it to erroneously undermine our credibility (see attached). Image
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25 Jul
Headline from Israel: “Pfizer Shot Just 39% Effective Against Delta Infection, But Largely Prevents Severe Illness, Israel Study Suggests”

Knee-jerk reaction: OMG, vaccines suck. Then I look at the actual data. Resulting reaction: OMG, these vaccines are amazing!!!
Look at the right side of this graph. Even if you were fully vaccinated as far back as in January, the vaccine decreases your risk of severe Covid by almost 10x.

And the left hand side provides a very clear picture: vaccine effectiveness against Delta wanes in a predictable way:
March and April jabs still provide good protection. And a third booster shot should still provide GREAT protection against Delta.
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24 Jul
OMG @HeatherEHeying if you don’t think we have evidence that Covid vaccines prevent transmission, you are disqualified from speaking about vaccines or biology ever again.

And @BretWeinstein just because you think you were “right” about the lab leak hypothesis in no way
means that you could be right about conspiracy to suppress true vaccine dangers or that ivermectin works. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

And yes, you *have* lost your minds here. It is good to see you trying to backtrack your positions but nothing short of
a full retraction of misguided vaccine fears and unsupported claims of IVM prophylactic efficacy will exonerate you.

Until then, if you keep spreading this deadly misinformation, you indeed ARE KILLING PEOPLE.
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22 Jul
Fauci is lying. What did the NIH-funded 2017 WIV paper describe? They took 8 different bat SARS-like viruses, cut out their receptor binding domains, and pasted them into the WIV1 backbone (progenitor of the first SARS virus) to check if the new chimeras would infect human cells.
Let me reiterate. They took the WIV1 backbone, which is derived from Rs3367, the virus Shi Zhengli discovered in Yunnan in 2011, which is the closest known relative of the human SARS virus: 96% close.

They then replaced the RBD in WIV1 by RBDs from 8 other SARS-like CoVs.
Is this potential gain-of-function research? You bet. Even before they checked actual infectivity, there is a reasonable expectation that inserting those new RBDs could increase WIV1 tropism to human ACE2.
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21 Jul
Humanity is extremely lucky that Delta's single nucleotide mutation in the furin cleavage site which has overclocked SARS2's transmissibility by an order of magnitude only got traction in May 2021, rather than May 2020.
If original SARS2's furin cleavage site would have been as efficient, its R0 would have been around 6, which means by now we would have probably had ~40M dead and ~1B infected.

Thankfully, we now have vaccines that greatly reduce death and severe Covid risks even from Delta.
The furin cleavage site is also a great example how sometimes there are aspects of the virus that our immune system just can't adequately defend against. And it is then just a matter of did we get lucky or unlucky with a particular strain of a virus.
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