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Consultant Interventional Cardiologist @LNWH @RBH. PhD. Microbubbles. Ultrasound molecular imaging. Patents. Alum: EdinburghUni, ImperialCollegeLond, Fuwai Hosp
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#Crush (classic)

#Crush - classic (Colombo 2003): SB stent protrusion 4-5mm; SB & MB stents positioned simultaneously; not 6F compatible)

10.1002/ccd.10622 @AntoniousAttall @evandrofilhobr @sulimov_dmitry @mirvatalasnag @APSIC6 @GoranEBC @BURZOTTA_F @drptca @alaide_chief @BifurcationClub @AmBifClub @latambif @TanveerRab @Babar_Basir @ArasiMaran @SJcardio @lorenzo2509 2a/6

#Stepped-crush (Lim 2004): SB stent protrusion 4-5mm; SB & MB stents NOT positioned simultaneusly; 6F compatible; postulated about DK-crush

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1/6. VF triggered by shockwave generatn/delivery on T-wave during intracoronary shockwave lithotripsy (IVL) #ShockwaveIVL

Publication (videos in supplements): academic.oup.com/ehjcr/advance-… 2/6. Should shockwave gen/deliv b synchronised to ECG (eg R-wave) to reduce/eliminate this life-threatening complication?