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6 Jan 19
One Piece Readthrough Thread 2:
Alabasta or Bust!
This thread will cover chapters 101-200.
You can find my first thread, which covers Chapters 1-100 and the... *checks the Wiki* Romance Dawn, Orange Town, Syrup Village, Baratie, Arlong Park, and Loguetown arcs here:
Going in, here’s what I remember:
- Vivi is great
- Laboon is a sad whale and hits mountains
- There are a bunch of Baroque Works guys that show up all at once and I kinda skipped around those eps because it got a little samey
- Alabasta’s dope
- Somewhere there’s giants???
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18 Dec 18
Ok, I will.
A One Piece Readthrough Thread
So, my history with One Piece is that I’ve been a dedicated dub watcher since college. One Piece is the one shonen show I’ve never bounced from; its been with me through finals, freelance, job hunts, marriage, and parenthood. It’s my preferred “on in the background” anime.
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