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#CRYPTO. Fundamental analyst. $TRU soldier. Follow me for the next 100x gem. I'm not a financial advisor so always #DYOR.
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24 May
Hathor / $HTR is everything you want $ETH to be -- but much more! (a thread)

Transactions are near instant, there are zero fees, and you can create tokens with just a few clicks.

In this thread, I make a bullish case for $HTR and explain why I think it can do 100x or more.
1/ Let’s start by taking a look at what Hathor is:

Hathor is a decentralized and highly scalable blockchain that enables near instant, feeless, and secure transactions.

Now, that’s putting it simply.
2/ If we compare $HTR to $ETH (currently the most used blockchain) $HTR has a few advantages:

- Transactions on $HTR are free compared to $10 - $100 per transaction on $ETH.
- Transactions on $HTR settle in seconds compared to minutes/hours on $ETH depending on congestion.
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15 May
CardStarter / $CARDS -- The Launchpad Defining the Future of $ADA (a thread)

Okay, let me start by saying this:

CARDS is that rocket that only goes up -- it is that one GEM that I feel so bad about not sharing early enough.

Here’s why:
1/ I got in $CARDS immediately after listing at an average price of about $1.4.

I didn’t share $CARDS then because the team was anonymous at the time (and I’ve been burnt by a few anonymous projects leading to that period).
2/ In fact, I’d have invested a lot more in $CARDS if I knew it will be this big.

It quickly shot up and ranged around $4 - $6 for a while; partnerships kept coming in and I felt more confident in my investment, but I did not share because I felt it had pumped already.
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13 May
I posted a more detailed update about the whole Elon/Vitalik stuff -- and when I'll be buying $TRU dips (hint: NOT now) on my TG:

Since I can't find a way to copy the message here, I'll make it a thread.

So here goes:
1/ First of all, if you're not in the TG group it might be a good idea to join -- I won't always copy paste messages I post there here on Twitter like I'm doing now.

2/ So the last 24 hours has been a rollercoaster and I'm sure many of you are rightfully worried.

For those who might be unaware, a few things happened:

- Vitalik sold some of his dog tokens and sent them to charity in an attempt to give meme coins the middle finger.
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2 May
1/ I'm humbled and honored by the love towards my $TRU thread.

It's been read 350,000 times in about 14 hours since it was published.

I'm humbled and honored. Thanks y'all!

I continue to research $TRU and will certainly be sharing any noteworthy information I come across.
2/ One of the main questions I've gotten is if $TRU is a good buy now.

My answer:

I saw $TRU first at $0.14 and ignored, bought at about $0.30 and called it here then:

I just bought more today at $0.98.

I think I got a sweet deal, too!
3/ I also got a comment or two about no "technical analysis," etc.

I'm writing for the masses and I must use language they understand -- not technical jargon. This is best for $TRU adoption, too.

If you want more technical info, read the $TRU whitepapers linked below my thread.
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1 May
TrueBit / $TRU -- The “Hidden” L2 Solution Backed by $ETH and Coinbase Heavyweights

In this thread, I share why Truebit / $TRU is an easy multi-billion dollar market cap project and a possible top 20 market cap contender.

- $TRU has been in development for 4 years now.
- $TRU has strong $ETH links and its development was extensively influenced and supported by members of the Ethereum team.
- Vitalik Buterin co-authored a whitepaper with $TRU founder Jason Teutsch.
TLDR (contd)

- Christian Reitwiessner, creator of the Solidity programming language (used by all major blockchains such as $ETH, #BSC, and soon $ADA) co-wrote the actual $TRU whitepaper with Jason Teutsch.
- TrueBit was developed based on the concepts in these whitepapers.
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1 May
I just got into Rentible / $RNB.

Rentible aims to be a kind of blockchain-based #AirBNB.

I HAVEN'T researched this yet, but I put in some change because:

- It has fully public and legitimate teams.
- It's a SOLID concept that could run very hard.
- Reports liquidity is locked
I have NOT verified that liquidity is locked.

However, I got some tokens around $.8 as this just listed.

The token price is around $.97 when I posted my first tweet about it.

I'll certainly be looking into this and posting a thread tomorrow if I like what I see.
Fully diluted market cap for $RNB is around $3m. Almost half of tokens is vested, though, so actual cap is around $1.5m right now.

The successes of $SPI and $CC has shown that there is HUGE demand for solutions to real world daily needs on the blockchain -- so this could be big.
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1 May
I just loaded up on Truebit / $TRU -- an $ETH L2 solution that I think will be among the top 100 crypto projects in the not-so-distant future.

Truebit's whitepaper was written by Christian Reitwiessner -- creator of the solidity programming language.

But it doesn't end there...
While $TRU was still a struggling academic concept, the founders of $OCEAN actually worked with the $TRU team to help make it a reality.

It is also reportedly backed by #Coinbase!


It is JUST around $10 million market cap right now!!!
I had noticed $TRU earlier at $.14 and dismissed it, but I decided to do some basic research before sleeping and I just had to get in.

God willing, I'll do a thread on this tomorrow, but there's a possibility it would have pumped a lot more by then (or not)...
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29 Apr
It Seems $MICRO Won't be BIG, After All (THREAD).

As it did in fact RUG.

In this thread, I do a breakdown of exactly what happened and my plan to take responsibility towards my followers who were affected by this.
1/ For the sake of clarity, I was affected as well by this rug and did invested, in my own way, a significant amount.

At a point after my entry $MICRO went as much as 3x, so that was significant gains for me -- but I did not take profits.
2/ I have not sold, and will not sell, my $MICRO tokens because:

- I'll keep my tokens as a reminder to be more diligent
both in my investment decisions and in what I post for my followers.
- It's not worth much anymore anyway.
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29 Apr
Why I Think $MICRO / MicroPad Will be BIG (a thread)...

1/ MicroPad is a launchpad for meme coins and micro cap projects.

This thread explains why I decided to invest in $MICRO and the potential I think it has.
2/ A few facts:

- MicroPad is an anonymous project so it's high risk, high reward.
- That said, they had a fair launch (raising 50 ETH on SAFU).
- 80% of raise was added to liquidity and locked for 5 months.
- I'm not a financial advisor.

With that out of the way, the thread:
3/ Launchpads have been hot for a while now and the market is clearly saturated with them.

However, it's hard to find launchpads for meme projects.

$MICRO aims to fill this gap by being the first launchpad for meme coins and micro caps on ETH.
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29 Apr
I'll be closing all my positions in $LAUNCH.

I got in during their IDO and bought more tokens on the market after launch as I really love the concept and believe (still do!) their IDO platform provides one of the best UX for launchpads.
However, the first IDO was promised within a week of launch -- nothing has been launched almost 3 weeks now.

Poor communication from the team and unchecked attacks from "community members" targeted at anyone frustrated at the lack of progress isn't encouraging, too.
And it seems nothing will be launched anytime soon.

Other IDO platforms are launching 1 - 3 projects weekly; $LAUNCH is a late entrant and hasn't launched a single project in 3 weeks. It will be difficult for them to compete.
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