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23 Nov
Or we can just look at a much simpler explanation that relies neither on the WTO or ideology, and just realize that quite literally not one of these would be in the interest of the Chinese state lol
1st, the PRC has gone out of its way to build alternative trade, finance etc institutions precisely so that threat of trade or financial isolation do not bear on it so heavily. More to the point, any true sudden severing of PRC’s trade would heavily damage western economies.
2nd, it signs on to sanctions on the DPRK because it doesn’t want a war in the Korean Peninsula, involving Japan, ROK, US, etc, nor does it want a unified Korea not on its terms, nor does it want a nuclear & military power on its border than can’t be controlled
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23 Nov
There’s this cute toy that used to be popular outside the US where it’s a big train & a little train, and they case each other on a track, & it comes with a miniature figure of George Bush & Osama Bin Laden, and you could arrange the chase per your political preference
The ones I saw didn’t have a tank & skateboard tho, Cus that’s even funnier
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22 Nov
A lot of people who use the term ‘Orientalism’ seemingly haven’t read Edward Said’s ‘Orientalism’
It does not mean ‘anything white people say or produce or represent about the MENA region and/or Islam, that seems slightly off to our sensibilities’
It refers
1. Nonpejoratively to an art & intellectual movement of the 19th century
2. Nonpejoratively to what we now call Near/Middle Eastern/Islamic studies
3. Critically (but not pejoratively) the ideological effects & system of the above
4. Pejoratively however y’all use it
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22 Nov
“Can’t decide who’s more annoying—the people who we don’t read or understand who hurt our fee fees or the Jewish teenagers we don’t like so we make things up about them”
Sometimes i think i am being self important & have a deep selection bias when I feel like it is precisely those issues about which I care the most that people are the most insecure vicious obsessive little whiny babies but then mfs confirm it totally independent of my will
Like ecology, prisons, extractivism, the state, anarchism, institutionalized anthropogenic mass death, retributivism, fascism, the impotence of the left etc are constantly brought up by the dumbest people with the stupid self certain extreme positions
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21 Nov
Hands down one of the funnier phenomena to briefly emerge from 2007-2015 was this movement of people in academia, punditry, politics & activism who sincerely proposed Islamic Finance as the universal solution to the problems of capitalism
I’m not talking about practitioners of it, nor official government & religious orgs statements in favor of it—though those did occur—because that’s totally different (why *wouldnt* they advocate that? ) but instead this was like Anglo/Euro nerd types
Calling it a movement is very generous of Me, because it never had an organized political base, but it nonetheless existed
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21 Nov
I don’t particularly care for said historical larpguments anymore but I’ll just say, their response is basically a red herring. Numeral is pointing to durable failure Van Halen, by implication, is pointing to a short lived success in response. Image
If they didn’t mean that they wouldn’t bring it up as a rebuttal—otherwise they would just “anarchism has no examples”—so their attempt at an own only works by way of backhanded compliment combined with a comparative self own
Presumably this is because if he focused on ‘never been tried’ or some formulation thereof, this takes down whatever actually existing socialist state project & parties they fetishize too. It’s the problem with trying to own anarchists from another left perspective.
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21 Nov
What are you guys' opinions on the fact that the Air Forces RAND Corp has had extensive, research groups devoted to Soviet planning theory, but they never spent one day teaching anarchist theory to MBAs? I wonder why that is... Can't figure it out, maybe you can help me 😂
Bourgeois economics is a joke, it’s never contributed anything to analysis & the Nobel prize is a scam.

Yeah that’s why it’s so weird Soviet planning theorist were constantly citing & influenced the foundations of economics & Kantorovich shared the Nobel prize with Koopmans
And Marx—can you believe the dipshit 🤣 — he actually said the bourgeois political econs captured correctly the immanent logic of capitalism laws & mocked those who thought otherwise, mb that’s why Walras, Bohm Bawerk, Marshall, Lerner, IO & Linear Programming cite his influence
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21 Nov
Regardless the reality, we all know that I’d Prole Rising believed that the CIA had anarchist theory reading groups he’d argue this proves their ideological affinity lol
But anyway, both Marxian & Anarchist thought are frequently mentioned in NatSec, intelligence, military, foreign policy, IR, strategy, tactical, and COIN work so the conceit fails either way lol
And both Marxians & Anarchists worked for the OSS, Although That is another story lol
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20 Nov
People have been weaponizing the accusation of antisemitism against anti-colonial movements ever since the Nazis actively materially & ideologically supported anti colonial movements outside of Europe, shameful imo ImageImageImageImage
Idgi—Just Because Alois Brunner sent 100s of thousands to Jews to their deaths or Yockey & Rockwell started Neo-Naziism in the US, all of a sudden they are antisemites ? ??
And for all that look at whose side the communist parties of Europe and the Middle East were on !!! ImageImageImageImage
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17 Nov
It also should be noticed that the way classification system works—based on primary target and classifying into religion vs. race/ethnicity etc, actually results in an underestimate, because many of the RW racist acts have multiple targets. ImageImageImage
For Europe statistics are by country, so it’s a painstaking effort to compile a single metric like the above (also, the countries use different standards etc) but one can also see rises there & clear patterns…
Germany reported a 20% increase, whereas France a 70% one…
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15 Nov
This is one the places from where the ‘everything is ecofascism’ perspective derives strength. You can play off any critique as being a defense of billionaires & ‘blaming consumers’ or whatever as a certain left youtuber did in a subtweet of me.
But, of course, this is a fiction—if you blame the ‘1%’, or billionaires let alone ‘100 Companies’ or the ‘Top 10%’, YOU are blaming consumption, individual choices, lifestyles, inaction & the masses.
It appears to be otherwise because of how the framing connotes an exculpatory partition of the population & performs a conceptual sleight of hand where the overlap of equivalent referents is quietly set aside. But it is nonetheless true.
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15 Nov
Imagine you’re some british troglodyte apprenticing blacksmithing or w/e those barbarians do, & then there’s an economic crisis & all of a sudden you’re gang pressed in the British navy, then one day some nice pirate comes along & offers you a spot if u yeet ur commander
Just a reminder: Pirates had a higher life expectancy & quality of life than British sailors lol
Also had a federalist electoral democratic republic (cringe) but also emancipated women & slaves (based)
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7 Nov
One of the funnier bad faith anti ecology arguments was when Leigh Phillips said that degrowthers & ecosocialists Are Anti-reproductive choice & justice bc they’re against single use plastics which means no more condoms
Aside from the fact that:
1. There is vastly more to reproductive choice/justice than prophylaxis
2. There are more prophylactic options than condoms
3. There are condom types that don’t use plastic and/or use more sustainable materials
The main point, I think, is that saying one is against single use plastics, in the main, for their destructive effects doesn’t mean one is against their use. In Toto, in every single conceivable fashion, &, frankly , no policy or critique works that way
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7 Nov
Very tempted to merge 3 excel spreadsheets containing the data on college education, vegetarianism, & arranged marriage by country, and see if I can find a spurious correlation
I bet there’s a non spurious correlation to education, national income, household income, religion/atheism, religiosity/secularism, inequality, urbanization/rurality.
I.e. i think vegetarianism/diet will cluster among the most & least religious, among the poor in poor countries & rich in rich countries, that education, urban residence, secularism, predict vegetarianism but negatively predict arranged marriage
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6 Nov
You know how I know defenders of animal testing don’t actually care about people with disabilities or health issues? Because even when presented with peer reviewed meta analyses showing animal testing is *WORSE* for the above things, they defend it.
Ecotwitter: Go vegan! I just think we shouldn’t kill 70 billion & 1 trillion animals a year.

LeftBrainGenius: wooooow Okay ecofascist—this is anti indigenous—don’t you know indigenous people have non exploitative relations with animals ? Not all meat eating is capitalistic
EcoTwitter: so, I mean, are *you* going to adopt those non exploitative practices ?

Leftbrain genius: umm that would be cultural appropriation—we need structural change, plus there’s no ethical consumption under capitalism . 100 companies produce 71% of emissions.
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5 Nov
From prior to its establishment, under one regime, and then from ‘48 - ‘78 across two fundamentally opposed regimes, with one several year fragmentation due to an attempt by Mossadegh to win support for nationalization of oil, Iran recognized & supported Israel.
The Tudeh party of Iran (communist party), was even more pro Israel & saw them as an anti imperialist partner fighting back reactionary powers in the region, the first to expel the British, and a model for socialism.
What shifted?
1. Most obviously the accrued hostilities in the region & pressure on Iran from surrounding powers
2. The role of the US, and Israel’s role as ally of The US, who decides Israel’s policies, leaving bitter tastes in Iranian’s mouths
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4 Nov
hmm I’m starting to feel like human’s ecological impact, encroachment on biomes, & overcrowding of animals is going to continually generate new pandemics
wait how did the covid pandemic start in the first place ?
How tf this tweet get 400 likes?
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1 Nov
Opens with some pablum about the need for debate like America (lol), but then actually makes an interesting point about foregone costs & Benefits including in health—something pretty much totally ignored by liberals & leftists—but he’s being deceptive
Because the same point he makes about the lockdown leading to adverse health outcomes due to decreased activities & diagnoses applies to reopening—deaths from pollutions, car accidents, crimes, workplace injuries, other contagious diseases, stress etc falls during lockdown
If only there were a way to do a non isolating physical distancing/quarantine regime while for everyone else everything was just sort of shut down
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31 Oct
Everyone talks about ecofascism, but what’s funny is that almost every genuine case of an ecofascist is Also an esoteric Nazi or fascist Neo-Pagan, and most are also Orientalist in orientation. Except not all esoteric Nazis, fascist Neo Pagans & Orientalists are ecofascists.
In other words, esoteric Nazis, Fascist Neo Pagans & Satanists, & Orientalist fascists are the more expansive category, of which actual cases of ecofascism are usually subsidiaries (Linkola may be the only exception)
If we analyze this list we can find esoteric fascists, orientalists, neo-pagans, & greens in varying combinations—some are Green Nazi & Orientalist, some are just Green & Fash, some are just Fash & Orientalist & some either neither but touch on ideas of the above
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31 Oct
It’s pretty funny P Beinart wrote this piece in Jewish Currents, doing a Volte Face & calling for a one state binational solution & then was immediately criticized from all sides…
Right wingers criticized it with the usual vitriol, dishonesty & exaggeration…
While the left criticized it because they say binationalism concedes to much to Zionism (this is a common critique as the second image shows)…
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31 Oct
It’s rare that i like social democratic systems but the French system where the university, high school, public administration etc is one thing, so an equivalent to a tenured person can move between them horizontally is pretty cool
Plus pre given known in advance pay & Benefits scales based on seniority & credentials so high school teachers & professors will get paid similarly if they’ve worked similar years etc
Idk to what extent this system still exists—i imagine neoliberal reforms have gutted much of it but yeah
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