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9 Jun
1/11 Like so many others I have been trying to collect my thoughts as I grieve the loss of four people killed in London in an act of anti-Muslim hate. I don’t use the term islamophobia as this was not an act of fear, but an act of hate.
2/11 These murders have deeply wounded and affected many people in our communities, especially Muslim people, and especially those that are visibly Muslim.
3/11 These murders are tragic. Reading about people’s fear about going out for a walk, their children’s fears about becoming orphans, it’s heartbreaking. And it’s also enraging.
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21 May
In this thread I am sharing my thoughts on Israel and on Palestine (32 tweets). I am sharing because I find that silence is unacceptable for me right now. Situating myself in tweets 1-5. My take on the background and recent events tweets 6-16. My position begins at #17.
1/ I’m Jewish. My father was born in Israel. His father was born in Berlin. In 1933, my great-grandfather lost his job at the university of Berlin as Jews were no longer allowed to teach there. They went to British Palestine to live in a town near Tel Aviv.
2/ I owe my existence to that decision. There are very few other people in the world with whom I share a last name because of the Holocaust.
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