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writer/researcher/teacher of social and political philosophy| disabled & chronically ill (formerly @phdisabled) | founder/director of @AAT_transcribes | she/her
29 May
A list of important texts for especially white people seeking to educate themselves about white supremacy in no particular order, from authors based in the U.K., Europe, US, Canada and Australia [thread]:
This excerpt and the whole book from Reni Eddo-Lodge…
So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo…
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28 May
Thinking about this "live captions not transcripts" approach as everyone insists on doing realtime online materials and I just... I know realtime has benefits but you do know that if you opt for asynchronous pre-recorded materials you can cut costs and increase access?
I'm going to be coming back to this point fairly frequently both because it's a drum I want to bang because ACCESS MATTERS in this nightmare world of remote access where things are both more and less accessible to disabled people, AND bc @AAT_transcribes's survival depends on it
I really, really need people to sit down and think about whether the benefits of live online interactions outweigh the costs of both excluding those who can't easily access either live sessions OR remote sessions as well as the cash costs of specialist support relying on tech
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18 May
[ableist slurs] Spent the weekend hearing people talk about how all of this is bc “people are stupid/idiots/morons” and I just wish we kept the energy we spend on insulting and blaming people’s intelligence for blaming the structural forces that foster confusion, misinformation
first, is a mass death event where disabled people are most at risk medically, socially and politically, when people who are expert on these things talk about the soft eugenic approaches, the time to be more ableist? Fuck no, of course it isn’t
second, is the individualisation of blame and responsibility a convenient way to diminish attempts to locate blame with states who, lets be really clear, enact their democratic mandate by colluding w right wing media magnates to manipulate the public? Of course it bloody is
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1 Apr
Some brief notes on the university switch to digital seeing as the many many good US threads on this from 2 weeks ago seem to have been missed by UK academics:

- online meetings can be exhausting, especially for disabled/chronically ill people; schedule in breaks where possible
- “business as usual but remote” isn’t necessarily accessible to lots of people whether bc of care/survival work including but not limiting to cleaning, cooking, organising, advocating. Consider ASYNCHRONOUS remote methods instead of/alongside real-time methods
- not everyone has good access to online resources from home, depending on location and circumstance. Universities like @UniOfYork who recommend students suspend studies because of this are behaving reprehensibly and risk leaving people cut off from critical support networks
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21 Mar
Everyone realises that becoming housebound is itself a thing that involves grief and grieving right, even absent the global pandemic and it’s consequences, even absent the eugenics and racism? It takes a while to adjust and like other griefs, some days it flares, others not
this is why this is so tricky for those of us already housebound, partly: part of what people who weren’t never seemed to get was just how hard it is to lose your mobility, to take outdoorness for granted (and if yr not high risk/symptomatic you still can), to be isolated always
If this is how hard it is for you after less than a week, please spend some time reflecting on how this might be for those of us for whom it had been months or years or decades or a lifetime.

I’ve been mostly housebound this time around for 7-8 years.
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6 Aug 19
my TL is full of the vid of the prof claiming, even tentatively, that the US is distinctive in its wilful denialism and ignorance about racism. It’s really, really important that UK/EU people know this is false & actually thinking this is part of how UK/EU racial denialism works
There’s various ways I can make this claim but here’s sth that’s become striking to me: I know a fair few USian critical philosophers & other scholars of race, and in the last 2 years especially, they’ve all remarked on how “behind” the U.K. is on all kinds of fronts
There are those who claim that eradicating structured systematically produced ignorances of racism *as a sociopolitical system* as well as an interactional phenomena is a necessary requirement of the eradication of white supremacy. This is likely to be true from certain angles.
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25 Mar 19
A random reminder that #academicableism (just like other forms of ableism) is fucking exhausting, disabled and chronically ill people should be presumed as present in all spaces (not retrofitted in) and if nondisabled peers had to undertake the labour we do, they’d be enraged too
my heart breaks a bit every time I meet younger academics, five, ten, fifteen years behind me, whose experience is in large part not about their intellectual development but about the endless sodding negotiation and labour involved in merely accessing the base conditions for that
everyone empowered to push these discussions and subsequent concrete revisions in policy, action and culture, in whatever space they can, please do so, as soon as possible, and keep doing so out of recognition that this is ongoing work within a history of ongoing work
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