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21 Jan
Department of Homeland Security now want 5 YEARS of social media history when applying for an ESTA.

What are you looking for exactly @DHSgov?
What information are you gathering?
How are you storing it?
Can you tell a terrorist from a troll?
Why is this allowed @POTUS, @ABlinken Image
I went for this in the end. Most of these accounts were deleted, but they wanted a full 5 years history. It only let me enter a certain amount so I barely scratched the surface. Image
I'm trying to be honest on my ESTA application here, @DHSgov but I get through ~3 burner accounts a week. Some charity, some trolling, some of it for different hobbies & work.

I need space to enter around 1K accounts to cover a full 5 years social media history. You gave me 20.
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19 Jan
The increase in COVID-19 deaths in the UK today to 1,610, our worst day ever, likey reflects those who contracted the disease over the Christmas period. The true measure of how effective this lockdown has been in the UK won't be seen until final few days of January.
The average time from onset of COVID-19 symptoms to death was 18.5 days originally in March. This came down to 11 days over the summer, and 7 days in the latest waves. Given 14 day incubation we're looking at deaths from those infected over Christmas week right now.
The @ONS 2021 Week 1 England & Wales Death Stats in, and it's adding up.

x In Week 1, the number of deaths registered was 45.8% above the five-year average (5,576 deaths higher)

x 6,057 deaths listed COVID-19 as a factor accounting for 34.1% of all deaths in England & Wales
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18 Jan
under this executive order I demand reinstatement of @LfcBecky
lets see, who else am I gonna pardon under this executive order...
From the right:
@RogerJStoneJr because he gets away with anything.
@bakedalaska because he's having a shit YOBA
@realDonaldTrump before he pardons himself
From the left:
& Krassenstein twins (for lulz)
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10 Jan
If @Shopify are really aboard with this whole deplaforming Trump thing, I'm going to ask for a refund of my 3 year @ShopifyPlus upfront payment plan with them and dev my own PrestaShop. @ShopifySupport

I can also help other shop owners transition to Magento or Woo if needed.
If you're a current owner of a Shopify store moving because of Trump, quick first step is to disable all those $3-10 a month apps that you don't really use:

> Auto Alt Text
> AmaZone Dropshipper
> Order Desk
> Order Printer
> TinyIMG SEO & Image Optimizer
> Photo Resize by Pixc
Done. You don't go from being fierce defenders of freedom of expression to being too afraid to sell a cap just in case it may upset someone, @Shopify.

It's not just the Shopify business owners you're alienating, it's the millions of their customers who voted for Trump, too.
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9 Jan
If there were a civil war, Zuckerberg & Dorsey would be ultimately held responsible. Social media was the drug that stopped people from mobilizing. Who knows what happens now?
The Christmas Day attack in Nashville was an attack against infrastructure. I can see more of that happening this year. DOS attacks on the social media networks, along with sieges at their offices, etc. It only takes a few hundred very upset people. I can't believe they'd risk it
If only the press had set a better example of what a peaceful protest looked like, I may have more hope. But when peace is defined as burning down cities, I can't help but feel like disgruntled Americans will be showing up & showing their true firepower in the next few weeks.
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4 Jan
Final conclusions from 2 months of work on my Election Integrity Framework, applied to the 2020 US Presidential Election.

It's not what anyone wants to hear, either side!
But gosh the electoral system is a mess before you even touch Dominion #Election2020

1. Clark County, NV
2. Wayne County, MI

3. Philadelphia County, PA

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