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"Man not only lives in order to serve higher ideals, but that conversely these higher ideals also provide the premise for his existence." -AH
7 May 20
About the Ahmaud Arbery controversy:

Once again whites must answer as a race for wrongs done against blacks, yet the MSM and their anti-white lapdogs will never recognize the crimes committed against US as a race. OUR victims get NO riots, NO coverage, and NOTHING ever changes.
You probably don't know who the girl pictured above was, because her story never made big headlines. Her name was Emily Jones, age 7. She was stabbed to death while riding her scooter in the park by a Somalian immigrant imported into the UK. NO riots, NO outrage.
Here is another story that is all too common. A white family butchered by a black in their own home. You never saw their picture.
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