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1. Beloved Friends Of Light!

You Cannot Perceive Rising And Expanding, Without The Perception Of First Falling Into Perceived Trials! Indeed, All Of You Are Experiencing Both!
2. As You Place One Foot Before The Other, As You Choose One Positive Thought To Replace One Of Giving Up, You Rise To The Light That Will Embrace You!

The Beloved Force Of God That Brought You To This Planet And Continues To Breathe You, Knows Exactly Where You Are Each Moment!
3. Believe That Grace Will Show Up Right On Time! Focus, Beloved Ones, On The Sacred Gift Of Life That You Really Are!

As Beings From Other Realms, You Now Find Yourself In A Waking Dream That You Tell Yourself, You Could Not Have Possibly Chosen!  Indeed, I Understand!
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1. Beloved Friends!

Indeed, There Are Moments When Many Of You Feel You Are Living In The 'Magical Mystery Tour', As You Relate To Songs Throughout Your Waking Dream!

Here Is One For You--'Dream On, Dream Until Your Dreams Come True!'
2. We Do Love Our Music And Song On All Stars And Planets!  Pleiadians Brought Many Musical Instruments To Earth And We Spend Endless Moments Celebrating Life!
3. In These Moments Left In Your Waking Dream, Know That Movement, Singing, Dancing, Music, Painting Or Creating, Raise Vibrational Frequency!

Indeed, Laughter Raises Frequency, As You Relax And Focus On Humorous Thoughts!
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1. Friends Of Earth!

Let Us Get Down To Business!  You Are Aware That You Are Aware!  Very Good! Now We Can Smile Together! Know This Deeply, Your Suffering Will End And The Moment Of Smiling Will Be Your Choice Endlessly!
2. As You Journey Together, You Fully Have Realized That Each Has A Very Unique Path With Many Differing Circumstances! You Want To Get Along And Agree, But Those Pesky Thoughts Of Always Being Right, Just Continue To Float By!
3. Instead Of Grabbing One, Remain Silent And Watch Peace Enter The Door! For There Can Be No Argument Of One, And Peace Is The Greatest Friend To Seek!

Indeed, I Have Had Many Encounters With My Brothers Through Millions Of Years, But I Learned Long Ago, Silence Brings Peace!
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1. Friends Of Light!

There Are So Many Wonderful Things Being Prepared, Uncovered, Discovered And Taken Care Of Behind The Scope Of Your Awareness!

Indeed, You Will Be Overjoyed And Fall Into A Neighbor's Arms And Just Babble! Maybe You Will Just Babble To Yourself!
2. You Know I Love To Make You Smile!

Indeed, What I Want You To Think About Is Becoming Like A Soaring Eagle!  The Strength And Beauty Of An Eagle That Has No Limits And Masters Their World Is Who You Will Aspire To Become Like! But Before We Soar, Let's Explore The Beginning.
3. The Place Of Not Knowing. The Internal Shell Of Being Cut Off From All Life. The Mother Eagle Who Sits On An Egg That Makes No Movement Or Sound, Yet She Will Not Move And Protects By Inner Faith And Knowing, That She Waits For Something Worth It All!
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1. Friends Of The Planet!

Indeed We Send You Words Of Comfort And Vibrational Frequencies Of Love!

Stand Tall And Strong Like A Tree In The Wind! For A Tree Does Not Block The Wind, But Allows It To Pass Through!
2. You, Beloved Ones Are Strong! You Remain On The Planet Now With Purpose! Allow These Harsh Winds To Settle And Do Not Become Discouraged. It Takes More Than A Moment To Grow A Beautiful Flower, And You May Expect A Bouquet When You Least Expect It!
3. As You Have Clearly Learned, This 3-D Dream Is Full Of Leakers, Liars And Puppets!  But Let Us Assure You That The Angels Are Not Weeping!  Friends Remain From Higher Realms As The Presence Of God Is With You!  Dance In The Energy Of This And Find Your Joy!
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1. Beloved Friends!

As We Move Along In Our Journey Together, The Witness To Many Variables Has Become Apparent! For Never In Your Waking Dream Did You Imagine How Many Paths You Would Walk Alone Before You Understood The Many That Waited For You To Join Them!
2. Welcome Back, Beloved Ones! You Are Never Alone!

Many Humans Have Increased The Vibrational Frequency Of Their Being As Well As Their Living Field. Indeed, Many Others Seem To Have Fallen Off The Cliff, So To Speak!
3. Not To Worry, Beloved Ones, As You Have Not Failed On Your Journey Of Seeking And Expanding In Light! Some Aspects Of Life Come In Increments And You Might Perceive That You Have Fallen Short In Choices, When You Realize The Darkest Path Led To The Greatest Light!
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1. Beloved Friends!

Indeed, Your World Is About To Change! 

Remain Peaceful Even As You See Others In The Streets, Destroying Everything But Themselves. How Little Do They Understand That The Sacred Life They Were Gifted, Is Exactly What They Are Destroying, Unaware!
2. What Is Important Is That Your Life Choices Are Made With Energy And Intention! Your Inner Voice Is About To Be Known Around The Planet. For What Happens In Your Country, Will Affect All Others. Those That Choose To Be Blind, Cannot Be Forced To See!
3. Remain Alert And Vigilant, But Never Afraid!  A Better World Stands Before You With Choice!

Choose Wisely And Deal From A Position Of Strength!

'In God We Move And Live And Have Our Being.'

Trust The Plan! +++
Indeed, I Love You So!

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1. Beloved Friends!

Indeed The Suspense Is Ramping Up In Your World!

From The Ending Of The Pandemic To The Election Of The Leader Chosen!  Know That There Are Variables And You Are Dealing With Darkness And Wickedness In High Places.
2. The Plan Was Always To Derail Beloved POTUS, Before He Could Arrive In Office. In A Fair Election Without Interference He Has Already Won. But Be Prepared For Tricks And Lies, As Principalities And Powers Lie In Wait.  Little Do They Understand, The Angelic Realm Also Is Here!
3. As Many Are Experiencing Challenges In Their Body Form In These Moments, Realize These Are Acting As Clues!

Many Ailments Have Been Placed In Your Path, Strategically, So You Would Not Be Able To Continue To Ignore The Experiential Evidence,
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1. Beloved Friends Of The Planet!

As We Communicate On This Forum, We Have Come In Contact With Many Friends And Family Of Light!
2. Clothed In Flesh From The 3-D Awareness, You Look Fine, Indeed, But Having Seen You Clothed In Majesty And Light, The Jeans And Sweat Clothes Over Changing Skin Bodies, Does Not Compare!
3. Have You Noticed That Many Beings You Thought To Know Well, Now Act In Negative Ways?

Have You Also Noticed That One That Might Be As Dull As A Rock, Now Is Full Of Information And Glows At The Mention Of Awakening? All Of This Is True And Happening Now!
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1. Beloved Friends!

At Last You Are Understanding Our Family Of Light!  You, Our Friends And Family Are Most Certainly Our Family Of Light, But In This Moment I Speak Of My Personal Family Unit!
2. IKAI Is My Father And Elder Of Taygeta, My Mother Is AYA, Goddess Of Taygeta. My Brothers Are LAKA, NEIOH, And KABAMUR. Both AYA And KABAMUR Have Incarnated As Mother And Son On Earth. Our Communication Comes Through Judith (AYA), And Is Immediately Given To KABAMUR.
3. We Honor You And Love You Deeply. Our Intention Is To Encourage And Prepare You For The Soon Coming Shift Of The Ages!  Indeed, It Will Be Grand!  With So Many Stories Turning You Upside Down, Focus On The Goodness And Light That Is Always Present Within!

Breathe Deeply Now!
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1. Beloved Friends!

Do You Know Who You Are?

Who Were You Before Someone Gave You A False Name, When You Changed Densities In A Flash Of Light To Be Here With Many Friends Of Light; Who Were You In Origin?
2. The Purpose And Intention Has Always Been Love, Yet Many Forgot Their Mission When The Going Got Tough! 

Many Lightworkers Are Waking Up To Others That Are Fully Awake!  To The Dreamers In This Waking Dream, We Tell You In Truth, It Is Time To Awaken!
3. Even Though You Know In Your Higher Self, You Are Hearing Truth, The False Identity Is Running The Narrative For You In Most Moments!

Indeed, It Is Wonderful To Hear The Wisdom Of Another, But Some Truth Will Only Be Discovered By The True Self Coming Through For You!
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1. Friends Of Light!

As We Speak To You Through The Portals Of Existence, On Powerful Vibrations Of Love, We Understand Than Many Must See To Believe.
2. We Offer You The Joy Of Believing And Then Seeing!

Indeed, Both Can Bring Truth, But Isn't It Great Fun To Finally See What You Knew Was Always There! You May Now Smile At Your Friends As You Love To Say, 'I Told You So!'
3. In These Moments, We Speak To You Of Allowing And Nonattachment!  For This Planet Has As Many Opinions As The Ocean Has Grains Of Sand!  Everyone Has A Free Will Choice In Thinking Or Reacting.
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1. Friends Of Earth!

Indeed I Am Delighted As Always To Spread A Little Wisdom, Sprinkled With Joy! As You Live And Learn Each Moment Of This Waking Dream, Relax A Little! 

Breathe Deeply! And Most Of All, Learn To Surrender To The Moment Of Now!
2. Relax Your Body And Mind! Begin Each Day With A Grateful Heart!

Release Toxic Thoughts And Projections About The Actions Of Every Tiny Moment! Relax Each Muscle In Your Body By Scanning Consciously Until You Feel You Are Floating!
3. Indeed This Is Great Enjoyment To Allow It All To Flow!  What Bothered You Last Week, Might Be Hard To Recall Now!

What Is Important Each Moment Is Peace Within. Without Peace, Nothing Else Matters!  Avoid Those Who Wish To Argue And Fight!
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1. Friends Of Light!

Indeed It Is The Moment To Trust In Change!

It Is The Moment To Know With Certainty, There Is A New Beginning!

Trust That The Grace That Brought You Here  Will Show Up Until You Are Rising In Light!
2. Wisdom Is The Illusive Essence That Has Been Sought By Humans Since The Very Inception Of The Idea Of Your Emergence Into Form!

Wisdom Is The Single Element That Distinguishes What You Have Always Been As Your True Self, To What You Chose To Project As The False Self,
3. This Human Being With A Name And Form That You Live With Others In This Waking Dream!

For The Agreements That Govern A Choice To Temporarily Forget The True Self, Is Both Challenging And Sacred!

You Have The Opportunity To Go Deeper In Expansion And Return To Origin!
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1. Beloved Friends!

It Is Entirely Possible To Live In The Eye Of The Storm!

Find The Center And Nothing Will Touch You! Here You Will Find Calm And Serenity. Here You Will Know Wisdom.
2. In This Sacred Place You Will Find Your True Self. In This Clarity Of Being, You Will Find God.

In The Story That Is Left Of This Waking Dream, Do Not Barter!  Do Not Give Pieces Of Yourself Away To Survive!  Indeed This Is Not Your Strength!  Not Your Truth!
3. Find Your Truth And Live In It!

Having Experienced The Aspect Of Truth That You Are, You Have A Reference Point, To Which To Retreat When The Inevitable Challenges That Arise In The World Of Illusion Come To Play.

This Sacred Place Is Your Center Of The Storm!
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1. Friends Of The Light!

Moving Forward, Be Brave And Strong!  Never Forget Who You Are!  Deal From A Position Of Strength Infinitely, For You Are The Light!

As All Of The Sacred Planet Is Shifting, We Stand With You In Sacred Truth! This Is As It Has Always Been!
2. We Understand That The Process Of Unfolding And Transcending The False Identity In The Waking Dream You Call Reality, Brings A Few Bumps And Bruises Along The Way!

Indeed, We Have Stood In Your Place With Many Incarnations!  You Can Do This, Beloved Ones!
3. It Is The Moment To Release All That You Hold Onto That Is Restricting You In Any Way!

Forgive Yourself. Forgive All Others! This Does Not Mean You Would Invite Them To Dinner!
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1. Beloved Friends!

In These Moments Of Divine Order, You Will Experience Both Bliss And Despair! 

What Indeed Is Going On?

You Are Ascending In Light And The Vibrational Frequencies Of The Masses Are Clashing For Their Place In Higher Densities!
2. The Challenges, Which Manifest Naturally In The Lives Of All Humans, Will Serve To Direct You To Higher Choices Of Perception.

There Is Always A Different Way To View An Obstacle. Maybe Something Is Blocking Your Way, Or Maybe It Is There To Protect You!
3. Indeed, You Have The Choice Of Perception!

With The Growth You Have Accomplished In Your Humanity, The Conflicts That Once Knocked You Down, No Longer Phase You! 

You Survived Every Single Hurdle! You Are Still With Us!
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1. Friends Of Light!

We Are Closer Than Your Breath As Love Cannot Be Divided!

As A Sacred Ethereal Blanket Has Been Woven Through The Ages, The Densities And Dimensions, You Appear In Some Areas In Form And Are Non-Physical In Others.
2. Indeed, We Have Made A Magnificent Tapestry Together!

In Some Densities You May Have Been A Ruler Or King!  In Another Density, You May Have Cleaned The Streets! 

Count It All Joy! For The Experience Of The Soul Is For Expansion And Mastery And Nothing Is Ever Lost!
3. You Are Perfect In Your Expression Of The One Source Of All!

In This Perfection, Free Will Was Gifted And Each Planetary System Made Their Own Rules! Some Are Not Governed At All, As There Is Only Peace Known There!
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1. Beloved Ones Of Light!

Indeed It Is A Sacred Pleasure To Communicate With You In These Moments!

Be Encouraged And Find Your Strength Within! The Storms Are Raging But It Is Entirely Possible To Live In Total Peace!
2. Breathe Deeply And Remember Who You Are!

You Have Chosen To Give Yourself The Experience Of Reawakening! You Have Chosen To Taste, Once Again, The Thrill Of Discovery Of The Scope Of Who You Truly Are!
3. You Have Opted For The Experience To Ride The Waves Of Energy And To Face The Fear Of All That You Were Taught On This Planet Concerning The Identity Of You!

You Had To Believe The Waking Dream To Have The Experience Of Awakening!
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1. Beloved Ones!

Indeed You Must Be Weary Of Being Told Where To Stand, What Is Closing, Where You Are Allowed To Dine, And Endless Chatter About Those Pesky Masks!

This Too Shall Pass, Beloved Ones!
2. As Many Have Continued To Remain More Isolated Than What They Have Ever Experienced Before, In This Waking Dream, We Assure You That All Will Return Soon To Business As Usual!
3. In The Same Moments Of That Assurance, It Is Truth To Say There Are Blessings And Light To Be Found, Whether Alone Or In A Crowd.

There Are Many Who Have Found Their New Isolation Rules To Be An Unexpected Joy!
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1. Friends Of The Light!

Indeed We Are Having Fun!  The Recognition Of An Archangel Among You Is Magnificent Progress!  

Indeed We Bow And Celebrate!
2. You Have Come To This Moment Of Resolution, To Leave Duality And Know That The Roles You Play With Others Are The Essence Of Divinity!

This Divinity Might Be Difficult To Perceive In This Moment, But Things Will Calm Down And Peace Will Be Restored!
3. Indeed We Say Dancing Should Be Chosen Over Anarchy! What Would Happen On The Planet If Everyone Just Started Dancing!

That Moment Will Come, Beloved Ones!
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1. Friends Of Earth!

Indeed, It Is An Honor Of The Highest Order To Communicate With You!

The Vastness Of The Cosmos Is Your Living Playground; And Yet You Believed Yourself To Be Ordinary Humans Walking On This Beloved Planet As You Endure More Chaos!
2. Breathe Deeply And Let's Change Your Perspective!

A New Awareness Is Unfolding Before You, As You Begin To Assimilate The Higher Frequencies And Release Your Grasp On A Reality You Believed To Be Absolutely Real!
3. Many Will Experience What Is Left Of This Waking Dream From A Different Kind Of Vantage Point. For You Will Have Begun To Harmonize, Vibrationally, With Higher Aspects Of Your Own Being!

And Without Being Fully Conscious Of What Is Happening,
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1. Greetings, Friends Of Light!

You Are The Beloved Of God!  You Are Powerful Light Warriors!

In Knowing The Sacredness Of Your Being, Why Are There So Many Challenges?
2. As Soul Agreements Are In Place By Your Very Own Consciousness, We Remind All That You Are Exactly Where You Should Be In This Honored Moment Of Now!

When You Open Your Eyes From The Slumber Of Your Bed, Do You Immediately Begin Planning And Remembering The Busy Day Ahead?
3. Beloved Ones! You Are Still Slumbering!

Wake Up!  Now, Be Very Quiet And Still!  Breathe Deeply And Think Of Nothing!

Become Aware Of Your Surroundings And Be Aware Of The Observing Only. BE The One Looking.

Just BE.
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1. Friends Of Light!

We Welcome The Many That Are Finding The Light Within!  It Is The Gift Of Your Soul And Your Compass For All Waking Dreams!

As We Are Approaching The Threshold Of Interdimensional Ascension,
2. Know That The Living Entity You Call Earth, Is Also Experiencing Change Within And Without!

As The Vibrational Frequency Accelerates Throughout The Energy Field Of Earth, All Living Creatures Are Also Affected.
3. Many Will Sustain Current And Changing Frequencies As Humans Do, But You Might Have Noticed That Many Species Have Become Extinct Ongoing.

These Life Forms Have Not Ceased To Exist At All, But Have Chosen A Vibrational Frequency That Better Sustains Them In These Moments!
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