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1. Friends Of Earth!

These Moments Might Seem Confusing And Chaotic;

But Focus On Self And Many Perceptions Will Change!

Beloved Q Has Never Left; But Will Leave Paths To Follow And Enjoy!

The Focus Has Never Been Q; But Hidden Information He Drops!
2. Many Will Understand And Others Will Pass It By!

When Q Feels He Is The Focus, He Becomes Quiet Again!

In These Vibrational Frequencies Of Constant Change To Ascension;

Many Are Experiencing New Levels Of Reality;

Both In Sight And Feeling!
3. Many Are Learning To Open Chakras With Positive Feelings And Intentions!


Beloved Friends!  This Is Not A Race! This Is A Sacred Journey!

Relax And Be!

The Subtle Changes Are Happening With All Beings On The Planet!
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1. Ascension Is More Than A Moment Of Completeness;

This Shift Is Much More Than A New Perspective!

It Is Your Essence In Such A High Vibrational Frequency,

That Your Light Is Infinitely Moving,

Rising And Knowing All That You Are;

And At Last, All That Is.
2. Breathe!

In Truth, There Is No Beginning And No End!

You Have Traveled Full Circle To Know The Depths Of Life!

There Was Never A Birth Or Death Of You Or Anyone Else!

This Was The Great ILLUSION That You Chose.
3. In Not Knowing Who You Were,

You Came To Be All That Is.

Always Knowing That The Full Control Between Lives Could Be Slowed Or Repeated,

You Flew And Fell Hard, Got Up And Were Pushed Down Again;

Always Knowing In Your True Self, 

There Was Always Safety!
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1. Beloved Ones!

In These Moments Of Awakening To Self,

Manage The Aspects Of Your Dream Story,

To Be As Simple And Concise As Possible!

2. For The Mind Will Try To Convince You To Concern Yourself With Everything At Once!

Beloved Ones,

Consider One Thing At A Time!  One Moment At A Time!

This Is The Moment!

Now This Is The Moment!

Now And Only Now!

3. As The Energies Around You Become Chaotic,

You Must Go Within To See And Know Truth!

Many Beings Understand The Truth Of Spirit Guides;

As I Am The Brother And Guide Of Beloved KABAMUR!
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1. Friends Of Earth!

You Arrived Into Third Density With The Ability To Feel Emotion.

If You Arrived As One Vibration,

It Would Be Much Like A Flatline With No Peaks And Valleys.
2. Life Experience Will Cause Vibrational Frequency To Change Often;

But You Have More Control Over This Than You Know!

On Your Arrival, Your Vibratory Code Is Not Only Your Body, Mind And Field,

But Your DNA Is Coded And Receives Downloads From Higher Densities.
3. Each Experience Of Pain And Deep Hurt, Have The Potential To Release Codes In DNA,

To Cause You To Vibrate At A Higher Frequency.

The Same Can Occur When You Learn New Material That Feeds Your Soul!
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1. Beloved Ones Of Earth!

You Have Arrived In This Density To Transcend All Perceived Darkness,

Expand And Evolve Consciousness To A Higher Level;

To Rise Above The Veil

And Not To Live Below In A Low Frequency!
2. As Others Along The Path Of Dreaming,

Attempt To Deter You And Take Away Your Light,

Remember They Do Not Have This Power!

Only You Can Control Your Light!

Rise By Choice!
3. Rise By Allowing Energy To Flow On Its Way!

All Emotions Are Only Energy Vibrations And Can't Harm You!

It Is The Belief That They Have Power That Harms You!

Observe Emotions And Do Not Embrace The Frequency!
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1. Beloved Friends Of Earth!

This Waking Dream You Share With Many,

Can Often Propel You To Search For An Escape!

We Will Assure You Once More That All Is Well!

In The Perspective Of The Sacred Creative Force;

All Is Perfect!

2. We Remind You Of The Impermanence Of All You Feel And See!

For Your Very Body Form Is Comprised Of Mostly Space Within!

At The Atomic Level, You Never Touch Another Or Contact The Chair You Sit Upon!

For Your Very Consciousness Has Projected The Body Form To Assist You!
3. We Bow To The Collective Of The Sacred Creator Of All Life!


In These Moments Of Change;

It Will Be Most Helpful To Have A Heart Of Surrendering And Allowing!

For Each Trial And Storm Is Making A Path For A Higher Vibrational Frequency!
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1. Beloved Friends Of Earth!

We Greet You In The Highest Order!

For These Moments Of Perception In The Life Dream,
We Encourage You As Always To Remember Who You Are!

2. The Higher Dimensional Realities You Now Perceive And Through Which Now You Progress;

Will Provide A Broad Spectrum Lens Through Which You Will Be Able To Focus Your Own Unique Perspective As You Know Truth And Light Are Guiding You Home!
3. What You Perceive Will Be Your Own Vantage Point, With The Coloration Of A More Universal And Galactic Outlook!

For What Lies Before You Is More Exciting And Filled With Truth Than You Are Now Perceiving!

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1. Friends Of Earth!

We Come To You With Great Wisdom And Peace!

Sharing The Same Vibrational Frequency As All Pleiadians,

We Speak As One!
2. It Remains Amusing At Those That Continue To Cause Chaos On Forums Attempting To Assist!

For These Moments Are Important And Sacred To All Beings;

Yet The Subject Matter Does Not Show Importance To Those Who Wish To Cause Discord!

3. The Masses Are Engaged In The Shift And Want Answers And Specifics!

We Share What Is The Honest Protocol Allowed At This Juncture With Q And POTUS!

We Have No Agenda To Convince Anyone Of Anything!
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1. Beloved Friends!

As All Beings Are Continually Bombarded With Fake News Stories, Mixed With Sacred Truth And Ongoing Awakening;

It Is Noted In The Collective That Many Do Not Understand Certain Meanings Of Words Thrown Around Daily Among The Masses!

2. We Remind You That All Words Are Thought Constructs Of Energy Formation, And Only True In Individual Perception If Believed!

We Will Address Three Words In This Moment Together!

Disclosure, Enlightenment, And Awakening!

3. Disclosure Is To Be Considered As Multiple Sightings Of Crafts From The Multiverses Increase,

And The News Of This Truth Spreads Among Many On The Multiple Forums And Videos.
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1. Beloved Friends!

We Understand The Difficulty In Perceiving That Many Seem To Become Very Evil;

And Yet Seem To Prosper And Be In Health While So Many Innocent Ones Suffer!
2. We Remind You Again That Karma Is A Balancing Of Energy,

And Those In Darkness That Continue Absolutely Reap What They Sow!
3. The Energy That One Chooses To Live And Die In Body Form Without Change,

Is The Determining Factor Of Their Essence In Continuing The Journey!
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1. Beloved Friends!

We Send You Great Acceleration Of Energy And Power To Fully Awaken!

For In These Moments Of Transitioning And Rapid Change Of Stories;

We Advise You Again To Stop And Go Within!

2. Do Not Get Caught Up In The Chaos!

It Will Sweep You Away And You Will Feel The Energy You Wish To Avoid!

Remember That You Are Observing Perceived Attacks Of Others, And It Feels Very Personal In Your Own Chakras!

Awakening Will Allow This Momentum And It Is A Great Sign!
3. However, We Advise You To Detach And Still Understand Oneness!

For You Were Never Meant To Suffer And You Are Projecting What You Think Another Is Feeling!
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1. Beloved Friends Of Earth!

We Greet You In Sacred Love!

We Are Pleased That The Space Force In Operation, For Longer Than You Would Want To Believe;

Is Having A Mass Transformation On Life As You Believe It To Be!
2. For There Has Not Been A Moment That You Have Been Alone As Human!


The Unfortunate Reporting For Your Life Dream Span Has Been Utterly Ridiculous!

We Have Been Made Into Cartoon Like Beings Of Faces To Produce Fear;

Or Intentions To Take Over And Destroy You!
3. Beloved Ones!

We Acknowledge Those Powers In The Multiverses As Well As In Your Own Race Of Humans!


We Have Been With You In Every Dream Since Creation!

We Guide And Protect You!

We Teach And Inform You Of Those That Wish To Harm You On Your Own Planet!
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1. Beloved Friends Of Earth!

We Speak To You In This Moment Of Accelerating Change!

For It Is With Great Joy And Pleasure That We Share This Great News!

The Kaleidoscope Of Your Reality Is Shifting With Every Sacred Breath!

Breathe Now!
2. The Composite World You Are Co-Creating Is Simply A Reflection Of These Changes!

As The Veil Continues To Be Lifted;

You Are Becoming Aware Of Characters That You Believed To Be Gone Completely!
3. Yet They Stand Before You Like Talking Puppets, As They Fire Off Garbage From The Screens Of News And Social Forums!

Many Of These Are Clones And Brain Washed Puppets That Are Used By Those That Wish To Break Down The Fiber Of Your Societies!
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Pleiadians built, or taught to build, the columned style found in ancient architecture. This is the style of the Pleiades. Pleiadians are connected to many ancient sites whose construction can't be explained... Some that built these are incarnated now in body form.

1. An Interesting Design You Might Enjoy Are The Massive Columns Seen In Many Places On Earth!

Petra Was Known In Your History To Be Inhabited Around 9,000 BC But In Truth, We Were Here And Assisting In Building 1,000 Years Before This!
2. There Were No Names Of Groups At This Time And The Name Petra As A Jordanian City Came Later.

We Were Greeted As Sky Gods And We Quickly Became Friends And Called One Another The Same Name.

We Were JASEEN. As The People Enjoyed This Name And We Called Them JASEEN As Well.
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1. Beloved Friends!

We Come To You In These Moments To Bring Comfort And Wisdom!

We Offer Information Of Frequencies That Live Now In The Present Moment; As Well As Existing From The Beginning Of The Cosmos,
2. As We Ventured Out Quite Early To Meet Our Friends In Many Galaxies!

We Presented And Taught Advanced Technology In Travel And Craft Designs. We Visited Earth So Regularly That A Craft Arriving Was Equivalent To Seeing An Automobile Now!
3. We Experience All Life As NOW; And You Will Join In This Perception When All Shift.

If You Spread A Tapestry And Looked At Intricate Designs In Many Places, You Are Still Observing One Tapestry. This Is The Way Of Life!
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1. Beloved Friends!

In These Moments Of Sharing Light And Wisdom;

We Must Also Contrast Darkness Without Fear!
2. For Those That Would Destroy A Growing Being That Is Sacred Creation,

In The Moments Before The Soul Arrives In Body Form As Planned,

Are Of Such Darkness That We Turn Away In Disgust.
3. For Those That Plan Their Lives To Govern Others And Think Nothing Of Murder, You Must Know There Is Much More To Their Darkness!

These That Parade In Smiles And Promises Are Spending Hours With Such Evil That It Is Unspeakable In Details;
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1. Beloved Friends Of This Sacred Reality!

We Speak As One As Our Energy Addresses All Beings!

In These Moments Of Your Endless Attempts For Unity In The Chaos;

We Will Give Wisdom On Letting Go Of The Maneuvers Of Another,
2. As You Find Your Center Of Sacred Being,

And Breathe As One With Life!

Many Have Not Heard Of Parallel Lives And Realities;

Yet You Are Living All Aspects In The Truth Of Now!
3. The Consciousness Of One Life Is Connected As One To All Lives!

Breathe And Know This Now!

As You Struggle To Maintain Stability In An Ever Changing Life,

Allow And Know You Can Control Nothing But Your Own Thoughts And Actions!
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1. Beloved Friends Of Earth!

In These Moments We Share;

We Remind You That We Are Simply Revealing What You Know And Forgot As You Dream; Or Uncovering Aspects That This Dream Reality Has Clouded By Those That Wish You To Remain Without Truth.
2. Beloved Ones, Never Believe A Lie And Remember Always As NEIOH Often Says,

'The Truth Needs No Defending.'

More Crafts Are Being Seen Each Moment And This Will Never Be Prevented, As It Is A Planned Part Of The Dream Sequence!
3. Beloved Q Has Returned In Communication And Will Remain For The Duration!

He Never Leaves You! There Are Moments Where His Attention Must Be Elsewhere!

We Bow!

We Have Not Arrived To Communicate Anything But Love;

For It Is Love That Will Teach You!
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1. Beloved Friends Of Earth!

We Find You In Power And Sacred Light!

Remain Here And Breathe Deeply!

In Accordance With The Galactic Forces, We Share Ongoing That Each Mission Is Just As Planned!
2. Some Aspects Are Left Unknown To You In These Moments;

But Rest Assured That Players Are Being Held As Hand Puppets Or Dangled From Strings!

Learn To See The Difference!

Not All Is Real And You Have The Power To Look Behind The Curtain!

Close Your Eyes!

3. Ask Higher Self For The Specific Detail You Long To Know!

This Is Trusting The Universe Which Is In All Cells Of Your Body Form;

As Well As The Sacred Force Which Holds You And Breathes You In Love!
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1. Beloved Friends Of Earth!

We Observe The Sway Of Emotions As You Entertain and Cheer Yourselves And Others,

With The Joy And Anger Of Having Characters Of What You Believe Yourself To Be;

And What Represents To You What You Feel Sure You Are Not!
2. Relax, Our Beloved Ones!

Smile And Breathe!

For You Are None Of This!

You Are Part Of The Play Itself!

Did You Really Believe You Were Cast In This Mighty Story Without A Role?

Oh No, Dear Ones!

Your Reality And Projections Ripple Through And Across The Planet!
3. As You Seek Spiritual Fulfillment Through The Multiverses,

This Sacred State Of Being Is Who You Are!

You Can Be Nothing Else As You Side With One Affiliation Or Another!
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1. Beloved Friends!

We Are Honored And Feel Deeply That Many Of You Consider Us To Be Friends!

For It Is Only With The Deepest Intention To Bring You Truth And Assist You,

That You Find These Ongoing Messages Of Love And Unity!

2. In A Reality Which Is Becoming More Harsh For Many;

We Offer A Way Of Peace By Changing Perspective To One That Benefits All Life!

For Hearing Now That The Soros Group Wants To Overhaul The Governing Forces Of The USA, Is Laughable!
3. Let Them Try And They Will Inch Forward Only To Be Crushed!

We Do This When Necessary For Good And Never For Play!

For This Message Is To Remind You That In Awakening You Understand There Is No Threat!
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1.Beloved Friends!

There Is A Complete Disruption In Information Concerning Truth On Your Planet!

It Is Unfortunate That The Owners Of Many Forums Are So Very Corrupt!
2. They Speak As Though They Are Censoring Those That Disrupt,

When In Fact They Are Dancing With Their Little Twisted Friends As Quickly As Possible To Hide The Relevant Information Meant To Assist You In These Moments Of Change!
3. We Want To Comfort You And Yet There Is Free Will In This Present Reality;

We Are Able To Stop Many Things From Harming You And Believe It! We Do!
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1. Beloved Ones Of Earth!

We Speak To You In Love And Power!

There Are Many Sleepers Who Are Becoming More Confused As They Encounter Those Of Light Who Arrived To Assist In The Great Shift Of Humanity!
2. In Each Dream There Are Those Who Sleep Throughout Until Dropping Body Form!

Many Awaken Early And Lead Others To Light!

You Live In This Moment Of Now In A Very Special Dream!

One That Many Dreamers Would Loved To Have Played A Role In!
3. Beloved Ones That Deal With The Masses On Social Forums,

Realize The Ego With Some Are So Dark That They Choose To Remain Asleep!

We Say To You To Let Them Sleep!

For All Have A Choice And In The End Of This Dream You Will Never Give It A Thought!
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1. Beloved Ones!

We Find Many Of You In Great Peace!

Others We Need To Address Concerning Anxiety And Fear.

Beloved Friends Of Sacred Creation!

You Must Know Each Moment That Fear Is A Created Emotion.
2. Prime Creator Allowed The Physical Brain To Be Constructed In Such A Way, To React With A Small Area Called The Amygdala And The Pituitary Gland To Work In Harmony With The Body Form To Perfection With Hormone Release,
3. And What Has Acquired The Name Of 'Fight Or Flight' For The Survival Of Mankind.

This Design Was Never To Be Used On A Non-Stop Basis As It Is Now!

There Were Stories Where A Person Was In Danger From Death And Needed To Run,
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