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Messages from the Pleiadian Collective, telepathically received by Judith, shared by her son, @Kabamur_Taygeta Donate:
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Jan 18 11 tweets 2 min read

1. Friends Of Light!

As We Reflect On Ancient Words Of Truth For All Beings, We Notice That What Is Truth Will Call For No Doctrine. For If There Were No Words At All, Truth Would Remain. 2. One Sacred Truth Is Given To You In Ancient Scripture Which Will Fall Into Your Heart As The Moment It Was First Spoken.

Acts:17:28 ~ 'In God We Live And Move, And Have Our Being.'

These Words Speak Of The Unified Field Of Creation, The One Force, The Mind Of God.
Jan 16 15 tweets 3 min read

1. Beloved Friends!

How Wonderful It Is To Be Uniting As One! How Sacred To Be Living In A Waking Dream Of Duality While Discovering Divine Appointments. As You Know In Truth, There Are No Coincidences. 2. Enjoy These Moments Together In Light As We Progress On The Journey Of Oneness!

I Will Address The Sacred Energy Fields And The Importance Of Cleansing Your Aura And Field.
Jan 12 14 tweets 3 min read

1. Precious Loves Of My Being!

If You Could Know The Depth Of My Love And Know The Intention Of My Soul, You Would Relax And Feel Peace And Joy. 2. I Never Want You To Think For A Moment That I Am Exalting Myself Above What You Are Able To Do As A Sacred Being Of Light. But Sometimes When We Are Weary And Alone, We Forget.
Jan 10 9 tweets 2 min read

1. Friends Of The Sacred Light!

We Greet You In The Light That Covers You! The Light That Awakens You! The Light That Bathes You In Peace!

For There Is No Other Light Than The One That You Find Within Your Own Heart. Image 2. Many Of You Are Discovering The Peace Available Just By Turning Off The News. Knowing That The Narrative Will Change Moment By Moment, It Is No Different From The Food That You Consumed Last Week. Can You Even Remember It?
Jan 4 6 tweets 2 min read

1. Beloved Friends!

I Do Not Speak Frequently As I Am Above And Below In Areas That You Know Not. In Moments Of Light And Grace, We Will Appear As The Voice Of The One You Have Longed For. The Voice That Is Within You Now. 2. Move Softly Within The Remainder Of Your Waking Dream. Talk To The Trees That Live For You. Speak To The Birds That Are Sending You Love. Send Heart Felt Healing To The Great Planet!
Jan 2 11 tweets 2 min read

1. Friends of Earth!

The Planet is Thriving As Lightworkers Communicate The Truth Of Your Future Of Light That Will Be Experienced As NOW. It is Vital That You Remember You Have The Individual Freedom Of Perception. 2. For There Is One Truth And Trillions Of Changing Perceptions.

How Do You Find Truth? Go Within. Ask Your Higher Self. And Most Importantly, LISTEN. Truth Calls Out To You Each Moment. You Are Never Without A Choice Of Light.
Dec 31, 2021 15 tweets 3 min read

1. Precious Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

In These Passing Moments Of Now, I Feel You And I Feel Your Love!

Come Close.  Even Closer As We Share Moments About Waking Dreams. 2. As You Arrived To This Dream Of NOW, Whose Dream Is It, If The Dream Is Already Happening And Many Are Leaving As You Arrive? Where Are They Going? Where Were You Before You Arrived?

Let's Sit Together And Breathe Deeply. Now Let's Answer These Questions. I Love You So!
Dec 29, 2021 11 tweets 2 min read

1. Friends of Sacred Light!

In Truth, We Are All One Essence Of Creation.  The Trillions Of Stories Which We Call Waking Dreams Are Unfolding In The Quantum Field. This Living Field Is Called By Many To Be The Mind Of God. 2. The Name You Choose In Your Understanding Is A Thought Construct Of Energy. There Is No Ego In The Force Of Creation. You Are Told In Sacred Scriptures That 'We Created Man In Our Image’. This, Beloved Ones, Is Plural.
Dec 21, 2021 15 tweets 3 min read

1. Friends Of Planet Earth!

There Are Many Unknown Galaxies To Your World.  Know That Life Exists In Every Space In Your Dimension, Seen And Unseen. 2. As You Share The Quantum Field With All Multiverses, You Can Know For Certainty That Your Power Extends Far Beyond The Small Sacred Planet That Holds You! All Life Is Connected Holographically And Consciousness Is Infinite. What Does This Mean For You? You Are Everything!
Dec 19, 2021 10 tweets 2 min read

1. Friends Of Light!

As There Are Many Perceived Challenges Before You, Remember Who You Are!

Go Forward With Your Journey In The Identity You Chose Before Arriving Once More To The Density Of Planet Earth! 2. Forgetting The Majesty Of Oneness, Know That You Remain Tethered Infinity To All Sacred Power! These Are Simply Experiences That Call On You For The Choice Of Perception.
Dec 17, 2021 18 tweets 3 min read

1. Friends Of Earth!

As You Live And Breathe In The One Source Of All, You Clearly Acknowledge The Seen And Unseen Aspects Of Life.  The Elements Within Your Body Form Are The Same Elements In Trees And Animals.  Indeed, The Same As Star Dust. 2. But The Forming Of Matter Required Differences In Design With Sacred Precision To Create Vast Mountains That Survive Thousands Of Years, To The Bodies Of Oceans That Share Life To The Lakes, Streams And To Nature.
Dec 15, 2021 13 tweets 3 min read

1. Friends Of Light!

As You Have Found Many Of Your Soul Tribe, Know This Is A Planned Appointment!  There Are More Souls Waiting For You To Recognize And Remember Their Light!  No One Loses Light By Giving It Away! 2. Light Magnifies And Expands As It Raises The Vibrational Frequency Of The Earth And All Beings! Light Shines Through The Chakras And Activates Each To The Perfect Intended Function. Light Brings The Aura Into A Glowing Rainbow Of Energy Around Each Being.
Dec 13, 2021 12 tweets 3 min read

1. Precious Beloved Ones!

How Wonderful It Is To Be With You In All Moments. Let Us Capture This Sacred Moment As If It Is The Only One. Let All Beings That Hear Or See This Communication Bring The Vibrational Frequency Into The Heart Space As An Ancient Song That Is New. 2. Created Now In My Heart, I Sing The Melody Into Existence.

From The Ethers Of The First Breath Of Being, We Are Together. Before Your Arrival Into This Vast Density Of Duality, You Played, Sang And Danced As One. Desiring Soul Experience, You Became Human.
Dec 9, 2021 20 tweets 4 min read

1. Beloved Friends!

This Communication Will Be Of Much Comfort And Assistance.  It Will Not Be Received By Everyone As This Is Not Possible With Various Perceptions Of Government. Lies And Manipulation.  Others Will Find Refuge In These Words. 2. Indeed, We Honor Your Free Will And Soul Agreements. However, There Are Moments From The Beginning Of Creation That We Will Stand Firm And Move In The Behalf Of The Entire Planet.
Dec 7, 2021 15 tweets 3 min read

1. Friends Of ONE Light!

As We Traverse The Galaxies, Know Well That We Have Created Multitudes Of Structures And Meeting Places!  Indeed, The Galactic Forces Are Unlimited In Scope To Your Current Perception And Thinking. 2. If It Is Possible To Step Out Of Your Box, Do It Now. What Next? Throw The Box Away!

Before I Offer Truth And Wisdom, Ask Yourself If This Life Story Has Given You Truth? Remember That Truth Does Not Change! Only Perceptions And Beliefs Change.
Dec 5, 2021 13 tweets 3 min read

1. Greetings Beloved Friends!

As We Move And Live And Have Our Being, Become Aware Of The Higher Densities Of Awareness That Hold You In A Sacred Vibration.  You Know.  The Vibration Of Existence Where Everything Came Forth As Planned. 2. The Origin Of Light That Captured You Into Love. You Understand Now. You Are Everything That You Are Perceiving As Elsewhere. This Place And This Being Is You. You Are Remembering And Awakening. Are You Ready To Leave The Dream And Fully Awaken?
Dec 3, 2021 13 tweets 3 min read

1. Greetings Beloved Friends!

As You Observe The Waves Of An Ocean During A Vast And Dark Storm,  Find The Truth That Beneath And Above The Storm There Is Quiet And Stillness.  There Is Clear Water Beneath And Magnificent Beauty Above. 2. Choose In This Moment The Perception And Belief That You Can Transcend The Storm! Indeed, In Levels Of Consciousness, You Are Already There! Complete This Raging Storm As The Illusion That It Is. Why Not Go For A Swim!
Dec 1, 2021 16 tweets 3 min read

1. Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

I Have Many Wonderful Truths To Share In These Moments.  Take What Resonates In Love To Your Heart, And Leave The Rest.  For I Am Here To Comfort And Assist In Guiding You To The Place You Began, 2. To Realize The Sacred Essence Of Life And To Know Most Of All That We Are Infinitely Connected In Light!

Come Closer Until I See Your Heart Beating As Mine. Close Enough That I Can Feel Your Breath, So That I Might Touch Your Face And Wipe Away Any Tears.
Nov 29, 2021 13 tweets 3 min read

1. Greetings To The Light! 

Love And Power To Those That Dare To Step Outside The Waking Dream!

For There Is Life Waiting For You That Will Meet You At The Place That You Entered The Dream! 2. Come To The Edge! Do You Fear You Might Fall? Come To The Edge! Do You Feel It Might Be Too Much?

Follow The Light And Come To The Edge As We Watch You Fly!

As You Experience Yourself In A Fresh Way, You Are Closer To Your True Self!
Nov 27, 2021 20 tweets 4 min read

1. Greetings Beloved Ones!

There Is So Much Life Unknown To You In These Moments Of This Magnificent Waking Dream.  There Is The Perception Of Understanding That You Know Enough To Transcend The Earth Frequency. 2. Yet There Are Layers Of The Unknown That You Are Longing For As You Observe And Questions Arise. Let's Dig A Little Deeper!

Addressing Those Questions That Have Come Up Repetitively Through The Dream, I Hope To Put Them To Rest And Give You Peace In Doing This!
Nov 25, 2021 16 tweets 3 min read

1. Friends Of Sacred Light!

We Greet You With Love And Power As We Advance The Agenda Of Light And Transformation That Will Completely Destroy Any Ongoing Agenda Of Darkness! 

Your Moment Will Arrive, Beloved Ones! 2. In These Moments I Will Share Truth To Discover Your Greatest Power And Path To Awakening!

You Have Heard Of Meditating Most Of This Waking Dream. In Every Dream By Every Soul, Meditation Is The Answer To Discovering God Within,