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Anastasia Kapetas leads the Session 3 discussion on 'The United States in the Indo-Pacific and in the grey zone' at #ASPIConference2021 with panellists @lgflake, @lesleyseebeck & @NewshamGrant

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‘Australia has a very important role to play in shaping US views, perception, and understanding of grey zone activities in this region, and the region writ large... When it comes to the grey zone, Australia is at the forefront... the US is much less exposed' @lgflake
The one area where the Biden administration is not yet back, according to @lgflake is trade and trade policy.

‘Unless the United States is in the TPP, it does not have an economic leadership role in the economic infrastructure of the Indo-Pacific'
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Session 2 of #ASPIConference2021 is looking at industry & innovation - @Marcus_ASPI is joined by First Assistant Secretary Dr Peter Sawczak, @CDS_Australia & Kate Louis from the Australian Industry Group to analyse the progress of the DSU's sovereign industrial investment
Dr Peter Sawczak outlines some of the key challenges outlined in the Defence Strategic Update; 'Australia is facing the prospect of reduced strategic warning time, vulnerabilities in supply chains and greater competition in defence industry development' #ASPIConference2021
Discussing Australia’s industry equities, Sawczak remarks that 🇦🇺's technology advances are moving at a rapid pace: we are seeing economic growth fuelling military modernisation & accessibility of countries with asymmetric abilities throughout our region.
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Day 2 of our #ASPIConference2021 opens with Dr Beatrice Gorawantschy @KASonline leading a discussion on the perspectives of 🇦🇺's friends & partners on security in the Indo-Pacific region. Joining the panel is @BSantipitaks, @MGlauser5 & @annettecanberra

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.@BSantipitaks comments on the central role of ASEAN in the regional architecture.

She highlights the facilitation of positive engagement, the ability to constructively engage major powers & support for the rules-based order
On ‘building trust & confidence’ in ASEAN, @BSantipitaks notes ‘there is room for all to play constructively’ and to support joint ASEAN efforts & objectives, including:

Economic cooperation, maritime connectivity, addressing cross-border threats & engaging in dialogue
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We are live at the #ASPIConference2021 dinner, as @Brendan_ASPI is joined by @zdaniel, @Kieran_Gilbert, @AndrewBGreene & @camstewarttheoz for a journalist-based discussion on politics & defence during an election year

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In @Brendan_ASPI's opening remarks for this session, he notes that 'given the recent unpredictable turmoil in Washington D.C., it would be irresponsible of Australia not to comment on the recent state of affairs of our ally' #ASPIConference2021
@zdaniel says ‘Donald Trump was very adept at mobilising public sentiment…The only thing that caused Trump to lose control of the narrative & the election is the pandemic... Trump very cleverly won the 2016 election & he is still very much a political player’ #ASPIConference2021
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ASPI's @Dr_M_Davis is joined by @YamagamiShingo, U.S. Embassy Charge d'Affaires Mike Goldman, Deputy High Commissioner of India Mr P.S. Karthigeyan & Hugh Jeffrey @DeptDefence to discuss the role of the Quad at #ASPIConference2021
In our final session for Day 1 of #ASPIConference2021, representatives from 🇦🇺, 🇯🇵, 🇺🇸 & 🇮🇳 participated in a discussion on how the Quad can be strengthened to contribute to security & stability in the Indo-Pacific
.@YamagamiShingo opens the panel with a review of the recent, historical 2+2 Joint Statement. He underscores the prospects for Australia-Japan cooperation, stating 'Australia is not walking alone’
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.@DaniellesCave is joined by @smh & @theage's Peter Hartcher & @He_Shumei for a discussion on China's domestic & foreign policy and Australia-China relations

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‘Xi is the first President of China to grow up during the cultural revolution, which describes the kind of leader that he is’ - Peter Hartcher describes Xi’s harsh formative years in rural exile, and his eventual decision to join the Chinese Communist Party #ASPIConference2021
Speaking on Xi Jinping’s starkly different political beliefs from his father, Peter Hartcher remarks ‘If China operated a Westminster parliamentary system, the father and son would be sitting at opposite sides.’ #ASPIConference2021
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Session 5 of #ASPIConference2021 has started!

'Military capability: Choices and Dilemmas' features @HLCAusArmy, Air Commodore Philip Gordon, Rear Admiral Peter Quinn & @Marcus_ASPI. The panel will explore the strategic challenges & decisions required by the ADF
Rear Admiral Peter Quinn notes that that the navy is ‘15,499 larger than we have been for 15 years.' The Navy is on track to be a force that we need to build our future fleet
Rear Admiral Peter Quinn comments that the key aim is to achieve a high level of interoperability across the forces and also with Australia’s key ally the United States 🇺🇸
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Peter Jennings is joined by @PeterDutton_MP for an in-conversation during Session 4 of our #ASPIConference2021 to discuss Australia's future positioning on a global scale, & how the ADF can better shape our responses to a rapidly changing environment
@PeterDutton_MP: ‘The consequence of military conflict is less remote than in the past, and Australia must be prepared for any contingency, and ensure the ADF is well trained and well-equipped... What we can do as a nation is be prepared for what is on and below the horizon.
@PeterDutton_MP ‘Core to deterrence is our alliance with 🇺🇸. 🇦🇺 is taking greater responsibility for its own security & continued investment in defence is essential to building a sovereign industry that is capable of sustaining the ADF as a cutting edge force’ #ASPIConference2021
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.@ThalesAustralia's CEO Chris Jenkins is joined by VCDF Vice Admiral David Johnston & Associate Secretary of Defence Katherine Jones to discuss Australia's military capability landscape in Session 3 of #ASPIConference2021

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Associate Secretary of Defence Katherine Jones says Washington shouldn’t be the only one responding to the increasing threat in the international arena. Australia should continue to engage in and shape the strategic environment
Associate Secretary Katherine Jones outlines four pillars for shaping Australia's strategic environment:

1⃣ A tighter regional focus
2⃣ Modernising 🇦🇺's alliance with the US
3⃣ Investing more in our near neighbourhood
4⃣ Developing a networked model for regional engagement
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In Session 2, @ASPI_ICPC's @FergusHanson is joined by @BOConnorMP for a discussion on some of Australia's key defence priorities & national security concerns

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Expressing his concern at a lack of strategic thinking by the Morrison government, @BOConnorMP questions whether the government is ensuring that 🇦🇺 have sufficient defence capability to defend the nation
.@BOConnorMP highlights the ‘yawning gap’ between Australia’s warlike rhetoric and its actual military capabilities. He argues that Australia is not matching its statements with sufficient action in procurement or preparation. He notes that 'Labor has significant concerns'
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Session 1 of #ASPIConference2021 will look at the 'Changing strategic environment' with former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence for China Chad Sbragia, @KoriSchake, Peter Jennings & @michael_ASPI

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Chad Sbragia says that the strategic competition between 🇺🇸 & 🇨🇳 is forcing the regional leaders in the Indo-Pacific to make a choice between Beijing & Washington #ASPIConference2021
Reflecting on China’s strategic aims, Sbragia says ‘The greatest risk isn't China’s raw power but the degree in which Beijing succeeds in drawing others to its vision. We have to do better at understanding the aims and logic of China’s approach’ #ASPIConference2021
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To open the #ASPIConference2021, we are delighted to have Dr Brendan Nelson, AO, President of @BoeingAustralia join ASPI's Peter Jennings for a conversation on Australia’s strategic outlook and military capability

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Reflecting on the uncertain outlook of the Quad in its early years to the Quad of today, Brendan Nelson AO @BoeingAustralia remarks, ‘What’s happened in the last three years of the Quad, especially a leadership level meeting, is extremely significant’
Peter Jennings observes the increasing interest and engagement by NATO countries in the Indo-Pacific, and asks how this might impact NATO’s focus and operations into the future
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