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Late-breaking bonus thread about the @SciReports paper on #Sodom & Gomorrah! This hypothesis was featured in a documentary by the History Channel and I've found it online. It includes an animation of Lot's wife turning into a pillar of salt! Here she is before the impact.
Here's Lot's wife at the moment of impact. This is based on the just-published #BiblicalArchaeology paper by Bunch et al (2021) on #TallElHammam.
And here's Lot's wife as a post-impact pillar of salt. How can anyone dispute the #TEHburst paper now? It's based on peer-reviewed research published in a journal that's overseen by @Nature!
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My threads on Sodom airburst paper in Nature's
@scireports have led to feedback & to new Twitter friends. Thanks for your comments! For those who arrived after my first post on Monday, here’s a link to the beginning. #TallElHammam #TEHburst #YDBS
@SciReports The vast majority of comments by archeologists, physicists, geologists, astronomers, & impact experts have been positive. I'm hoping to hear from coauthors of the #TEHburst paper. Maybe none are on twitter or don’t feel the need to answer q's from scientists about their paper.
Several coauthors of the #TEHburst paper list their affiliation as “Comet Research Group”. Check out their website. Of the 21 #TEHburst coauthors, 16 are members of the Comet Research Group.…
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As I continue my quest to find the paper “Kletetschka, G., Radana, K. & Hakan, U. Evidence of shock-generated plasma’s demagnetization in the shock-exposed rocks. Sci. Rep. (2021)” that was cited by #TEHbust, the #TallElHammam #BiblicalArchaeology paper, I'll discuss #Tunguska. Image
The Sodom & Gomorrah airburst team cited this in support of their claim that a Tunguska-like airburst can generate shocked quartz, even though—according to experts on shocked quartz—none has ever been found that is associated with #Tunguska. Shocked quartz looks like this. Image
I met the lead author, Gunther Kletetschka, in Russia in 2008 and we enjoyed time together doing field work in the destruction zone of the 1908 #Tunguska airburst. It was for a Discovery Channel documentary shoot on June 30, 2008: the 100th anniversary of #AsteroidDay Image
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As I promised yesterday, I’m going to start addressing the specific scientific claims of the #BiblicalArchaeology paper on #TallElHammam, just published in Scientific Reports @SciReports which I will tag #TEHburst from now on. (Art credit: Don Davis) Image
There are supposedly 17 lines of evidence. Given that I have a day job, I’d be lucky to finish by mid-October even if I debunked one every day. But this is as much about entertainment as it is about enlightenment so I expect some diversions & do-loops.
I think it’s the backstory that will keep everyone engaged & entertained. So I will also alternate with human interest stories & fun threads with history & anecdotes. I’ll try to continue until I finish or everyone loses interest, whichever comes first.
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This will be my final thread of the day on the controversial #BiblicalArchaeology paper published yesterday by @SciReports (Scientific Reports). Here's a link to my previous thread:
It’s hard to know where to start in a critique of a paper so full of data & claims. Kyle Hill @Sci_Phile says “I have yet to see anyone actually refute the 17 different lines of evidence that seem to at least point in the air burst direction.”
“There wouldn't be a team of geologists poring over that sediment looking for impact evidence if it hadn't been brought to them by people convinced it was from Sodom” is a good point made by @joeroe90 & this is a better place to start my next thread.
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