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When the Yorubas and Igbos were clamouring for independence from colonial british, the Fulanis said they were not interested in getting free from British imperialist.

It is on record that the Fulanis and the Hausas never fought the British for independence and none of their elites were jailed for an independence Nigeriia.
We must never also forget that the Fulanis were ready to break away from Nigeria if Aguiyi Ironsi was unable to implement the unitary (centralized) system of government.
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Kidnapping indigenous people, destroying farmlands, rapiing of women and slaughteriing of people in the country side of any host community are all ancient but effective war strategies used in medieval times against indigenous people.

This is one of the technical definition of War of attrition.

If any Yoruba man or woman thiinks the Fulanis do not know what they want or they do not know what they are doing across Yorubaland and the middle belt, you are joking.
After the Fulaniis start their killiing spree, kidnapping, rapiing and destruction of farmlands across Nigeriia, the next thing their leaders and elites ask for is "LANDS" in form of RUGA. Are they not smart? They create the problems and also dictate the solutions.
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History will keep repeating itself until its lesson is learnt.

After the annulment of the June 12 th election in 1993 the Yoruba fought and fought on the streets of the failed state Nigeria.
Abacha his Fulani brothers used state apparatus to harrass and intimidate our people, perceived leaders of the struggle were forced into exile, the others they killed.
The Fulani have spent the last how many years restructuring the colonial plantation to how they want it.

Yoruba borders are closed while northern borders allow in Fulani who have been expelled from over 20 countries.
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1. The war mongering mentality of Fulani can never be extinguished by logic nor reason. As an aimless wandering tribe of herders, they are genetically programmed to levy war on lazy unsuspecting indigenous populations that make the mistake of welcoming them.
2. What we are witnessing today from Fulanis in Nigeria is a war of conquest of indigenous populations they started in the 1790’s culminating in the fall of Hausa Gobir (now Fulani Sokoto) in 1804. They will never stop until everyone is subdued like they did to their Hausa....
3. ...hosts more than 200 years ago. @UKParliament Judeo-Christians are being slaughtered by Fulani Islamic terrorists, aided & abated by @NGRPresident. The racist contraption Nigeria you created is bleeding to death. #EndNigeriaNow Nigeria is a British racist construct
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