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You know what? It's been too long since a lot of things. Let's read this together. #IanLivetweetsHisResearch the title page of Orwell's The Lion and the Unicorn: Sociali
Part I: England Your England (which I think I first read as a standalone essay in a different collection) begins by talking about patriotism.

Orwell argues that, despite wide variances, every country has its own national character, which inflects its politics.
i.e. all nations deal with authoritarianism, but German authoritarianism will look different from Russian authoritarianism will look different from English authoritarianism.

He begins by trying to pin down the British character.
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OK tweeps & twerps: It's been some time, but today we resume #IanLivetweetsHisResearch with David Neiwert's Alt-America: The Rise of the Radical Right in the Age of Trump.
(For any concerned parties, since finishing my livetweet of The Reactionary Mind I have read Fascism Today by Shane Burley and Healing from Hate by Michael Kimmel, and am currently a few chapters into Terror, Love, and Brainwashing by Alexandra Stein. I just didn't livetweet em.)
(You can hear more on my Research Masterpost.)…
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I'm trying to get through this interesting yet flawed essay on Lara Croft and it's prompting so many distracting thoughts that I can't focus on it, which means it's time to do #IanLivetweetsHisResearch.
(No, this does not mean I'm abandoning the other thread on The Reactionary Mind, I'm just doing a lot of research in tandem these days. Normally I wouldn't start a new thread before completing the current one, but I'll never get through this essay if I don't.)
The essay is Lara's Lethal and Loaded Mission: Transposing Reproduction and Destruction, by Claudia Herbst, and it's the first chapter in the collection Action Chicks, edited by Sherrie A. Inness.
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It's been a hot minute, but it's time.

I've made some room to properly get into The Reactionary Mind by Corey Robin.

The first chapter begins with a T.S. Eliot quote arguing that, in the end, you can't judge a party by what it says its aims are; a party will reveal what it's trying to accomplish by its actions.

Sometimes the party itself isn't sure what it's doing.
Robin then begins with his view of history as being full of unequal power relations and the tensions that arise between them.

Man-woman, worker-employer, government-governed.
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Having finished The Authoritarians, it's time to start a new thread of #IanLivetweetsHisResearch. Today I am finally getting past the introduction of How Propaganda Works by Jason Stanley.
Having slogged through some proper academic writing in my day, Stanley's writing is blessedly accessible. But after Altemeyer's light tone and constant dad jokes, Stanley's reads as pretty dry.
So far the introduction is full of a lot of quotations about the nature of democracy, from Victor Klemperer to Elizabeth Anderson to Plato. OF COURSE Plato.
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We are in the penultimate chapter of The Authoritarians and Altemeyer is starting to address the elephant in the room: how does authoritarianism correlate to political affiliation? #IanLivetweetsHisResearch
Altemeyer sent his RWA survey to over 4,000 politicians, and got about a 25% response rate, mostly from state senators and lower legislators. Here's the data.
On average, Republicans scored 40 points more authoritarian than Democrats, though, notably, Democrats covered a much wider range of the scale.

Though the average was lower, they spanned from the least authoritarian to higher than the Republican average.
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Alright, it's been a while, but let's do #IanLivetweetsHisResearch. Today we're reading Bob Altemeyer's The Authoritarians, which you can nab for free here:…
It's a whole-ass book so I'm just gonna share the things that jump out at me from what I've read so far and what I read this morning. Might come back to it in future livetweets.
Also shoutout to whichever follower recommended the book to me, You are lost in a sea of old notifications but it was a good recommendation!
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