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1 #MAMG21 There is a disconnect between what is understood as "Medieval" in pop-culture and the broader cultural unconscious (see: Henderson, 1988) and the Middle Ages as understood in academia, which informs its views from the literature and cultural artifacts of the time.
2 #MAMG21 Public discourse on the Middle Ages takes a myopic view of the period, focusing on an Arthurian aesthetic of European kings and knights on errant. Academics, on the other hand, understand the Middle Ages as a rich tapestry of diverse networked cultures (Rashidi 2011).
3 #MAMG21 These clashing views of history have a curious effect on games. Since pop-culture often imagines the Middle Ages as white-only spaces, attempts at making mimetic virtual spaces often result in games with accurate architecture and anachronistic characters & stories.
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Hi #MAMG21! Thanks for coming to my paper: Fuck the Paladin and the Horse he Rode in On. Thanks to @cosyfanheater and Luiz Guerra for some early feedback on this. #DnD #DnD5e
1/ #MAMG21 “Paladins” are a stock figure in medievalist fantasy—whether that’s books, films, or games. But it was not always so. Though they have a long history (more below), the version we know sprang from the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D) Player’s Handbook in 1978. An illustration from the 1978 AD&D Player’s Handbook, titl
2/ #MAMG21 Paladins are long overdue to be put out to pasture. This is for two core reasons: 1) they tie together holiness and violence, and 2) that violence is built on anti-Muslim bigotry, root and branch.
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1 #MAMG21 The Middle Ages have proven to be a fruitful source of inspiration in gaming in large part due to the feudal complexities that characterized the period. Medieval rulership was rarely a straightforward affair, and the feudal contract bound both ruler and subject alike.
2 #MAMG21 Two inherent elements of feudalism that have translated particularly well to the world of video games are the feudal contract and the role of monarch as lawmaker. These have evolved from basic origins to become compelling game mechanics in modern medieval titles.
3 #MAMG21 The tension between the monarch as lawmaker and as subject to the law was one of the principal characteristics of the period. The inherently legal nature of the feudal relationship was likewise a source of constraint and opportunity for both vassal and ruler.
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1/ #MAMG21 One of the challenges of teaching art history is inherently philosophical: how can the student experience three-dimensional objects or buildings when they are only available for them in a two-dimensional form? A photo of Notre Dame in Pa...
2/ #MAMG21 Logistically, this challenge serves as a giant asterisk for the entire discipline: scholars of art history acknowledge the inherent difference between the images we show on screen, and the real object which exists, likely many miles away from our current classroom. On the left is the renderin...
3/ #MAMG21 There is often little to be done to reconcile the loss of the materiality and experience of the 3D object. This is how video games such as @Ubisoft's Assassin’s Creed: Unity (2014) can close the gap left by traditional educational methods. Cover image for Ubisofts 20...
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1/12 Hello! This is a paper for the #MAMG21 medieval #gamestudies conference! To start off: my research is in games’ relationship with the arts and older forms of media. I'm interested in how to use games as a means to explore and dissect a work, and allow players to do the same. ImageImageImageImage
2/12 This of course has led me to explore intersections of games and literature. Among the most popular books in the high medieval and early modern periods in Europe were chivalric romances – stories of knights errant performing great feats and pining for their lady loves #MAMG21 Image
3/12 As literature is a mirror that recontextualizes art, history, or even our world, so are games. To explore this parallel, I decided to create a game based on a famous (and personal favorite) piece of literature, Miguel de Cervantes’ seminal novel, Don Quixote. #MAMG21 Image
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