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In this long thread, I will cover card by card the story of the Ixalan vampires, also called the Dusk Legion.
#mtg #mtgixl #mtgrix #mtgm19 #PT25A
Azor was a Planeswalker, and his deeds across the Multiverse include the creation of the Guildpact on Ravnica and numerous ancient civilizations on different planes have legends of a “lawbringer” winged figure viewed as a god, that can be traced to Azor. #Ixalans #mtgixl #mtgrna
On Ixalan, Azor sacrificed his spark to create the Immortal Sun, a device part of a plan elaborated with Ugin to trap Nicol Bolas on Ixalan. But Ugin was killed by Bolas on the plane of Tarkir and instead, it was Azor who remained trapped on Ixalan. #mtgixl #mtgfrf
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I wanted to make Dragon Tribal a deck you could build in #MTGM19 Limited, due to the thematic tie-in with Sarkhan. #M19CardStories #WOTCstaff 1/9
This meant that we would have to get our Dragon as-fan high enough. (As-fan is the average number of cards of a given quality in a booster pack.) An uncommon Dragon increases the Dragon as-fan by 0.0375. while a common increases it by 0.099. 2/9
We had a couple of great reprints at uncommon, Volcanic Dragon, which is a simple, elegant card, and Dragon Egg, which is a great top-down design and counts as two Dragons for the purposes of some interactions. 3/9
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Liliana Vess story;

Forget about Nicol Bolas, Yawgmoth or that junior devil Ob Nixilis.

The most evil vilain in the Multiverse (after our Elder Lord Belzenlok of course) is Liliana Vess.

Here a thread about it.

#mtgDom #Vorthos
You probably heard about these dark tales and legend around the Caligo swamps, tales about ghosts and a tragic murder story that ended the house of Vess who ruled this place long ago.

Here is the truth.
When she was younger, Liliana Vess was trained to become a white mana healer.

But she was ambitious and wanted to become powerfull.

So, through some Dark Dabbling, she poisoned her elder brother Josu, turning him into an undead.

This evil act ignited her planewalker spark
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