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Most recents (6)… #WotCStaff announced today: every pack of Modern Horizons will have an ART SERIES card! Here are some fun facts about these extras...
There are 54 art cards in total- the number was the max number we could print, determined by our collation process. With over 200 new pieces of art in the set, I had to make some really tough choices... #WotCStaff
The backs are intentionally minimal, with light branding, artist credit, and collector numbers. At my request, the production team reduced the coating on the reverse side so that they could be written (or drawn) on with either ink or pencil... #WotCStaff
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Today marks my 7th anniversary since I first walked through the doors at Wizards and began doing work on Magic. It's been a crazy seven years with all sorts of highs and lows.
Yesterday was our company All Hands meeting and it was a great day. A few highlights:
1. We got a very exciting look at what next year holds for Wizards. I had good visibility into Magic, but there were still some surprises, and also I got a look at what is coming for D&D which was SUPER exciting as well. #wotcstaff
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I'm developing a new style of DMing for myself, riffing off my earlier tweets about railroading. It boils down to this - in a game of D&D, the DM provides the foundation of energy and action for the session, but NOT the direction. I'll explain using combat as an example.
I've been putting a lot of work into my combat management and presentation over the last few months, especially as streaming is something I do more of and, honestly, really love doing. It has made DMing into a true skill you can watch grow. I love that.
In combat, my job as a DM is to provide forward energy, narrative opportunities, and quick pivots to avoid dead spots. The bad news is that doing this well is hard and burns a lot of energy. The good news is that if you hit a 5 on a 10 point scale, you're still doing fine.
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I wanted to make Dragon Tribal a deck you could build in #MTGM19 Limited, due to the thematic tie-in with Sarkhan. #M19CardStories #WOTCstaff 1/9
This meant that we would have to get our Dragon as-fan high enough. (As-fan is the average number of cards of a given quality in a booster pack.) An uncommon Dragon increases the Dragon as-fan by 0.0375. while a common increases it by 0.099. 2/9
We had a couple of great reprints at uncommon, Volcanic Dragon, which is a simple, elegant card, and Dragon Egg, which is a great top-down design and counts as two Dragons for the purposes of some interactions. 3/9
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I've been receiving a ton of questions from people curious about how #MTGBattle partners show up in packs and what permutations are possible. So here's a comprehensive thread to how Partner With cards appear in Battlebond booster packs. Let's dive in!
#wotcstaff #mtgbattle
1. If you open one Partner With card, you will always open its buddy in the same booster pack. So if you open Pir, you'll also always get Toothy. Makes sense!
#wotcstaff #mtgbattle
2. The second partner always kicks out an uncommon. So if you have two uncommon partners, you still have 3 uncommons. If you have two rare/mythic partners, your pack has 2 uncommons and 2 rares/mythics.
#wotcstaff #mtgbattle
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I've been working on Brawl ever since Gerritt Turner brought it to my attention ages ago, and in addition to the article today, I also want to provide a bit of additional context about how it came to be, and the story behind Gerritt creating it. So here's a thread! #wotcstaff
(And just to clarify first: this story isn't to say Brawl is only for new players. Even the most seasoned R&D veterans have had a blast with it! But I like its creation story because it shows how it's a great way to game with your less experienced Magic friends, too.) #wotcstaff
A lot of the concept stemmed from remembering what it was like to be a new player and introducing many friends to Magic. You see, Gerritt had a playgroup that he thought a Standard card pool might be the best fit for. However, they were a social gaming group. #wotcstaff
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