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☕️Hi! #goodmorning on this rainy sunday!
Yesterday we presented a very interesting discovery made in a cave where we are working now... #Alkerdi2 in #UrdazubiUrdax... let's start this thread!!👇😉
Last summer we received an email from @rturoTroska, from the caving group #Satorrak, working within a project coordinated from @aranzadi in the exploration of the Alkerdi/Berroberria massif. They discovered a new passage with engravings and paintings.. the access was not easy👇❗️
⁉️The new passage contains (at least) 3 engraved bison, 3 aurochs, 2 horses and 2 undefined animals, as well as 5 groups of paired strokes in red.

👇📸But it starts with engraved 4 vulvas, so it was called #Aluengalería (vulva in basque) by its discoverers.
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🪔Hi! 📆Today is #EuropeanResearchersNight, but it is also #FridayPaleoart, so we are going to travel to...

Cave: #Covaciella
Place: Cabrales, Asturias (Spain)
Motif: Bison
Chronology: #Magdalenian
⁉️Covaciella cave is located in the far east of Asturias, on Las Pandas mountain. It is located in a rugged environment, near the Casaño river. This site has a single level where Palaeolithic representations and archaeological deposits are distributed throughout it.
📖Covaciella was discovered in 1994 by accident, when road works opened an entrance to its interior.

➡️ F. J. Fortea was the first author investigating it, followed by P. Saura and M. Múzquiz and, finally, the team of M. García-Díez.
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Hi friends! ✨ Today is #FridayPaleoArt and we're moving to French Pyrenees to visit an excellent cave ⛰.

Cave: #Marsoulas
Place: Marsoulas (Haute-Garonne, Francia)
Motif: horse, aurochs, goat, ideomorphs, etc.
Chronology: #Magdalenian
⁉️ The cave is made up of a rectilinear passage with a total development of 70 m, where the wall art only takes up 50 m. It is made up of more than 340 figures, including zoomorphs, ideomorphs and various marks.
➡️The techniques used by the artists who frequented the cavity were fine engraving and the application of red and black colorants, in some cases taking advantage of the natural relief of the rock to complete the figures.
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Hi there! This #FridayPaleoArt we are on holidays, so we woke up late! 🤭Let's go!

Cave: #Cualventi
Place: Oreña, Alfoz de Lloredo, Cantabria
Motif: Deer
Chornology: #Magdalenian
🗺️Cualventi Cave is located in the district of Perelada (Oreña, Alfoz de Lloredo, Cantabria), 2 km from Altamira. The cave opens in the wall of a wide and shallow doline, inside a small valley close to the coast.
⁉️ It's a large rock shelter with two openings. The lower one, #LaCovacha, is a small cave linked with the karst system and was obstructed during the Magdalenian. The upper one, #Cualventi, is located 4m above and provides direct access to the fossil floors of the karst. 🤔
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🗞️New paper!

" Interconnected Magdalenian societies as revealed by the circulation of whale bone artefacts in the Pyreneo-Cantabrian region” published in Quaternary Science Reviews 🐳

Let’s open a thread! 👇

#Archaeology #prehistory #palaeolithic #magdalenian
#FossilFriday Image
Around the Bay of Biscay, interactions between humans and whales are part of a multi-millennial (pre)history.
Until now, the early use of whale bone as a raw material was mainly documented in the #Magdalenian Pyrenean collections. What about the neighbouring Cantabrian region? Image
54 whale bone artefacts (essentially large finished weapons) were identified from 12 of the 64 sampled Cantabrian sites. @MuseosCant @gordailua @arkeologimuseoa @museodealtamira @MANArqueologico @MNCNcomunica Image
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Good Morning! Today is not a #NovemberRain-y day, but it is #FridayPaleoart, so we are going to visit a sheltered place in... ☂️
Cave: #Etxeberri
Place: Camou-Cihigue, Zuberoa, Pays Basque, Nouvelle Aquitaine (France)
Motif: Black bison and red stains
Chronology: #Magdalenian
Etxebarri is a pyrenean cave with #Magdalenian rock art, placed in the beautiful massif of Arbailles, in the hearth of #Zuberoa, #BasqueCountry.

The bison we have presented here is not especially wonderful, but it stands out because of its location deep inside the cave. 👇😉
The rock art is placed 150 meters away from the entrance. It is not a big distance, but one must cross dry lakes, climb dangerous, slippery and steep flowstones, and very narrow crawlways. 😖📸

In Etxeberri, caving security-installation and techniques are really necessary...
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