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1. Friends Of The Sacred Light!

We Greet You In The Light That Covers You! The Light That Awakens You! The Light That Bathes You In Peace!

For There Is No Other Light Than The One That You Find Within Your Own Heart. Image
2. Many Of You Are Discovering The Peace Available Just By Turning Off The News. Knowing That The Narrative Will Change Moment By Moment, It Is No Different From The Food That You Consumed Last Week. Can You Even Remember It?
3. Can You See It Or Feel It? How Do You Even Know It Was Real At All?

What You Seek Is Seeking You. What You Need, You Already Have. What Is Coming Next Will Be Otherworldly, Yet Quite Familiar And Something That Will Bring You Full Circle To Your Own Being.
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1. Friends of Earth!

The Planet is Thriving As Lightworkers Communicate The Truth Of Your Future Of Light That Will Be Experienced As NOW. It is Vital That You Remember You Have The Individual Freedom Of Perception.
2. For There Is One Truth And Trillions Of Changing Perceptions.

How Do You Find Truth? Go Within. Ask Your Higher Self. And Most Importantly, LISTEN. Truth Calls Out To You Each Moment. You Are Never Without A Choice Of Light.
3. You Alone Must Choose For Yourself To Stop Listening To Puppets And Puppet Masters. Cut Their Strings And You No Longer Find Them In Your Awareness. What You Focus On Will Grow. What You Ignore Will Slowly Lose Its Grip As The Energy Dissipates And You Lose Interest!
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1. Friends Of Planet Earth!

There Are Many Unknown Galaxies To Your World.  Know That Life Exists In Every Space In Your Dimension, Seen And Unseen.
2. As You Share The Quantum Field With All Multiverses, You Can Know For Certainty That Your Power Extends Far Beyond The Small Sacred Planet That Holds You! All Life Is Connected Holographically And Consciousness Is Infinite. What Does This Mean For You? You Are Everything!
3. Choosing A Pinpoint Of Consciousness As Your Frame Of Reference For The Identity You Have Chosen, Brings Your Perspective To Duality. With One Thought Of Truth, Expansion In Awareness Is Possible. You Get To Choose!
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1. Greetings To The Light! 

Love And Power To Those That Dare To Step Outside The Waking Dream!

For There Is Life Waiting For You That Will Meet You At The Place That You Entered The Dream!
2. Come To The Edge! Do You Fear You Might Fall? Come To The Edge! Do You Feel It Might Be Too Much?

Follow The Light And Come To The Edge As We Watch You Fly!

As You Experience Yourself In A Fresh Way, You Are Closer To Your True Self!
3. What Is Beyond The Endless Lies And Chaos? What Could Be Better Than Finding Lasting Peace And Clarity! You Are Discovering Who You Really Are!
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1. Friends Of The Great Light!

In Unison As A Song That Echoes Through The Multiverses, So It Is NOW In Your Higher Consciousness In A Melody Of Love!  We Come To You As ONE, Knowing The Full Aspect Of Your Soul Fully Understands This.
2. Stand Now Together. Stand As ONE. Understand That In Timelessness You Are Already There. This Waking Dream Is Temporary, Beloved Ones! Light Is Taking You Into The Ethers Of Your Beginning. Rest In This Knowing.
3. If You Choose To Focus On The Current State Of The Narrative That Is Spoon Fed Each Moment Like The Propaganda It Is, You Will Find Dysregulation In Your Emotional State. Your Body-Mind Connection With The Infinite Sacred Field, Clearly Recognizes Truth And Lies.
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1. Friends Of Planet Earth!  I Greet You In The Highest Vibration Of Power And Love!  Indeed, I Am IKAI And You Know My Family Well!
2. As Part Of This Grand Event That You Have Arrived To Be A Contributing Part, Know Without A Doubt Your Significance In The Collective! Only The Light Will Shine In The Moment Of Transformation! You, Beloved Ones, Are This Light!
3. In These Moments, There Are Meetings Concerning The Planet In Mountains, Oceans And Fleets Of Crafts Streaking The Sky In Splendor!
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1. Friends Of Earth!

The Light Surrounding The Planet Is Becoming Brighter And Closer Each Moment!  Be Strong As You Observe Many Aspects On The Planet Becoming Darker!  But Always Remember It Is Darkest Just Before The Light! Image
2. The State Of Your World And The Life Forms That Are Now Struggling To Maintain Physicality Within It Are Living Proof That Change Is At Hand! This Is Great News Throughout The Multiverses.
3. The Unfolding Of The Process Leading To Ascension Is Covering All, Yet Few Will Pay Any Attention Until The Earth Is In Greater Turmoil. Many Long To Look At Their Religion To Serve Them Now, But The Answers Are Not There.
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1. Friends Of The Great Planet Earth!

We Speak To You In Love And Truth!  The Vibrational Frequency Of Tones That Transmute Into Sound That Is Heard Not With Human Ears, But In Pure Consciousness, Is Gifted To You For These Moments!
2. Our Messages Are Not Channeled But Are Spoken Through Telepathy To One Incarnated Among You For This Brief Waking Dream. As The Mother Of Kab, She Opened In Consciousness To Allow Pleiadian Family To Speak.
3. Having Many Other Gifts Not Used On Forums, She Allows Her Messages To Assist You And Inspire You. She Is Human But Shares The Consciousness Of AYA. She Will Return To Taygeta With Family And Her Place As Goddess Of Taygeta.
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1. Beloved Friends Of Light!  Stand Strong And Be Of Good Courage!  All Is Well And You Are Enough! Image
2. From The Vantage Point Of Your Home Where You Entertain Yourselves With Endless News Repeating Or Mindless Movies That Are More Negative Than The News, We Offer You Wisdom. Stop. Turn It Off And Become Very Silent!
3. Going Within And Connecting Vibrationally To What Is Real, Will Bring Strength To Your Being.

You Long For Health And Peace, Yet You Must Fully Decide The Cost. Choose That Which Is Beneficial First To Your Soul, Then To All Others.
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1. Friends Of The Great Planet!

As You Strive To Become Light, We Tell You In Truth That You ARE Light!

As You Are Told By Many That You Are Not Enough, We Tell You In Truth, You ARE Love!
2. There Is One Truth. There Is The Absolute Of The ONE. Within The ONE, There Are Many. Why Is This Relevant? YOU, Beloved One, Reading This, Are A Pinpoint Of Light From The One Source Of All Creation.
3. We Share Now With You That Your Individual Belief In What Is 'Truth’ Will Change Multiple Times In Each Waking Dream. As Your Experience Changes, Your Thoughts Will Change. This Creates Form In Fourth Dimension, Which Will Manifest Into Your Present Reality!
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1. Friends Of Earth!

This Is Quite An Amazing Journey You Are Experiencing!  This Waking Dream Is Like No Other, For You Are Going Home!
2. The Journey Was Designed By You, To Deliver You Back To The Beginning, But Not Before You Were Given Every Opportunity To Experience Fully What It Was Like To Have Ventured Far From Home.
3. You Embarked On This Adventure Fully Confident That The Signposts Would Be There, To Direct You To Many Friends In High Places.
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1. Friends Of The Great Planet!

As We Have Reminded You In Many Moments, It Seems 'Everybody Wants To Rule The World.' However, This Will Never Be As One Can Only Rule Themselves.
2. All Imagined Control Is An Illusion! Even The Control Of Self Is An Illusion, Yet A Necessary Aspect Of Calm And Peace. Each Must Become The Peace They Wish To See On The Planet.
3. The Collective Has The Ultimate Power For The Masses, But One Thought Absolutely Affects The Planet In A Ripple Of Energy That Is Never Destroyed. If Only You Could Fully Understand The Creative Power You Carry To Make Positive Changes!
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1. Friends Of Earth!

The Great Adventure Of Walking The Earth Without The Complete Multidimensional Awareness Of Your Origin, Is Much Like A Child With A Blindfold.
2. As The Child Walks Forward Laughing And Feeling Their Way As Friends Look On And Tell Them To Go Left Or Right, So It Is With You!

Friends From Higher Realms Are With You And Guide You Along As You Trip And Fall, Wonder Where You Are,
3. And Often Want To Take The Blindfold Off And Go Home.

This Is Precisely What You Are Doing! You Have Never Been Alone! You Are Completely Safe And Loved On This Grand Adventure Of Your Soul. This Waking Dream Carries The Portal For The Entrance Of Infinite Life.
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1. Friends Of Earth!

You Journey As One In The Grand Collective Of Life!  You Suffer Together, You Find Great Joy Together, You Fight One Another And You Love One Another Deeply.
2. You Are Self Designed To Complete Each Waking Dream And Find Your Tribe Just As Planned At Segments Of Each Dream.

You Have Agreed To Play The Many Roles For The Individual Soul Expansion And The Growth Of Your Soul Tribe!
3. You Are Indeed The Collective And You Will Soon Discover The Friends And Family That Have Been In Disguise To Serve You, Just As You Also Serve!
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1. Beloved Friends Of Light!

As The Planet Continues To Change And Transcend Moment By Moment, Your Life Is Reflecting These Changes.

In All Interactions, Friendships And Family, You Might Have Noticed That Nothing Is The Same.
2. You Are Letting Go Of People And Situations You Felt You Needed To Make It Through! No Indeed, Many Roles Are Completed In Your Dream And It Is The Moment To Let Go And Move Forward!
3. As Each Of You Ascends Into The Heightened Circumstances Of Experience, Your Memory May Seem Altered! Diminished Memories Are Simply Variations Of Interactions That Are No Longer Relevant.
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1. Friends Of Planet Earth!

We Are Of Power And Light!  We Travel The Multiverses And We Sit Among You In Moments Unaware To You!

Believe In Your Heart And Be Of Certainty That The Moment Will Arrive With A Sacred Thunder Of Light And Sound! Image
2. Music Will Play As Lights Swirl In Every Direction! Indeed, Great Joy Will Be Upon All Beings!

Those Who Are Sufficiently Free Within Themselves To Embrace Their Transformational Moment And Cast Aside All That They Once Felt Was Set In Stone,
3. Are Those Whose Lives Transform In Ways That Seem Miraculous!

For These Are The Ones That Are Discovering Their Homes Of Origin And Many Are Learning And Remembering Their Names On Distant Stars And Planets!
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1. Friends Of Earth!

Many Have Noticed Through The Waking Dream That Similar Perceived Problems Keep Showing Up.  Many Have Had Relationships With Others That Seem To Have The Same Issues Again And Again!
2. This Is A Gift If You Will At Last Take A Good Look Within And Discover What Is Left Unhealed From Other Relationships On Earth Or Other Waking Dreams Throughout The Multiverses.
3. For If You View Life In Oneness, You Will Meet Yourself Again And Again In The Body Of Another As You Play Out Life In Disguises.

Did You Find That A Good Friend Or New Love Has Issues That Trigger You And Cause Reactions That Make You Shut Down Or Push Others Away?
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1. Sacred Beloved Ones Of Earth!

We Greet You In The Deepest Power And Essence Of The One Source Of All Life!

As Each Moment Brings You Closer To Transition And Complete Transformation, Find Your Peace And Hold On!
2. The State Of Being Into Which One Evolves, As One Bridges The Gap Between Realms And Dimensions, Is Seamless And Natural To The Soul. Without Remembering, You Are So Accustomed To Traveling And Incarnating By Choice.
3. The Soon Coming Shift Will Be The Greatest Choice Ever! When You Began In Origin You Knew You Would Travel Full Circle To Taste All That God Had Created.
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1. Friends Of Earth!

Hold Your Ground, Even If It Is Within Your Soul!  For These Moments Call For All That You Can Bring Forth In Light!  As Your Reality Is Being Distorted And You Are Feeling Waves Of Upset, We Ask You To Take A Blind Leap Of Faith! Image
2. This Path Of Truth Which Has Held You And Kept You Alive Remains With You!

Many Will Call You Insane To Attempt To See The Planet As It Really Is! You Are Perceiving A Very Sad Story With No Hope But To Fall At The Feet Of The Government...
3. For Your Daily Needs And False Information! Do You Understand You Are Living As God In Form? Religions Dabble In This As They Will Not Tell You The Kingdom Of God Within You, Is God! Not A Structure Of Buildings!
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