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Oh yeah, it’s about to get REAL up in this bitch. Did Q point to trust as in, they were necessary parts of a predictable plan but were never pro-Trump? Does that mean Sessions, Wray, Pompeo, Horowitz & Huber are all blockades? #ProjectLookingGlass!…
i.e. #TrustThePlan and the plan required these guys to do their part as #DeepState sleepers meant to be exposed one day and remove the blockades for D5. 😬 I think this is it!
I think the “ready to serve again” is none other than @GenFlynn. Wow, wouldn’t that be incredible. Q acknowledged #Flynn’s banner change to #GodBlessAmerica. This has to be it. #Wray>#Flynn BOOM!
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There has been tons of proof that #Qanon is fake I am going to give you iron Clad proof that it is a Deep State Psyop read it if you want or stay in denial if you think it does not matter you could not be more wrong. Starting in Nov Q started posting thing things that count be...
be disproved by any decent researcher & by any MSM outlet but it never was. The MSM does a lot of stories on #Qanon but never disproves it which is easy for them which means #Qanon is not a LARP it is a Psyop because the Media's job is is to push propaganda even bad press is
advertising ask anyone in the field. The MSM brings more people to #Qanon than anyone in it & that is by design. How you might ask. By saying it is crazy people who believe our government is run by Deep State Satanic Pedophiles. These are not conspiracies they are facts proven
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I remember ~two years ago, I was digging thru folders on the wikileaks archive and icwatch.
They stuck out originally because I was looking for potential steganographic images as well as the TIMESTAMPs were "new".
When "Project Looking Glass" was mentioned, I recalled Th3j35t3r (a "hacktivist" who rose to fame ~a decade ago) had detailed a "Project Looking Glass" back in 2012.

All of these people who tried to make the claim "it's a device for seeing the future"--Stop it. It's not.
A Looking Glass Server is a thing that has been around for a while.
In fact, if you are an og head, you were there for this stuff. (the "50 days of lulz", j35t3r hitting jihadi sites and dox'ing Anonymous members, the Sabu saga, etc.)…
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Only Truly evil people will ever claim to work with God directly because lying & saying God said something with having proof from God is a mortal sin. The Grifters over at the Fetish site #8Kun took this video & froze it on this image they are trying to
get their brainwashed sheep to not only believe that #Qanon works with @realDonaldTrump but God almighty himself which is kind of funny when you consider they claim they have a time machine. I mean seriously wouldn't the need for that be stupid if you are working with God himself
nothing is off limits to these grifters. Anyone can say whatever they want & some people are really good liars but God has taught us how to know. The site were they drop now & prior are known for Child Porn as well as other things in fact Jim Watkins is known as the Porn King
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By #Seals you mean 1s like… the 1 who started the #ProjectLookingGlass #Psyop the very 1 that the #Qanon grifters claim allows them to see into the future? Psyop feed off Ignorance. They keep you busy to keep people who know something is wrong from actually
finding the real enemies of the people. If you had a serial rapist in your neighborhood all he would need to do is go to a national pedophile registry find a Pedophile close by show it to you, something you likely did not know & organize the community to follow that person day &
night feeding them crumbs about the guy making up stories that can't really be disproved & that would keep them all busy so he could continue his raping unencumbered by any of the people. It is black magic watch what this hand does so you don't see what the other 1 is doing.
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You know why these reason these people don't get arrested for being obviously insane is because they are not they are actors & Writers this is 1 of the who also worked with Isaac Kappy & was killed after him Look at her work it is the exact road that they
#Qanon with their #ProjectLookingGlass a proven hoax proven by the US Government & The US Navy where Bill Wood a Multi convicted pedophile tells a story of a secret Time machine where all the "Drops" are posed on Fetish Sites known as Chans Chan means
little girls as well as 8Kun which means Infinite Little Boys. As with any good grift you have to have both good guys & bad guys. Because it helps feed the grift. If is was not for the MSM most people never would have heard of #Qanon Typically don't even report on these things
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Can anyone verify ???

If these documents are valid, #QueenElizabeth has be. Dethroned.



Certified Declaration Joseph Gregory Hallett is the Mashiach–Christ–Messiah & King of England…
March 31st, 2020 , #PopeFrancis was received certified documents showing #QueenAnneBoylen Royal Lineage in #JosephGregoryHallett Image
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Perhaps this was the plan of the #Qanon Psyop all along we know that Bill Wood the convicted pedophile, fake navy seal that started the #Projectlookingglass psyop was a huge Obama supporter he was their Guy where #Qanon uses @realDonaldTrump its always easier to steal other
peoples supporters than build your own. And since for example Trump can't spend all day disproving ever crazy thing these people say without risking offending his own supporters. #Qanon has literally taken every crazy, disproved conspiracy & wrap them into one big bow & while you
would think this would disprove the whole thing it has not. Why? Because most people online have no idea how to use the Internet. The full scope of their knowledge is how to get on youtube & social media & while they think they know how to use they really only know how to search
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#TheGreatAwakening #ProjectLookingGlass #Area51 #NikolaTesla #JohnGTrump #QAnon
#WWG1WGA #AustinSteinbart #ElonMusk #SpaceX #SpaceForce #QuantumComputing


Q Drop:

Q: Project Looking Glass?
Going forward in order to look back.

The link to the drop said we are an existential threat to the establishment & will be unified 11/11/2018

*Searching Project Looking Glass I came across this blue print of
“Alice’s Room”

*An Alice in Wonderland stuffed rabbit is mounted above the “Project Looking Glass Room”, aka “Alice’s Room”, located at #Area51.
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I’m pretty f*cked up now, I love you guys. One of my closest friends told me yesterday that he said he thinks I need help because I follow #Qanon. It truly boggles my mind, I’ve never been happier or had more purpose in my entire life. Even with full confidence it kinda hurts.
Do you believe this shit? This is what we get for wanting to just be a good person and speaking out against seriously sick people. It makes no sense to me at all
Don’t ever underestimate our collective positive energy. Without you guys I’d probably be incredibly depressed. This is the only community on the planet that understands what were going through. Please never leave & cont. sharing & digging. We are explorers in the new frontier.
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Is .@realDonaldTrump hijacking the media's "fear to insight chaos" assignment? It's as if #POTUS saw this coming (#ProjectLookingGlass) and poised to manipulate the #DeepState agenda unfolding. An agenda put in motion to inflict physical and financial harm in a massive way.
Make no mistake about it, there is a silent war taking place and #WeThePeople are the pawns. They have us seeping with fear, but the chaos hasn't ensued and doesn't seem to be getting the chance. Leaning on the #MSM efforts, #Trump is pragmatically defining necessary order.
I'm an American living in Poland; I get the unique perspective of having my hand on the pulse, but with outside perspective. Whether you accept it or not, decisive actions are being taken that show Americans are drastically ahead of the curve no matter how this all plays out.
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Q Family, please watch these videos about Project Looking Glass. The 2nd link sounds like some from Q team contacted this guy back before POTUS was even running.

#Qanon #ProjectLookingGlass #FutureProvesPast
Great thread by @L73622843

Info on the corona virus outbreak in the United States leads back to Nikola Tesla, Trump and time travel

#Qanon #ProjectLookingGlass #FutureProvesPast #Coronavirus #Covid19…
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Albert Pike contemporary and neighbor of Brigham Young. Hopkinton, MA next door to Framingham.

I'll tie it together later.

Young knocked off Joe Smith, then used Mormons as his slaves in a Gov't partnership to conquer/settle the West. Mormon Battalion.…
Pike buried at House of the Temple in DC.

Don't forget Masons have Holy of Holies in Lodges, as do LDS Temples. Built in likeness of Solomon's Temple, which Jews aim to rebuild (3rd Temple) in Jerusalem.
Saturn Temple same same.

You keepin up here? 😎…
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1/ THREAD: w/ @kitty_astra What happens when you have mass consciousness viewing a single focal point of reality, what does that do to the creation of reality?
Do "elites" have access to technology that is not privy to the regular person #ProjectLookingGlass #YellowCube
2/ Was there a problem in 2012 when timelines converged within that point in time?
How does string theory work?
How does the possibilities of possibilities work?
What is Multiverse theory?
What is Quantum Entanglement? (Cat Dead/Alive)
Mandela Effect?
3/ Is #ProjectLookingGlass creating the reality we see within the present/future moment or does mass consciousness feed #ProjectLookingGlass for the projection of the future through the 👁 of Collective Consciousness using the Television?
Future Prove Past? #TheGreatAwakening
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@realDonaldTrump President Trump is acquitted. Now is our turn to vote [them] out of the House and Senate.
#POTUS have been accused of everything [they] are guilty of.
It's time to move on Demo🐀🐀🐀🐀 but, straight to GITMO.
@realDonaldTrump The best speech ever in History at the #SOTU20 The President of the United States has done more for the Country and for the American people than many presidents together.
Thank you Mr. President. @realDonaldTrump

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👀How did I miss this?

'Welcome to Donald Trump's world: up is down, lies are the truth, allies are enemies, everything is through the looking glass,' Biden told a crowd gathered in a school gym in a Des Moines suburb.…


Explainer: Through the Brexit looking glass - What changes and what stays the same?…

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A continuation from the previous Looking Glass video with Ivanka in Paris.

This time further beyond.

"It's Time"

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Delaware river is in New Jersey. Today #POTUS rally is in New Jersey. George Washington cross the Delaware River to bit the the Hessian forces in Trenton, New Jersey, on the morning of December 26. Planned in partial secrecy.

Delaware Drainage Basin…
Q !!
Jan 28 2020 14:46:22 (EST) NEW…
Anons found the subtle hint dropped in the beginning.
Think Durham start.
Think 'Q' start.
You have more than you know.
Remember last time, I said Durham Co. made the boats GW used to cross the D river?
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Thread: I’m not going to lie to you, growing up (born 90) last generation where internet wasn’t fully developed, kids played outside, life “seemed” good, great family life, schooling taught stuff, sun was shining. However then hacking came along, not just computers but reality
Society was As$ backwards.. so many questions going on in ones head during the most malleable time.. The TV pushed an image, remember? The American Dream on TV; you’ll be wealthy, loving family, white picket fence, dog.. ya know? Freedom? It wasn’t until I got into security..
You need a permit to fish, can’t collect rain water, tracked as soon as you are born given an itentity & pushed through a system created & barley updated, y? What was [there] agenda? I think we are beginning to see it across the board.. During the #TheGreatAwakening
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Hmm #Kenya you say. Makes you wonder if they’re housing a certain #President’s sealed records 🤔. Ever since #Benghazi I’m starting to think these opposition raids are just #DeepState coverup operations. Big #Obama news incoming!
Depends if you follow #Qanon or not. Q’s been pushing Obama news about to be dropping soon any day now.
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For those of us digging into #ProjectLookingGlass.
Here are a few of my favorite videos. I have to still find the one recently that included the research HRC was able to gain possession of.
Here is video #1.

Forget the MSM news on this guy & be openminded.
Another video with Bill.
This gets into a few other topics, but overall very enlightening.
#ProjectLookingGlass #Camelot #Mandala
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We have the gold , in what form ?

raw earth gold or have we developed nuclear transmutation ?

If so , do we have the mercury ?…
Are Nuclear power plants secretly making #Gold ?

I call it #IndustrialAlchemy , you can call it whatever you like.

Have new technologies also be being hidden from this same process ?

China would most certainly love this ?

Could this be affecting #Gold prices ?

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26.ヒラリーの援助によって守られていたエジソンの実験室で働いていたビシャゴ博士の父親は、実験室でテスラ装置のうちの一つを組み立て、1セント銅貨をその装置の中の'過去’に落としていたという。ヒラリーはなぜこの実験室を守っていたの? 欲しい情報でもあったのかな? #QArmyJapanFlynn
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