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Thread: I’m not going to lie to you, growing up (born 90) last generation where internet wasn’t fully developed, kids played outside, life “seemed” good, great family life, schooling taught stuff, sun was shining. However then hacking came along, not just computers but reality
Society was As$ backwards.. so many questions going on in ones head during the most malleable time.. The TV pushed an image, remember? The American Dream on TV; you’ll be wealthy, loving family, white picket fence, dog.. ya know? Freedom? It wasn’t until I got into security..
You need a permit to fish, can’t collect rain water, tracked as soon as you are born given an itentity & pushed through a system created & barley updated, y? What was [there] agenda? I think we are beginning to see it across the board.. During the #TheGreatAwakening
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Hmm #Kenya you say. Makes you wonder if they’re housing a certain #President’s sealed records 🤔. Ever since #Benghazi I’m starting to think these opposition raids are just #DeepState coverup operations. Big #Obama news incoming!
Depends if you follow #Qanon or not. Q’s been pushing Obama news about to be dropping soon any day now.
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For those of us digging into #ProjectLookingGlass.
Here are a few of my favorite videos. I have to still find the one recently that included the research HRC was able to gain possession of.
Here is video #1.

Forget the MSM news on this guy & be openminded.
Another video with Bill.
This gets into a few other topics, but overall very enlightening.
#ProjectLookingGlass #Camelot #Mandala
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We have the gold , in what form ?

raw earth gold or have we developed nuclear transmutation ?

If so , do we have the mercury ?…
Are Nuclear power plants secretly making #Gold ?

I call it #IndustrialAlchemy , you can call it whatever you like.

Have new technologies also be being hidden from this same process ?

China would most certainly love this ?

Could this be affecting #Gold prices ?

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The upcoming Nolan film, TENET () focuses on the concept of time travel and is, in reality, about #ProjectLookingGlass

Any guess on the release date?

#QAnon #QArmy #DigitalSoldiers ⬇️
Ya that's right, 7/17/2020
But they just have it as 7.17.20
7+1+7+2 = 17

"Time runs out."

Here is some info & speculation on #ProjectLookingGlass:…
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26.ヒラリーの援助によって守られていたエジソンの実験室で働いていたビシャゴ博士の父親は、実験室でテスラ装置のうちの一つを組み立て、1セント銅貨をその装置の中の'過去’に落としていたという。ヒラリーはなぜこの実験室を守っていたの? 欲しい情報でもあったのかな? #QArmyJapanFlynn
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#Patriots and #Anons don't forget we are watching a movie. Everything that is happening was programmed before #QPosts. Today, the criminals, are ONLY obeying orders from #MilitaryTribunals. [They] are reciting a script to show their corruption to the world. Enjoy the show‼️ 🍿🎉
Hillary Clinton Covered Up Pedophile Ring Inside US State Department
26 Jul 2019 - 2:57:28 PM
Do you remember?
We do.

@realDonaldTrump FISAGATE: Enjoy the Show!
23 May 2019 - 10:25:37 PM
What makes a good movie❓
Good actors‼️
Enjoy the show, VIP Patriot!
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The #Thread I’m making now is shaping up to have some mindblowing implications regarding #ThePlan @realDonaldTrump #IGReport #Durham #Qanon #ProjectLookingGlass and the TRUE MEANING of #TheGreatAwakening. I want to make sure I do this one right. Theory & Scope later tonight
Update: I’ve been researching for the past 24 hours on this particular subject. NEXT LEVEL stuff. It’s coming. Stay tuned
48 hours in, be prepared guys. It’s coming.
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New #IGReport #Thread on the results and it’s impact to #ThePlan as I sift through the info. 17 errors of omission is a huge clue. TRUST #Horowitz & #ThePlan. Think layers to be revealed. This establishes that they used the #SteeleDossier and clear abuse to launch the #FISA’s
#TrustThePlan #TrustHorowitz 17 significant errors! YOU ARE WATCHING A MOVIE #EnjoyTheShow #Qanon
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#Qanon post #310 also about #Pensacola speech about the military! There was a shooting at a military base in Pensacola this weekend almost two years to the day. News unlocks the map. We need to read these crumbs to show what’s coming #ProjectLookingGlass?!
😳 #Qanon in post 316 calls out @realDonaldTrump’s speech at #Pensacola. Listen to his speech. Thank you for your SACRIFICE. Can they see two years ahead via #ProjectLookingGlass? #MartialLaw on the 11th to be the #Redpill that leads to #TheGreatAwakening?
Since Q called out the time stamp on this post, it is also possible that Marshall Law could be instituted on 12/31 of this year. Anons, what do you think is the significance of the time stamps?
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The struggle we are witnessing between .@realDonaldTrump administration against the Deep State is part of a temporal war involving diff. extraterrestrial & human groups from the future intending to either protect/alter timelines that prevent future galactic tyranny
The #QAnon movement has major implications for preserving the US Republic & exposing the Deep State, many may not appreciate our movement’s far greater significance for humanity’s future and the #Galaxy.
Expand your thinking .....
The best physical evidence that our timeline is being altered is the #TheMandelaEffect.This new movie was released 12/6/19 but no showtimes have been assigned. A man becomes obsessed with a phenomenon where facts/events have been collectively misremembered by thousands of people.
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1 Qにはたまに…というか、たくさん謎の’ワード’が存在します(できるだけ注釈をつけるようにしています)。例えば何度も出てくる ‘Alice’ は'ヒラリー’の意味ですがArtificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity (人工言語インターネットコンピュータエンティティ)の意味もあると推測されています
2 この’chair’というワードにも、いくつかの意味があるのではないかと考えられます。一つはバチカン・聖ペテロの椅子(=’象徴’)として、もう一つにはルッキンググラス・テクノロジーの’遠視装置’として、’chair’にはダブルミーニング以上の可能性があります。
3 ルッキンググラス・テクノロジーは 未来を遠視する技術。100年どころか1000年単位で人類が待ちわびていたテクノロジーだ。1900年初頭から軍産複合体/諜報機関/民間会社などによってその研究が進められてきた。
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1/ Research on Q post 3585

First, Q blends two apparently disparate subjects together, routing to 8kun via DoD server, and Project Looking Glass. You have to dig through that post to dig for the nuggets of truth.
2/ I listened to the TRUReporting vid with Redpill78, thinking "that guy's been debunked", and just listened for entertainment value.

3/ I discounted the Project Camelot vid previously, due to the marginalization of the insider's reputation after that vid was recorded. You must sift through the disinfo, such as the space vehicles, seal team 9, and maybe pedo arrest marginalization, to grab the nugget of truth.
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1) This is my #Qanon thread for November 14, 2019.

Q websites with working links to the research board are hard to find.
Yesterday, this website had them:

This morning, the most recent 8kun domain seems to have gone offline.

My Theme: Follow the Family
2) I have a correction to make regarding my last Q thread. I connected this post about Project Looking Glass to a computer program that renders 3D windows. I didn't know there was a different, perhaps better interpretation and application.
3) There are many websites that have information on the alleged secret government program Project Looking Glass. Because it is a secret program, verifying the information is difficult. I can't independently confirm the information in this thread but it may be worth considering.
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A thread on #ProjectLookingGlass with some of my thoughts on the subject but first, a must watch video from #BobWood regarding #LookingGlass from Jan 2012. If you’re a #QAnon follower you will recognize certain phrases and themes immediately.

I have a good friend that has dug up some great detail and info on #ProjectLookingGlass but I’m going to just focus on what’s in the video

Basically you have a means of predicting the future based on probabilities understanding predictive programming and the persons own biases
The #DeepState had access to the #LookingGlass via control of #MilIntel and were using it to enrich themselves and drive their decisions, campaigns, etc... and clearly it’s been benefiting them greatly
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