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A court in Texas has ruled that a 7year old boy be chemically castrated and transitioned into a girl in accordance to what his mum wants. Against the dad’s wishes.

A 7year old boy.
About to be pumped with female hormones. Good Lord.

America needs prayers.
When I was 7years old, I probably said I wanted to be a tortoise. Lol.

Should my parents have taken me somewhere to get injected with tortoise serum because “he said that’s what he wanted”- even if I was a 7year old.

I think this is quite a scary development in America though.
Nobody allows a 7year old drive a car.
Nobody allows a 7year old smoke.
Nobody allows a 7year old access alcohol. Even if the child wants it.

But same 7year old should be involved in life-changing conversations like Gender and Sexuality?

This is absolute madness on steroids.
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An appeal should be made to a judge in the #ProtectJamesYounger case, that mom be evaluated mentally for borderline & Munchhausen by proxy syndrome. I know of such a case in the 1990s - VERY similar. "Regendering children" is a very old MH symptom, hidden behind politics here.
Since mom of #ProtectJamesYounger is an MD, if this is MBPS (Munchhausen by proxy syndrome), then she would be extremely proficient at hiding her illness. There are hints of this in the father's testimony - his mentions of certain manipulative and/or secret behaviors by mom.
The case I know of (~1998), mom also highly intelligent w/ advanced degrees, was diagnosed as borderline, but then the system "plea bargained" her down to substance abuse (child's Ritalin) in an attempt to keep child with mom, who only lost kids b/c she refused *all* treatments.
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This is the pinnacle on the war against boys and masculinity. Liberal women and their beta enablers are trying to wipe out the male existence. It’s time to start speaking out against this!!! A generation ago this would have never been allowed to happen #ProtectJamesYounger
It’s never been about tolerance. It’s been about replacement. Once the mainstream showed the Christian values of tolerance and acceptance this sort of perverse and immoral behavior got oxygen to metastasize.
Transitioning a seven year old boy is immoral and child abuse.

The cancer is spreading. We must bring moral balance back.

We cannot allow science, morality and common sense to be overrun by this demonic corruption
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I can't get over this case in Texas. A mother decided that her 7 year old boy is really a girl because he liked the movie Frozen. The husband insisted that he's a boy. Courts got involved. Jury just ruled that, yes, the boy is a girl and he will now be "transitioned" into one.
I don't think people realize just how monumental this case is. We've just crossed a threshold as a society. There's no going back. These are very dark times. Most of all for that poor boy, whose mother is a despicable monster.
Oh and icing on the cake: the demented lunatic of a "mother" isn't actually the mother. The child was conceived with donor eggs. She's not even biologically related to the kid.
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