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1) Today when I went to, it said that I had lost 89 followers today alone which seemed suspicious being that it's only 11 am.

The graph below shows every time I get a surge in followers, I also get a surge in unfollowers.
2) So I went to check out who all had unfollowed me & noticed 1 of my new unfollowers was someone I know in real life. I texted him to ask him if he had unfollowed me on purpose. Surprise, surprise! Nope..

So the question remains - is Twitter messing with followers/unfollowings?
3) Then I take you to this post from 3/26/19 - "How does 1 lose 237 followers in 1 day when I've been suspended today until about 2 hours ago?"
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So, about a year ago I was thinking, what's going on, it's been a year and no new wars? The world didn't end? What's this I'm hearing about North Korea and the CiA? Time to dig.
I found #Qanon, #maga, #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA .
Lots of great #memeammo
Lots of #DeepState #DeepStateCabal going on
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#QFD is still in place. currently just does not recognize it because the symptom we used for detection has been removed.
The reach of accounts that are still affected by #QFD is still decreased. Twitter is still discriminating against conservatives.
Twitter obfuscates their attempt to decrease the reach of the political right by making use of personalized algorithms. In particular, Twitter hides tweets of affected accounts within the "Show more replies" section under relatively straightforward circumstances (if you know it).
In order to make it harder to spot this, Twitter's algorithm for ordering tweets within a conversation differ for logged in and logged out users. When you are viewing a conversation without being logged in, tweets are mainly ordered by interaction (likes, RTs, comments).
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A chronology of events that caused @realDonaldTrump to become aware of shadow banning (#QFD, discrimination against conservatives):
On May 15 Twitter rolled out changes that caused tweets to be hidden within search when the quality filter (QF) was enabled.…
Back then, was the most popular tester for Twitter shadow bans. It used the "from:" search modifier in order to detect affected users. Because the QF was enabled by default, all users affected by #QFD were reportedly banned.
Thus, Twitter whitelisted any search query with the "from:" search modifier to bypass the QF such that the old tester would not report accounts affected by #QFD as shadow banned. The incident was called a "bug" and was ostensibly resolved.

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Great news. My #SearchBan is lifted.
I'll dump some #memeammo here.
#Qanon #QArmy
Welcome Redditfugees #WelcomeRedditfugees
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Many accounts that were affected by the quality filter appear to no longer be hidden by the search filter.

Some people seem to use the unreliable tester at It returns a positive result for any account due to a backend error. (
Someone on… suggests that our tester may be fooled by Twitter. While in principle this might be possible, I have tried to verify this claim by manually testing a few accounts, that were previously affected, but did not find any indications to support it.
Still, we need to be wary about the effects of the change. One important question, that has not been answered yet, is whether accounts that have previously been affected by #QFD can contribute to the ranking of the trends. This is tough to answer because algorithms are opaque.
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1/5 #QFD + 2 Months
General opinion is that the problem was first identified in Germany 2 Months ago when the QFD virus spilled over from right wing extremist groups into the mainstream AFD party and then into other mainstream parties.

In the USA it went public 2 weeks ago . . .
2/5 when the percentage affected jumped from 20% to 95% overnight, this is due to the extinction gene built into the virus which states that if 20% off your followers have QFD, you get QFD as well, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out, that this single part of the . . .
3/5 healthy discussion initiative at Twitter will become its undoing and is now the most important part for them to cover up as part of its damage limitation exercise. Previously 1 in 5 conservative activists had their accounts restricted which still enabled "free speech" . . .
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Twitter's search paging is screwed because of their quality filter. They simply hide posts after paging takes place.
Visit…. Scroll up and down for new results to appear. Then turn the filter off.
Your scrolling effort indicates the degree of censorship. 😂
When you scroll to the bottom, Twitter usually fetches 20 new results. However, it is possible that the backend returns less than 20 posts when the quality filter is enabled. Sometimes scrolling seemingly does not work because all posts are filtered and no result is returned. 😂
It appears that this behavior can be weaponized as follows: Coordinate the spamming of a hashtag or search query by accounts affected by #QFD. If the first page only contains filtered tweets, search results will not show up.

Maybe one can have a little fun with this. 😁
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A thread on how MSM failed to report on shadow bans:
Sputnik News did a better job reporting on the shadow banning issue than most MSM sites. Others simply allowed Twitter to define the term and then used that definition in order to disprove the claims by Twitter's opponents.
Twitter even violates their own definition. They do shadow ban and there is evidence which can be reproduced. Ghost commenting (which we call thread ban) is the very original form of shadow banning. There is no way to not call this type of ban shadow ban.
Let's have a look at how Wikipedia defines shadow ban. There are very good reasons to also call #QFD shadow ban, too. #QFD causes your tweets to be invisible within certain parts of Twitter by default. Making them visible requires you to disable the quite well-hidden filter.
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I have been asked for an English thread about Twitter's shadow banning practice. So here it is. An open source test that recognizes various types of shadow bans is available at
Why the uproar now? Because new ban methods appear to be politically biased.
The most famous ban is the conventional shadow ban. It causes your tweets to only be visible to your followers. In this case, retweets will not have any effect and tweets are hidden to non-followers within threads. Non-followers can only reach your tweets by visiting your /+
profile or directly through URLs. The screenshot below illustrates this ban method. Because @_JoeyMcGuire is affected by this type of ban, his tweets are hidden if you did not browse to their respective URL specifically.

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Dies ist ein Nachfolgethread zum “neuen Shadowban“ (besser: Qualitätsfilterdiskriminierung, QFD). Hier der Link zum Vorgängerthread:

Nachfolgend geht es u.a. darum, wie die QFD halbwegs elegant umgangen werden kann. Das funktioniert gemeinschaftlich am besten. Daher: bitte teilen.
Außerdem hoffe ich, dass wir genügend Druck auf die AfD-BT-Fraktion ausüben können. Auch das klappt gemeinschaftlich am besten, s. unten. Vielleicht kann auf diese Weise der QFD irgendwann der Garaus gemacht werden.
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