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We’re more than a vote
We’re people you see
& Hidin Joe Biden
Ain’t looking for we
While Donald J. Trump
Is literally
In the arena
To meet you & me
1 has a son
Junior who Takes
To beating the drum
That we all are great
The other a son
Beholden to drugs

#MAGA ImageImage
Slimy as scum
& running with thugs
1 is the son
Of a humble strong man
The other the son of a bum
Who runs scams
The fruit & the tree?
The metaphor’s true
An allegory
Regarding these 2
Junior & Hunter
Which 1 is the hunted?
& Which will do wonders? ImageImage
1 took the spouse
Of his dead brother
Moved in their house
& had a side lover
1 has a sister
Saving the children
The other a mother
Whose truly a villain
Subjecting her husband
To Hillary Clinton
1 loves the troops
The other their foes
Durham’s got proof
& Michael Flynn knows ImageImage
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BUCKLE UP! #MAGA 🇺🇸🦅 by Dan.
Time stamp = 17. ImageImage
2. Funny. Yesterday. Something is DEFINITELY HAPPENING 💥
3. Just noting that Dans timestamp is 827. Drop 827. Not sure at this point b4 digging if it really relates & connects but I’m dropping.

“Stanislav Lunev. The BRIDGE. Payback for today.” ImageImage
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2. "REPEATED GAFFES". "Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones".(proverb) @WindsorMann tweeted" There’s nothing that Biden does that Trump doesn’t do worse." rump stumbles, slurs gets confused, easily irritated,has trouble processing information regularly
3. & #MAGA who claim otherwise are lying to themselves & country if they think Biden is worse. For #MAGA #VoteRed make sure you,@FoxNews @OANN tread lightly. There R too many of us who have seen RUMP GAFFES &"NEW WORDS".There are too many to list but here's a taste of them
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Ret. General Mike Flynn: It Is Time To Buckle Down And Stand Up To Fight For Our Way of Life…
5:5 Image
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🇺🇸"You Stood For Us"
🇺🇸"Red, White & Blue
@clouthub Channel 130
#Trump2020 #MAGA…
All my MAGA songs are available
for instant download FREE👇🏼🇺🇸
#MAGA #Trump2020
the video for the song shared
tonight on Channel 130 @clouthub
#LateNightMAGAMusic #Trump2020
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This video from Gary Lamb was RT'd by Trump and these conservatives are hyping it up big time. He credits Tim Pool @Timcast for opening his eyes. I watched the whole thing. And there is not a single bit of substance in the entire video. He claims Trump helped him. How? 1/3
Lamb: "The reason I was doing pretty good last year was Trump because the Democrats never gave me shit." So @Timcast, what exactly did Trump give Gary Lamb? He never says so in the video. Oh, his personal story of overcoming adversity is moving. But nothing else is there. 2/3
This video is the kind of stuff Trump and his #MAGA folks hype up. But dude talked for nearly 10 minutes and didn't say a word about what Trump has actually done to improve his lot in life. Not. One. Thing. 3/3
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It has arrived! Get your Make Halloween Great Again Hoodies and Gear Today! Links in comments! :-) #Trump2020 #Halloween #Trump #MAGA #KAG Image
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@glennkirschner2 @SteveSchmidtSES @JoeBiden @DNCWarRoom @FBI @CIA @USArmy @BaddCompani @maddow

President’s Emergency Powers scope is ALARMING! PLEASE THE ATLANTIC ARTICLE BELOW.
1. rump’s state & national legal teams are already laying the groundwork for postelection maneuvers
2. that would circumvent the results of the vote count in battleground states.Ambiguities in Constitution &EC ACT make it possible to extend dispute 2 Inauguration Day. 19 yrs ago, counterterrorism analysts warned of a coming attack by al Qaeda, but could only guess at a date.
3. if election analysts are right, we know trouble is coming. Between election day to the next president’s swearing-in(called The Interregnum). rump may win or lose, but he will never concede,under any circumstance.
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1. News: President #Trump Says His Nominee Is Needed on Supreme Court:

“I think this SCAM that the Democrats are Pulling!
This Scam Will be Before the United States Supreme Court” -Thread 9.24.2020… #MAGA #KAG #FillThatSeat
2. News: BREAKING: Biden Caught Again with Teleprompter:


How is this allowed to proceed?… #Biden #EnemyofThePeople #Election2020
3. News: News: VIDEO Captures Louisville BLM Cop Shooter —

He Was Using Protesters as Human Shields!

Slow-mo video of shooter who shot 2 officers.
— PHOTOS and VIDEO… #Shooter #shooting #BackTheBlue #Terrorist
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Let's find out why #POTUS left the news conference today. 9/23/20
The video lasts 17:00 = CUE
#POTUS announces his leaving at 16:13
"I have to leave for an emergency phone call"
At 16:32 he said, " I have a big call a very big call"

JG of "I have to leave for an emergency phone call" = 2563
#POTUS is telling us he has "POWER OVER THE MATRIX"
Now he runs the world, controls the money, the politics, and every facet of life!
The 1% who used to control everything are death!
You are watching a movie!
Def of heap ImageImageImageImage
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September 23, 2020
"American Road"
@clouthub #Trump2020…
🎶Download all my
🇺🇸MAGA tunes free here
#Trump2020 #MAGA
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By GM65 - 2020-09-23 20:09
China Virus Cover-up: Dr. Li-Meng Yan discusses how the Chinese communist regime covered up the origins of the deadly China Virus. #MAGA #AmericaFirst #Dobbs



感谢邀请我.是的,它是以一种中共军方发现并拥有的自然蝙蝠病毒为基础制造出来的病毒,他们称之为“ZC45” and “ZXC21”,这是一种无害的蝙蝠病毒
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Here's the part in today's DOJ Section 230 proposed changes, changes to the law, that #MAGA #Patriots should be very, very, very happy about.

Get it to a floor, either floor YESTERDAY!

What this means is that a Social Media company MUST treat EVERYONE fairly & must clearly & specifically ("with particularity") outline their Terms of Service so EVERYONE knows what is & isn't acceptable ... and these terms must be consistently & objectively applied.

If they don't, they are breaking the law & can be sued.

This is INCREDIBLE news.

Let's get this legislation voted-on, signed into law, and operating!



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1/Not the best example but hey I work with what Media hacks give me

The same media who told you for 2.6 Muller was gonna get Trump. Turned out to be WRONG.

And someone like me who posted proof Muller could not & would not find Collusion. Was blocked and banned

Follow me here
2/ This is not ABOUT being right or wrong or ego. Its about the commonsense we have been stripped of.

The reply Adam makes to being Questioned. Is him telling you WHAT to think. And he does what all these media people do. They target the person who questioned them.
3/ Sadly most #MAGA think only the left tells there people what to think. Thats so false, that its insane more of us can not see our media doing it to us as well

The Rightwing media told us Muller was protecting the deep state , would get Trump
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1. News: OUT TODAY: Report w/ @chuckgrassley found MILLIONS of dollars in questionable financial transactions between Hunter Biden & associates & foreign individuals, including wife of former mayor of Moscow -Thread 9.23.2020… #Biden #TickTock
2. News: President Trump at UN: More ‘Great’ Peace Deals With Israel ‘Shortly’…
3. News: Report: William Barr Receiving Catholic Award Angers Some Who Oppose DOJ Renewing Death Penalty for Child Murderers…
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#MAGA did u know that the ACA=Obamacare? Medicaid, prescrip meds,preexisting conditions,kids covered till 26, ALL prevent screenings, Medicare Part D, lifetime limits (like for Cancer treatment) ALL protected under ACA & THIS is what Trump & DOJ are doing…
#MAGA PEEPS, this will effect you, no matter what he says, see what he's doing! Look at the SCOTUS docket, Nov 10
If it's a tie, the lower court's decision stands & if he gets a Supreme Court pick but loses the election the very same thing's going to happen, along with ur rights!
Voting rights, ur right to have a Union at ur jobs, equal rights for women, equal rights for everyone, every benefit we have bc people marched&died for us are at risk. Ur vote matters too,u should pick the next president,then that presid should pick the next Justice. Get loud!
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Tuesday September 22, 2020
Nightly on Channel 130
#Trump2020 #Maga…
Download all my MAGA tunes
here for free 👇🏼🇺🇸👇🏼
#Trump2020 #MAGA
#Trump2020 #MAGA
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This is Melania, America's popular and glamorous catholic First Lady.
Melania speaks five languages and used to be a model. She loves our troops.
And they love her. She's the honorary Colonel of many regiments.
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Great Historic Org that:
Destroyed Slavery
Preserved the Union
Restored Credit
Expanded the Nat'l Domain
Est a sound Financial System
Dev'd the IND & Resources of🇺🇸
Gave the Nation her seat of honor in the councils of the World…
Contract with America
3 Core Principles

10-Point Plan's Theme:

Decentralize Federal Authority
Tax Cuts
Reform Social Programs ⬆States Power
A Vision for Americans —
Border Security
Tax Cuts
National Security
Ending Foreign Wars
*(against constant litigation)
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Thread by @3days3nights: 1. Proof of Submission to Trump Relax. Trump already won. He forced the globe to submit to #MAGA under fear of DECLAing you are witnessing now is the dead cat bounce of Satanic Socialists. And it will wake up BILLIONS. Here’s pro……
I want to believe every word ..
Do I have questions?? Fuck yeah
I don’t understand our domestic situation
But the Ace Up The Sleeve was always declass ...
I wanna believe ..
I suggest going to the thread by @3days3nights look into the comments
Some of this makes perfect sense however i cannot reconcile that with the mail in voter fraud set to come
Maybe Q does know
Maybe McCain was executed I mean John Kasich said on live TV MCCain was put to death
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Alright, time to do this burn book style. I'm tired of so many people being fucking wank-stains and having to bite my tongue. Enough is enough. Plus, I'm fresh out of fucks to give.
First, MOTHERFUCK that orange muskrat-coiffed circus shitpeanut in the White House, Mr. fake tough guy, candyass vain bitch @realDonaldTrump

Want to #MAGA? Do the world a favor and start licking COVID masks like you do Ivanka's undies, you mushroom-dicked rapist loser.
Motherfucking FUCK YOU TOO @senatemajldr

Your gee shucks hillbilly turtle horseshit fools nobody, you demonic cocklizard. I hope China invades us, kidnaps you, and force-feeds you the House bills sitting on your desk one page at a time until you fucking choke.
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What if a strategic #Plandemic
was man made & then unleashed
to tank an economy in order to take
out an outsider named
@realDonaldTrump who is not
controlled by this establishment?
To create death, misery & resentment amongst #WeThePeople hoping we would
rise up, blame him and...
return power to the very evil that concocted this genocide upon the world's people? A plan which ran up early mass hysteria death counts by killing off the elderly in nursing homes...not to mention hiding a cost effective remedy to save lives.
Those in the #FakeNewsMedia would be complicit in this plan,
creating fear & cover to truths that could derail this plan. To extend & establish a new normal in which they could steal an Election w/last minute #MailInBallots & continued counting by which they could steal
a win...
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1.) @TuckerCarlson I’m adding my thoughts to your question to @IngrahamAngle about why the Democ🐀’s are so focused on abortion... Image
2.)📢Because they’re in bed with Big P & the rest of the GL🦠BAL HEALTHCARE CAB🦠L📢
ALL for POWER & 💰... Because there’s A LOT of 💰 to be made off of the corrupt pharmaceutical industry as well as from the sadistic philanthropists who fund them.
3.) They’re not only making a HUGE financial profit, but they’ve also been slowly sneaking in their “population control agenda” a.k.a “GREEN NEW DEAL” by means of the pharmaceutical industry!
AND they’ve been doing it for DECADES!
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