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Democrat cheer caravans of foreigners invading the US. It means more votes. Republicans cheer foreign goods invading the US. It means more donations from their global corporate masters. Both parties are looking after foreign interests. Not you. Only Trump is looking after you.
This is why both parties want the chief impediment to globalism - Trump - removed from office. Indeed, blocking his path to the WH was always their chief goal. Even after he won (faithless electors, recounts, Russian "collusion", Twitter petitions targeting the Chief Justice).
Whether it's demographic treason (Dems cheering illegal aliens) or economic treason (GOP cheering mass invasion of foreign goods), the results are the same. The average American gets screwed. Bigly.
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1. Look, some people are still confused about how stunning Nunes' revelation was in his interview with Bartiromo (who picked it up immediately).
2. If you don't mind, let me simplify what happened. THIS is what Obama & Clinton wanted to avoid when framing Trump - evaluation of their BS story via official FBI & DOJ protocols :…
3. The reasons are simple. First, they knew 'Trump-Russia' was a total LIE. Second, the internal evaluation process would have killed the sorry, for the nonsense it was.

They were certain Clinton would win, but even so, it was too much of a risk to run it thru official channels.
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1) Questions I've got about how the #OperationMockingbird #FakeNews #MSM started to lie to us in the context of Q "As The World Turns"

A] Who is Agnes Nixon, writer for ATWT?
B] Who is Irna Phillips, creator of ATWT?
C] What is CBS role in ATWT & other Soap Operas?

D] What is the role of Proctor & Gamble, Sponsor of ATWT?
E] Did Proctor & Gamble start the Corporate subversion of Mass Communications?
F] Is Proctor & Gamble a CIA/NWO infiltrated Corporation?
G] Is the Luceferian Cult involved in ATWT?

H] Has Television always been compromised?
I] Was Television implemented as part of the Subversion effort by NWO
J] Were Soap Operas the first programming mediums of the American Family?
K] Was Television the first use of MKUltra victims to brainwash?
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The Muslim Brotherhood - a thread for folks just learning about the MB. MSM wants you to believe that the MB is just a benevolent association.…
The founder of the MB was an individual know as Hassan al-Banna. Of course Wikipedia has an article (highly edited, of course) about him. In reading the article, note how Hassan specifically talks about "peaceful Jihad"…
Of course the word Taqiyya (or Taqqiya) is never mentioned in the Wikipedia article, but Islamic thought has examined the concept pretty thoroughly.…
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#QAlert 4/22/18 This will be my THREAD for all #QanonPosts for Sunday, April 22, 2018. Civilization Jihadist, Salon article Michelle Bachmann "Witch Hunt", MB Connections and More! Check back for updates! Let's Go!
@POTUS #MAGA #QAnon #KAG #WitchHunt #Treason #WWG1WGA #redpilled
#QAlert 4/22/18 Post 1235…
Good article.
Don’t forget about Huma.
America for sale.
No name.
Inside out destruction.
HUMA & Hussein.
Who paid?
SA [vital].
#QAlert 4/22/18 Post 1236…
OHHHHH!! This is one of the reasons why POTUS keeps bringing up witch hunt! Link to 16 page letter by Bachman regarding the infiltration of MB in US GOV…
@POTUS #MAGA #QAnon #KAG #WitchHunt #Treason #WWG1WGA
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#QAlert 4/21/2018 Deeper we Go. This will be my THREAD for Saturday, April 21, 2018. OPEN thread for UPDATES. @wikileaks Podesta Emails, Maggie Haberman/HRC, Think Sessions, Clinton Foundation conflict of interest & more!
@POTUS #MAGA #Podesta #PedoGate #QAnon #Q #GreatAwakening
#QAlert Post 1217 Q points the Anons to look into Wikileaks PEDOesta Emails. Points to Maggie Habberman, POTUS CONFIRMS.…

@POTUS #MAGA #Podesta #PedoGate #QAnon #Q #GreatAwakening
#QAlert Post 1218 Anon Posts about Maggie Haberman of Politico.
Q Responds:

“These stories will only matter/hurt us if we keep pushing hard and get too much chatter out there.”
Push FAKE NEWS [4am] - MSM PRE BAD news [THEM].
@POTUS #MAGA #Podesta #PedoGate #QAnon #Q
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Believe it folks... just a scam by companies to use cheap labor. I was an executive of a small company that did this. Easy. You make the requirments for a job so precise that it precludes almost everyone & then you find someone you can sponsor and pay 50% less to fill the job...
I did not like it when I did it. I did not want to do it but I was put in a postion I did not have a choice. I am not blaming the participants .. it is not their fault .. it is the CEOs that have no integrity or care about America. All they care about is money. Greed ...
and corruption of those in our government that you think are protecting you. WTFU .. all they care about is themselves. They sold us out folks. It is that simple .. America was sold out! #MAGA 🤔🙄🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
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Thread: Rudy to the Rescue?

1. Why did @POTUS add Rudy Guiliani to his team? I don’t subscribe to the conventional wisdom (speculation?) about the reason. Let me explain.
2. The conventional wisdom in the legacy media is that @POTUS tapped Guiliani because of his long relationship with Mueller in hopes that a deal can be concluded to wrap up the special counsel investigation.…
3. This would make some sense on the surface in that it is said that Guiliani and Mueller know each other fairly well from past relationships in the Justice Department.
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1 / This CAN'T be a coincidence.

Remember the Secret Service agent's laptop w/HRC email stuff on it that got stolen in NYC? That's been nagging at me the last couple of days. So I decide to check what ELSE was going on around that time.

You won't believe what I found.

2 / March 17, 2017 -> House Intel calls for a hearing into "Russian collusion" for March 20th.… That day is the 1st day then-FBI Director Comey confirms publicly that they are looking into it.…

ALSO on March 17, 2017? (cont--) #MAGA
3 / March 17, 2017 (a Mon) It's made public that A Secret Service agent's laptop with "details on the criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server and other national security information" had been stolen on Fri the 14th. #MAGA…
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The REAL REASON for the Holocaust HOAX - Thread
Hold on to your hats people, because I am about to drop a bomb shell that most people don’t want to witness going off. First, thank your lucky stars that there are still independent thinkers out here that are willing to tell it like it is because I don’t drink the poisoned water
of apathy and still have the ability to think critically on my own without allowing outside influences and erroneous bullshit sources to cloud my thinking; or to muddy the water.
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1. An important tweet, that could herald the end for Mueller's SC. No wonder the Obama/Clinton MSM slaves are desperately trying to argue Comey's memos weren't classified. As is Comey, himself.
2. Forget the noise and just look at the FACTS.

Reminder : there are three levels of classification under US law: Top Secret / SCI, Secret & Confidential.
3. Top Secret 'shall be applied to information, the unauthorized disclosure of which reasonably could be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to the national security that the original classification authority is able to identify or describe.' (EO 13526).
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New Q Friday 💥
Apr 20 2018 22:37:22 (EST) Anonymous ID: 3d9fc3 1124637 NEW

Is @Snowden talking about us?

Apr 20 2018 22:48:30 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 35d50c 1124872 NEW
The world is watching.
#WeHAVEEVERYTHING #QAnon #MAGA #Qanon8chan #QanonPosts
Remember this?? Q Related Friday!💥🐸🐰

#Q #WeHAVEEVERYTHING #QAnon #MAGA #Qanon8chan #QanonPosts #GreatAwakening #TrustThePlan
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(1) DOJ press release & court filing about Allison Mack, Keith Raniere, and their obvious pyramid scheme based on serious sexual and psychological abuse of adult women & underage girls. Kudos to the FBI & all LE agencies involved. Pray for the victims.…
(2) All civilized people are against sexual, psychological, physical and financial abuse but this is an extreme case. Cults are very damaging. When they involve sexual/psychological abuse they are far worse. Clear crimes were committed here & there will prob be more defendants.
(3) Any adult can become victimized by a scam. Yes, even mature, educated, intelligent people. Because the scammers know how to manipulate... spirituality, sex & the threat of public humiliation are extremely powerful tools.
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1. Oh man. The genius of Trump's tweets.

A few.minutes ago, Trump posted the tweeted below, but he referenced 'Wendy Wasserman Schultz Servers.'

IMO he did that DELIBERATELY. Why? He wants everyone to focus on it.
2. He then waited and reposted exactly the same tweet, with DWS real name.

Spelling error? DJT mixing up 'Wendy' and 'Debbie' ? Drumpf the buffoon?

You can believe that if you want. Not me.

Not a chance.

See, I have NEVER heard of DWS having her own servers.
3. Some astute observers are saying he meant the Congressional servers. But if so, he could have just used 'Congressional' in his tweet, right?

Easier than 'Debbie Wasserman Shultz', right?

Or 'Wendy' Wasserman Schultz', for that matter.
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#QAlert 4/20/18 This will be my THREAD for #Q posts for Friday, April 20, 2018. SR June JA, They fall for it every single time, TRUMP card coming, Palm tree and more! Check back for updates. Let's go!
@POTUS #QAnon #MAGA #TrumpCard #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening #SethRich #FreeAssange
#QAlert 4/20/18 Post 1199 Looks like we will have answers on Seth Rich in June via Assange. Linked to DNC lawsuit. Insane.

Answer Q re: SR.
SR June JA.
@POTUS #QAnon #MAGA #TrumpCard #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening #SethRich #FreeAssange
#QAlert 4/20/18 Post 1200 Anon replys "Bait" Another says, "Amazing. They are literally opening the door for you to drop all the info..."

Q Responds:
They fall for it every single time.
How do you ‘legally’ …….

@POTUS #QAnon #MAGA #TrumpCard #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening
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Well, Bruce Ohr & FusionGPS is back in the news again & there's even a mention of his mysterious wife, whom we know almost nothing about other than she's been kept hushed up.…
Let's change that This thread all is about Nellie & what she really stands for & what she really believes about history & how it should be taught & you'll be horrified.
Let’s go back to the recent indictment of 13 Russians Russia, which we are now supposed to pointlessly chase, screeching “Trump-Putin!” on the Left and “No collusion!” on the Right, forgetting all about the revelations of corruption and conspiracy and, yes -
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1. It's important to focus on Comey's memos, but also let's not forget the main game - Comey's role as a Clinton Crime Family lieutenant over the years, which we saw in her illegal exoneration, as well as the framing of Trump in 2016.
2. Also let's not look at Comey in isolation. He was part of a network of powerful individuals, who were effectively consiglieri & capos of the bosses, Clintons and Obama.

The best way to understand them is as an organized crime gang, operating within government itself.
3. Obama and Clinton were two separate 'families', much like the Mafia.

They detested each other, but would work with each other, when common cause required them to.

The 2016 election was a classic example.
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Hey @TwitterSupport @twitter
There's something very wrong.

i don't wanna make this all about me. really.

BUT..i just wanna show you, how your SERVICE is apparently being ABUSED by 'highly respected people' while I am using it to engage in discussions and to spread information.
Underneath my last tweet you saw my audit score from
Soo..You saw, I have a 99% real following.
Only 8 bots or fraudulent users or non posters or porn babes aka eagle spreaders..

can't do anything about that..But have a look underneath THIS VERY Tweet.
1,404,804 Real Followers while he has 2,655,322 Fake Followers.

I know, it's not his Senator's account but he hast still this BLUE VERIFICATION MARK..
That means to me that you have VERIFIED him. 34% REAL FOLLOWERS AND


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@MAGAInSoCal @VFL2013 @BaracudaDebbie @Rav3nJ
@Honest33321 @THE_REAL_B0SS

Ok I'm gonna tell a little story, it may be long but definitely worth a read.
Anyone who claims to be a conservative, God fearing and patriotic American should take this
Seriously. One thing about #MAGA we all agree that family and children are sacrosanct, no matter if we hate one another or just disagree, our red line in the sand has always been family, especially minor children. We have in our movement people who don't share our values.
@TwitterSafety your platform is being used to attack and blackmail #MAGA families. This is a serious problem on here, @jack please take strong decisive action here. @realDonaldTrump please be careful Mr. President there are 2 politicians tagged here who may be complicit.
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