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1) A battle has been raging on this planet for thousands of years. The battle for control of the minds and wills of humanity. Many have been taught that it is a battle between God's angels and Satan's demons. The truth of the matter is something much more insidious.
2) A conspiracy of cosmic proportions has been orchestrated against the inhabitants of this planet by an influence which is so deceptive, elusive, cunning and evil that even the most brilliant minds have failed to detect its presence.
3) Over the past fifty years, technological advances by "ungodly" scientists have caused their presence to step up its plans for the human race. In so doing, the veil of deception has begun to fall away and the truth has finally been exposed.
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1/Thread abt #Grenell lawsuit against @OliviaTroye.

Today we (#TomCraig, @TMCv63, @fhhfirm) were scheduled to depose fmr Acting @ODNIgov & US Amb to Germany #RickGrenell as part of his defamation lawsuit against our GOP client #Troye.

We were there. He did not show.
2/Background info abt #Grenell’s litigation, which was filed almost year ago, can be found in this previous thread:

3/After weeks of failed attempts to negotiate mutual date, which is what professionals do, we properly issued Notice of Deposition on May 30 for today. Even though #Grenell is Plaintiff & chose VA as his venue, he does not wish to travel from CA for his deposition.
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1) We've known our Intelligence Agencies were compromised since the Jeffrey Epstein red-pills.

Our Intelligence Agencies allowed lsraeI's child sex trafficking extortion to operate for over a decade.
2) Our FBI only got involved to hide the evidence and conceal the names of lsraeI's extortion-puppets after the scam became public knowledge.

CIA, FBI, NSA, DIA, Homeland Security, etc. all knew about Mossad extorting us and they did nothing but protect them.
3) We still have no idea what percentage of our Congress is being extorted by the lsraeIi government.

Israel is not a partner to the United States.

They are an infiltrating enemy of the United States who are using our military for their wars, enriching their agents within our
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1) The World Health Organization and the United Nations have issued documents to all the nations of the world, instructing all schools worldwide to sexualize little children, as part of the agenda to normalize pedophilia.

2) The official statements are clear: they want the entire world to be transformed. Teaching 2 and 3 year olds to masturbate, and 9 year olds to use online pornography and have sex, is part of this agenda. The Biden administration has released statements supporting that.
3) School posters are widely distributed that encourage children to engage in homosexual activities with their classmates, and books are recommended that tell kids all about oral sex. Children's books are promoted that tell stories about teachers having sex with their pupils.
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1) Not only is our government focused on building deep underground secret cities, but the Elite families are also. Furthermore, they are using technology that the public is completely unaware of exists. What is going on is beyond all of us have ever thought of.
2) There exists a huge network of maglev tube shuttle connections under the United States, which extends into a global system of tunnels and underground bases/cities. There are basically whole cities underground. Where's all this money coming from?
3) Many of these underground facilities are equipped with advanced technology used to program slaves and soldiers, especially super soldiers (all black ops/Delta/etc. People are highly abused and programmed. High tech programming is used along with blood rituals and
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Falls Ihr euch fragt, warum #Blackrock mit 140.000+ Tweets trendet, warum die #noAfD zusammen mit dem russischen Propaganda-Apparat alles daran setzt, die Verschwörungstheorien um die US Investment Firma zu schüren und warum #Merz…
zwar unglaubwürdig, aber evtl. doch nicht der Teufel ist:

Erst mal das, was stimmt dann das, was nicht stimmt und dann das, was die Nasen bezwecken:

Es stimmt, dass Blackrock einfach nur riesig ist. Dass es in Sachen Kapital die
drittgrößte Volkswirtschaft der Welt wäre, würde man es als "national player" betrachten.

Es stimmt auch, dass der CEO von Blackrock - Larry Fink - alles andere als linksprogressivliberalgemütlich ist. Auch hat
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1) The fact of the matter is that islam always has been and always will be nothing more than a program of submission and slavery, designed to prepare the followers for enslavement and eventual destruction. It works to create a state of sheep-like followers where questioning,
2) thinking for ones self and maintaining and individual personality outside of the program they submit to is literally non-existent. It is a system of the disempowerment of the People, and empowerment of the program. They are fooled into worshiping their own damnation.
3) It is a sick and twisted enemy doctrine that contradicts everything that is natural to us in every way and must be brought to an end! It has enslaved millions of people, and this slave state must be broken.
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1) As truth seekers we know many things that those who are without do not. We know that there is no "supreme being" that created the universe and all that is within it. The universe is infinite. All the matter in the universe always has existed in one form or another.
2) Large stars burn through their fuel quickly and finally explode destroying all their planets with them. From the death of a star, the expelled debris will form a new stat later on, somewhere else. The universe is therefore always recreating itself in a never ending existence.
3) All of the matter in the universe perpetually creates itself, for all the matter has always existed in one form or another- forever in the past, and will continue to do so forever on in the future as long as time exists, however time is not always a constant and can be bent
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You can get a lot of ink, like @NoLabelsOrg, if you’re willing to say anything to anyone at any time. Problem is reality still says you’re spoilers.… 1/
This quote, from Ryan Clancy, is pure gold. 2/ Image
@NoLabelsOrg is a Republican front group. They “might” back off their 3rd party insanity/inanity for DeSantis. Conveniently, they don’t want to talk about abortion…why could that be? 3/
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About a quarter of uk population fall into the category here; and as described tagged by me above; this is a very broad grouping; lets add in #Reform and #Reclaim
#Ukip voters, we know your'e out there; we see the uk accounts with those in your Twitter timelines
The #MAGA #QAnon pro-Trump accounts; in UK; This MEANS YOUR Right to Protest will now lie SOLELY in the hands of your local Police, if this bill is passed, TODAY ;Against the Expresed will of your Mps.
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Thread: Mars, Phaeton, and Earth

1. I'm keeping certain threads up for a very short period of time until I know I won't be suspended for talking about certain subjects. I'll leave them up on Truth Social but feel free to screenshot or save them if you don't have Truth Social.
1. In the 1970's two American journalists were allowed into the Soviet Union.

They interviewed a series of Soviet scientists including those dealing with matters of outer space.

They were flat out told that the Soviet scientists had established there was once a planet between
2. Mars and Jupiter which they called "Phaeton" that had been destroyed, and this planet would have supported life identical to Earth.

However, the lead scientist had died suddenly and his work disappeared.

Yet this fact has also been established by western scientists as well.
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Thread: Kim Family is Jewish

1. In the ancient Far East, the term "Kim" literally means "Gold."

Now this is a favorite
last name of Jews.

The entire Kim family was put into power by the USSR. The same USSR that put their fellow Jews into power in every Warsaw Pact nation. Image
2. That was why the Hungarians had their anti-Jewish uprising for the second time during the start of the cold war.

They were openly fed up with the Jews running the Communist Party.

This came out in interviews with those who managed to escape to the west.
3. The first North Korean leader was a member of the Chinese Communist Party in the early thirties.

This group was created by and run by Asian Jews along with help from western Jews out of Moscow.

Kim II-Sung the first leader was also a high ranking officer in the
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My deleted #Instagram stories from 2020 #COVID19 @Plandemic3Movie Image
4/5/20 Image
@Plandemic3Movie 4/10/20 No one was even close to saying this in public at the time other than @RonPaulInstitut and @RobertKennedyJr Image
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🇺🇸 💪 Trump's Popularity Soars to New Heights

The widespread deception perpetuated by the media, the DNC, and even the RNC regarding Donald Trump has become glaringly evident to anyone possessing rational thinking abilities.

(1/14) Image
Trump's popularity in the United States has surpassed his 2020 campaign heights.
The undeniable evidence of this fact is manifested in the size of his rallies.
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1. The Jesuits [Society of Jesus] are the spies and the assassination squad of the
Catholic Church.

People who believe this institution to be "religious" or "spiritual" are sadly deluded.

It is and always has been political in every respect.
2. It is a political front that operates to control people using many fictitious religious characters and ceremonies stolen from religions predating it from around the world.

The separation of church and state mean nothing to the Catholic Church that works relentlessly and
3. ruthlessly for world domination.

This institution has been built on mass murder, torture, extortion, organized crime, lies and depriving humanity of true spirituality.

It has controlled
kings, queens, nobility, presidents, governments, and nearly anyone in power.

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他发布了26条推文(!)关于羟氯喹和推广使用羟氯喹的医生。 Image
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1. Just to clarify briefly because many are still blaming President Trump for the fallout from the vaccines.

Trump had no choice but to release the vaccines in order to stop their great reset.

It was always meant to happen under Hillary Clinton.
2. The original plan was to keep nations shut down until a vaccine was made.

Multiple deep state leaders told us this.

They also said it could take years to develop.

A central element of the cabal strategy was to hide all treatments.
3. The WHO ordered all governments, news media, and social media to censor and ban information about treatments.

Trump smashed this plan by shouting from the rooftops that there were treatments. 

He posted 26 tweets (!) about hydroxychloroquine and promoted doctors who use it. Image
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🧵 (1/22)

How Donald Trump rebuilt America's economy after it was destroyed by the China Virus 🇺🇸💪

👇 Image
1/ Securing $3.4 trillion in relief, the largest aid package ever. Our economy needed a lifeline, and President Trump delivered.
With this historic aid package, he provided crucial support to businesses, workers, and families who were affected by the devastating impact of the China Virus. #EconomicRecovery #StrongerTogether
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1. President Trump is facing an enemy of enormous proportions … in the minds of the majority of the American people, and the world. For decades the mainstream media and criminal health institutions have indoctrinated all of humanity with the lie that
2. vaccines are the only way to stay healthy, and defeat infectious diseases. Knowing that only a vaccine would be able to end the globalist lockdowns, and therefor prevent the Great Reset, Trump knew he had to start pushing vaccines.

So he did.
3. Interestingly enough, he tweeted right after his first announcement of the Pfizer vaccine:

“I wish people would stop killing themselves.”

That says it all, right there.

Then Trump did something else to once and for all prevent the vaccine mandates:
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History is laughing at #BlueMAGA poseurs already, as much as it is at team #MAGA #GQP.

The evil you make excuses for, the evil you rush to defend, the evil you sanction… you refuse to countenance the harm done by your cul… ahem… team: white western empire & capitalism.
The best part is it enrages them when anyone points out that despite the theater and different roles being played, both teams are pro: US imperialism, capitalism, corporatism, white supremacy, eugenics, global hegemony, creating poverty then punishing the poor. Sadistic stuff.
#BlueMAGA like Red MAGA is 💯 % disinterested in accountability… for their team. They will shamelessly point towards the ill deeds of their political enemies EVERY SINGLE TIME they are challenged to account for the harm their team is directly responsible for. Always deflecting.
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THREAD: Saturn, Satan, and 666 Image
Sheriff in the ancient Egyptian was a law-giver and his badge was always a six-pointed star which is a symbol of Saturn.

US Sheriffs in the wild west up to today still wear the six-pointed star.

It is interesting that Saturn’s symbol is the 6-pointed star, Image
Saturn is the 6th planet from the sun, Saturn-day is the 6th day of the week, and now NASA is receiving images of “the Saturn Hexagon” (6-sided) atmospheric formation at Saturn’s poles.

The 6th chakra of the human energy system is the 3rd eye/pineal gland (6, 3 times = 666).
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Who is Sean Feucht @seanfeucht
White Supremacist
Evangelical Christian
Grifter taking in millions asking for donations everywhere
Bobos Lover?
Anti-LGBTQ, anti-vaccine, anti-Black Lives Matter
Forgiven Covid loan
He’s a fraud
#Anonymous #ExpectUs…
#FAFO mother fucker
Did we mention we are suing you for your documentary film, “SUPERSPREADER: THE RISE OF #LETUSWORHSIP
For misinformation leading to the deaths of many while stating it was a communist takeover
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