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#ROGDWEEK2018 is a chance for parents' voices and testimonies to be heard. We will be adding parents' testimonies to this thread, feel free to add your own.
"I am the mother of a now 18 year old who suddenly announced two years ago that she had been born into the wrong body. There had been nothing during her childhood to start alarm bells ringing. I deplore the current media exposure which only ever seems to portray happy outcomes"
"My 14 year old daughter has recently “come out” as transgender. She's never had any signs of this throughout her childhood. She has had a lot of emotional upset in her short life. The school is insisting that they will call her by her chosen male name whether we like it or not"
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There is nowhere near enough evidence to show that gender dysphoria (GD) - and resulting trans-ID - is a biologically-based neurophysiological condition. GD is diagnosed solely by the youth’s self-report. -PhD Scientist #ROGDWEEK2018
Functional MRI studies have been limited to adults, most living opposite their birth sex for many years and who have been taking cross sex hormones for many years. Studies are conflicting and only some show minute differences that could easily be explained by ...
personality variance (including GNC behavior), homosexual preferences and/or are the result of neuroplasticity over many years in concert with pharmacological and surgical therapies. None of the results can possibly point to neurodevelopmental deviations in utero to explain TG-ID
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THREAD: I didn’t have rapid-onset gender dysphoria, but for #ROGDWEEK2018 I want to share the reasons I thought I was not a woman and tried to transition.
Both parents came for traditional Welsh and Mancunian working class backgrounds. Insidious gender stereotypes were stamped all over the fabric of our family, whether they knew it or not. On the one hand I was unusually lucky to have a breadwinner mother (doctor)
On the other, I was unfortunate enough to have a bitter, entitled, lazy and narcissistic father who abused us both sexually and emotionally. He resented our drive and our intelligence (qualities he lacked) so did everything possible to undermine our confidence and independence.
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(1) anyways #ROGDWEEK2018 is anti-trans bullshit that places the feelings of the parent of a trans child above the feelings of the actual child and should be subject to close scrutiny. as a trans man, and seeing how this shit seems to be targeted towards young trans men,
(2) #ROGDWEEK2018 i feel as though i should speak up on it. i am not a woman who feels uncomfortable with my body like a cis woman would. of course, cis women might be uncomfortable with having a period, feel bad about the size of their chest, feel bad about their body -
(3) #ROGDWEEK2018 but the way this differs from the dysphoria trans men face is that cis women may eventually feel comfortable enough in their bodies to embrace them and feel completely at peace with no fear or sadness or need to change.
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