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Rig Ved 1.42.10

Here Parmatma is requested to provide us the ability so that we strengthen our divinity and may it not only work towards public welfare but also for individuals too. This is possible only when we adopt good behaviour, Good thoughts and good intentions.

It is then only that we follow the path of good deeds. This points towards great Yagya's which results in divine work. It is then only that Atma acquires Gyan and through this the oneness of Atma and Parmatma is possible.

न पू॒षणं॑ मेथामसि सू॒क्तैर॒भि गृ॑णीमसि ।
वसू॑नि द॒स्ममी॑महे ॥


पूषनम् - Of Pushadev.

न मेथामसि - No condemnation.

सूक्तैः - Para.

अभि - Everywhere.

गृणीमसि - To sing praises.

दस्मम् - Worth seeing.

वसूनि - Of Wealth.

ईमहे - To plead.

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Rig Ved 1.42.9

Here food is mentioned. After our stomach is full we can feel the energy. But the path which we have to follow needs different resources. So here it is requested that to let us know in what way can we perform the duty towards the creative world

in this pious earth of Parmatma. In practice it is observed that it is important to note that whenever we perform any duty, what should be the framework of your mind. Selfless thoughts make you perform selfless work. This way our chitta gets purified and we go near Parmatma.

श॒ग्धि पू॒र्धि प्र यं॑सि च शिशी॒हि प्रास्यु॒दरं॑ ।
पूष॑न्नि॒ह क्रतुं॑ विदः ॥


पूषन् - Pushadev!

शग्धि - To be benevolent.

पूर्धि - To give enough.

प्र यंसि - To give desired things.

च शिशीहि - To make us radiant.

उदरम् - Stomach.

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Rig Ved 1.42.8

It is Ved that will let us know what we should do and what we should avoid since we follow the path of Ved and pray through them. Ved is also called Gyan or knowledge. Here "Give us foodgrains" denote that we request for our well being and nurturing.

It also says that let us know our duties, so the Parmatma sitting within us will tell us our duties, This is our request.

अ॒भि सू॒यव॑सं नय॒ न न॑वज्वा॒रो अध्व॑ने ।
पूष॑न्नि॒ह क्रतुं॑ विदः ॥


पूषन् - Pushadev!

सुयवसम् - Beautiful grassy country.

अभि नय - To take.

अध्वने - On the path.

नवज्वारः - New Anger.

न - No.

इह - This.

क्रतुम् - Protect.

विदः - To know.

Explanation:Oh Pushadev! You take us towards a country which has plenty of foodgrains. You protect us from new difficulties on our way.

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Rig Ved 142.7

Here the person with divine power and qualities are praying. Whenever such a divine person experiences difficulties, he prays that people with Asuri or demonic traits are creating difficulties in his path. Devtas too pray to Parmatma for help.

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Parmatma always favours the right one's. But then these demonic people need to be stopped. So here the divine people pray to Parmatma to protect them in such circumstances.

अति॑ नः स॒श्चतो॑ नय सु॒गा नः॑ सु॒पथा॑ कृणु ।
पूष॑न्नि॒ह क्रतुं॑ विदः ॥


सश्चतः - The obstructor of enemies.

अति - Encroach.

नः - Ours.

नय - To take elsewhere.

सुगा - Happiness loss.

सुपथा - Beautiful path.

कृणु - To do.

पूषन् - Pushadev.

इह - This.

ऋतुम् - Protect.

विदः - To know.

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Rig Ved 1.42.6

This body is like a chariot, our indriyas or senses are its horses, mind is its bridle and Atma is its rider. So here the Atma which is sorrounded by ignorance, needs a body which can think away from the ignorance. In this whole Praani jagat, man is the

only one who can think from his mind. This is visible in the physical development of this world. So here we request Parmatma to keep our mind and body healthy so that by this thought process we are able to do good work for entire mankind.

अधा॑ नो विश्वसौभग॒ हिर॑ण्यवाशीमत्तम ।
धना॑नि सु॒षणा॑ कृधि ॥


विश्वसौभग - Oh the lucky one.

हिरण्यवा - With gold.

शीमत्तम - Pushadev.

अध - Next.

नः - Ours.

घनानि - Of Wealth.

सुषणा - Charity.

कृधि - To do.

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Rig Ved 1.42.5

Here forefathers are mentioned to whom we owe our existence. Our first forefather was Brahma whom spiritually we acknowledge as Intelligence. When this Intelligence is in Sushupti stage that time too Praan does not sleep. But when intelligence awakens

it carries along all those inherent Sanskaars. So here we pray to keep our intellect in right direction so that we traverse the right path. Here the mention of forefathers is to stress the element of birth and death and the progress towards good deeds.

आ तत्ते॑ दस्र मंतुमः॒ पूष॒न्नवो॑ वृणीमहे ।
येन॑ पि॒तॄनचो॑दयः ॥


मन्तुमः - Knowledgeable.

दस्त्र - Worth seeing.

पूषन् - Pushadev.

ते - Yours.

तत् - That.

अवः - Security.

आ वृणीमहे - All around.

येन - Which.

पितृन् - Of Pittra's.

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Rig Ved 1.42.4

Here to suppress means that if for some reason our vices are not destroyed then Parmatma is requested to suppress them so that there is no stoppage on the road towards Parmatma & all the difficulties are stopped. If not stopped these will create difficulties

for our mind that is ready to receive the radiance of knowledge. These may create darkness in our Chitta(चित्त) which is ready to receive the ultimate bhaav(भाव). Parmatma is requested to pave for us that path which will grant us purity and clarity.

त्वं तस्य॑ द्वया॒विनो॒ऽघशं॑सस्य॒ कस्य॑ चित् ।
प॒दाभि ति॑ष्ठ॒ तपु॑षिं ॥


त्वम् - Yours.

कस्य चित्त - Anyone.

द्वयाविनः - One who steals and takes away.

अधशंसस्य - One who thinks ill of others.

तस्य - Them.

तपुषिम् - One who inflicts pain.

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Rig Ved 1.42.3

Pushadev here means Nurturer/Parmatma/Narayan/Atma. Here jeev requests Parmatma to protect us from the looters on the way. Here the looter is no one else but our mind that diverts to morbid thoughts. Parmatma is requested to not only keep us away from them

but also to destroy them.

अप॒ त्यं प॑रिपं॒थिनं॑ मुषी॒वाणं॑ हुर॒श्चितं॑ ।
दू॒रमधि॑ स्रु॒तेर॑ज ॥


त्वम् - That.

परिपन्थिनम् - One stopping your path.

मुषीवाणम् - Smuggler.

हुरिश्चितम् - Cheat.

स्त्रुतेः - On the path.

अधि - very much.

दूरम् - Far.

अप अज - To make one run.

Explanation: Oh Pushadev! We request you to keep us away from the looters and dacoits that we face on the way and and also destroy them.

Deep meaning: Pushadev referes to Nurturer/Parmatma/Narayan/Shiva/Aatma. Here jeev requests Parmatma to

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Rig Ved 1.42.2

Pushadev means one who nurtures or takes care of us. He is the one who will protect us from all difficulties and impediments. He is requested to take us in his shelter and help us know our true self.

यो नः॑ पूषन्न॒घो वृको॑ दुः॒शेव॑ आ॒दिदे॑शति ।
अप॑ स्म॒ तं प॒थो ज॑हि ॥


पूषन् - Pushadev!

यः - Which.

अघः - Attacker.

वृकः - The one grabbing our wealth.

दुःशेवः - Not conducive for service.

नः - We.

आदिदेशति - To order.

तम् - To him.

पथः - O n the path.

अप जहि स्म - To remove.

Explanation:Oh Pushadev! You keep us away from those people who want to rule over us and are Violent, those who gamble or those who rob.

Deep meaning: Pushadev means one who nurtures or takes care of us.

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Rig Ved 1.42.1

Here we pray regarding our behaviour so that Parmatma inspires us towards such intelligence that we follow the right path and stay away from evil so that we escape the sorrows and we all attain happiness and peace.

सं पू॑ष॒न्नध्व॑नस्तिर॒ व्यंहो॑ विमुचो नपात् ।
सक्ष्वा॑ देव॒ प्र ण॑स्पु॒रः ॥


विमुचः - Oh the clouds!

नपात् - Son.

पूषन् - Pusha.

अध्वनः - In path.

सं तिर - To sail through.

अंहः - Of sins.

वि - To destroy.

देव - Oh devtas!

नः - Ours.

पुरः -Further.

प्र सक्ष्व - To go.

Explanation:Oh Pushadev! You shower happiness on us. Keep us away from the path of sins. Oh dev! You lead us forward.

Deep meaning:Here we pray regarding our behaviour so that Parmatma inspires us towards such intelligence that we follow

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Rig Ved 1.41.9

If we aspire the best results then our behaviour and conduct should be truthful. If we want to be the one with best results then keep your habits and behaviour at your best and pure. To attain eternal happiness and peace then never use bad words

or bad behavior for anyone.

च॒तुर॑श्चि॒द्दद॑मानाद्बिभी॒यादा निधा॑तोः ।
न दु॑रु॒क्ताय॑ स्पृहयेत् ॥


दुरूक्ताय - Bad words.

न - No.

स्पृहयेत् - To wish.

चतुरः - Four.

ददमानात् - In the hand.

चित् - That way

आ निधातो - To throw dice.

बिभीयात् - To be afraid.

Explanation: While gambling until the four dices don't fall down, there is fear of loosing or winning similarly we should be afraid of using bad language. You should not love it.

Deep meaning: If we aspire the best results then our

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Rig Ved 1.41.8

This mantra is a type of armour or Kavach. Parmatma will protect us in all the possible ways if we surrender to him. Nothing is impossible for him. He is complete in every way. When the protective hand of Parmatma is with you there will be no difficulty

or scarcity of any kind.

मा वो॒ घ्नंतं॒ मा शपं॑तं॒ प्रति॑ वोचे देव॒यंतं॑ ।
सु॒म्नैरिद्व॒ आ वि॑वासे ॥


देवयन्तम् - Yajmans who desire devtas.

ध्नन्तम् - For enemy.

वः - Yours.

मा - No.

प्रति वोचे - To say.

शपन्तम् - Using bad words for enemy.

सुम्नैः - Of wealth.

इत् - This.

आ विवासे - To serve.

Explanation:: Oh devtas! The Yajmans desiring the state of devtas should not be spoken by using bad words and should not be insulted in anger. We are singing your praises to make you happy.

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Rig Ved 1.41.7

Here the glory of Parmatma is described. He is above description as we can never really describe him. Words cannot speak, mind cannot think about it, it is not possible to ponder or think about it. He is Anant or infinite, He is complete,

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He has no end and is present in entirety. In other words he is beyond description.

क॒था रा॑धाम सखायः॒ स्तोमं॑ मि॒त्रस्या॑र्य॒म्णः ।
महि॒ प्सरो॒ वरु॑णस्य ॥


सखायः - Oh my friend Ritwiks!

मित्रस्य - Mitra.

अर्यम्णः - Aryama.

वरूणस्य - Varun.

महि - Importance.

प्सर - Compatible.

स्तोतमम् - Strotra.

कथा - How.

राधाम - To get.

Explanation:: Oh friendly Ritwiks!I have no words to describe the glory of Mitra, Varun and Aryama. Their glory is endless.

Deep meaning:Here the glory of Parmatma is described.

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Rig Ved 1.41.6

Whoever takes shelter in Parmatma, becomes fearless. Just by surrendering one's self in Parmatma we acquire that fearless status. When the hand of Parmatma is laid on you, then you can never be an orphan. Therefore Parmatma is requested here to take us in his

स रत्नं॒ मर्त्यो॒ वसु॒ विश्वं॑ तो॒कमु॒त त्मना॑ ।
अच्छा॑ गच्छ॒त्यस्तृ॑तः ॥


सः - They.

मर्त्यः - People.

अस्तृतः - Whoever.

रत्नम् - Beautiful.

विश्वम् - All.

वसु - Wealth.

अच्छ - From front.

गच्छति - To get.

उत - And

त्मना - Like us.

तोकम् - Son.

Explanation:-Oh Aditya's! Your Yajmans do not face defeat anytime. In fact they prosper and acquire wealth in the form of children and precious stones.

Deep meaning:Whoever takes shelter in Parmatma, becomes fearless. Just by surrendering one's self in

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Rig Ved 1.41.5

Yagya means coming together of Upasana(worship)and Tyag(renunciation). Always nurture the good and worship Parmatma. The easiest way to attain this is Yagya. Bhagwan Bhaskar is requested here to spread such illumination so that all the darkness,

all the weaknesses and dirt is destroyed & we know our real self.

यं य॒ज्ञं नय॑था नर॒ आदि॑त्या ऋ॒जुना॑ प॒था ।
प्र वः॒ स धी॒तये॑ नशत् ॥


नरः - Oh the leaders!

आदित्याः - Adityas.

यम् - Which.

ऋजुना - Yagya.

पथा - Easy path.

नयथ - To get.

सः - That.

वः - yours.

धीतये - to use.

प्र नशत् - To get.

Explanation:Oh Aditya's! You will always remember that Yagya especially where you had to go through a Easy path. How can one forget that?

Deep meaning:Yagya means coming together of Upasana(worship)& Tyag(renunciation).

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Rig Ved 1.41.4

Here Aditya means Prakash. Aditya also means Adidev, Anaadi or that has no end. Here he is requested to illuminate our lives which in turn will make our life full of true knowledge, true thoughts and good behaviour. This in turn will destroy the

darkness of ignorance and ego. Therefore Prakash swarup Chaitanya swarup Parmatma is called upon.

सु॒गः पंथा॑ अनृक्ष॒र आदि॑त्यास ऋ॒तं य॒ते ।
नात्रा॑वखा॒दो अ॑स्ति वः ॥


आदित्यासः - Oh Adityas

ऋतम् - In this yagya.

यते - To go.

पन्था - Path.

सुगः - Easy.

अनृक्षर - Smooth.

अत्र - This.

अवखाद् - Unpalatable.

न अस्ति - Not there.

Explanation: Oh Aditya's! The path that you will travel is easy and smooth. The best Havi is kept for you in this Yagya.

Deep meaning:-Here Aditya means Prakash. Aditya also means Adidev,

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Rig Ved 1.41.3

The duty of the King is to protect and nurture his Prajaa. Here Praan is the King. All the senses of our body are its Prajaa be it speech or hearing or even mind. They are all under the guardianship of Praan as Praan provides them energy.

Praan is water based, it derives its energy from there.

वि दु॒र्गा वि द्विषः॑ पु॒रो घ्नंति॒ राजा॑न एषां ।
नयं॑ति दुरि॒ता ति॒रः ॥


राजानः - King.

एषाम् - Those Yajmans.

पुरः - From front.

दुर्गा - Inaccessible.

दि ध्नन्ति - To destroy.

द्विषः - hostile enemies.

दुरिता - Of Sins.

तिरः - To save.

Explanation: Varun and other devtas are like Those devtas who destroy the forts etc of the enemies. They destroy the sorrows of Yajmans from its roots.

Deep meaning: The duty of the King is to protect

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Rig Ved 1.41.2

Those people who have totally devoted their life to Ishwar find their progress upwards, not downwards. Their Thinking, Actions and Gestures are high, so they remain sorrowless. Whatever thoughts they possess determines their certainty.

This will determine their result.Therefore one must live for Parmarth.

यं बा॒हुते॑व॒ पिप्र॑ति॒ पांति॒ मर्त्यं॑ रि॒षः ।
अरि॑ष्टः॒ सर्व॑ एधते ॥


यम् - Whose.

बाहुता इव - To bring wealth through muscle strength.

पिप्रति - To complete.

मर्त्यम् -For people.

रिषः - From Violent.

पान्ति - Save.

सर्वः - All.

अरिष्टः - Without fear.

एधते - To acquire intelligence.

Explanation:Varun and other dieties who distribute many types of wealth through their own hands and protect men,the enemies never use violence on such men and

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Rig Ved 1.41.1

Aryama denotes one who nurtures intelligence, Varun stands for water that denotes life or Praan. Those who are full of Praan, Intelligence and strength, can never be defeated since they are invincible. When we are attached to Parmatma then we can never

be unsatisfied because we are like that tree who is attached to its roots. And the roots are attached to the main source.

यं रक्षं॑ति॒ प्रचे॑तसो॒ वरु॑णो मि॒त्रो अ॑र्य॒मा ।
नू चि॒त्स द॑भ्यते॒ जनः॑ ॥


प्रचेतस्यः - Intelligent.

वरूणः - Varun.

मित्रः - Mitra.

अर्यमा - Aryama.

यम् - Whose.

रक्षण्ति - To protect.

सः - That.

जनः - Yajmans.

नु चित्त - Soon.

दभ्यते - To defeat.

Explanation:: No one can defeat the yajmans who get the protection from the intelligent dieties like Mitra, Varun and Aryama.

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Rig Ved 1.40.8

Atma is never influenced by any changes in nature. Similarly people remaining calm and patient also are uninfluenced by changes. Even the intelligent do not get influenced by the changes. The one with divine powers or the Knowledgeable one's do not face

such difficulties as they are satisfied in their Atma.

उप॑ क्ष॒त्रं पृं॑ची॒त हंति॒ राज॑भिर्भ॒ये चि॑त्सुक्षि॒तिं द॑धे ।
नास्य॑ व॒र्ता न त॑रु॒ता म॑हाध॒ने नार्भे॑ अस्ति व॒ज्रिणः॑ ॥


क्षत्रम् - Of strength.

उप पृंचित - To deposit.

राजभिः - To help the King.

हृन्ति - To kill.

भये चित्त - In fear.

सुक्षितिम् - Disciplined.

दधे - To carry.

वज्रिणः - Vajra etc.

अस्य - It is there.

महाधने - Wage a war for money.

वर्ता - To solve.

न अस्ति - Not there.

तरूता न - Doesn't obey.

अर्भे न - Not there.

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Rig Ved 1.40.7

Parmatma is the one who can provide everything, be it a boon or any other thing. Such Pitamah or Narayan or Tridev are one although they reflect seperate entities. In their undivided form they fulfill all our wishes thus making us complete or पूर्ण काम.

Due to this we acquire totally true self or become सत्य संकल्प. This makes us happy and satisfied.

को दे॑व॒यंत॑मश्नव॒ज्जनं॒ को वृ॒क्तब॑र्हिषं ।
प्रप्र॑ दा॒श्वान्प॒स्त्या॑भिरस्थितांत॒र्वाव॒त्क्षयं॑ दधे ॥


देवयन्तम् - One aspiring devtas

जन्म् - Near people.

अन्तर्वावत् - Who.

क्षयम - For downtrodden.

दधे - To carry.

कः - Who.

अश्नवत् - To spread.

वृक्तबर्हिषम - The yajmans plucking kush grass.

दाश्वान् - One distributing Havi.

यस्तयाभिः - One with Ritwiks.

प्रप्र अस्धित - Wealthy.

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Rig Ved 1.40.6

For the purification, beautification and cleansing of our chitta(चित्त) and to make our inner self full of prem(Love), to make Stuti bhaavmay(भावमय) and rasmay(रसमय) stuti is a Prayer that takes us to Parmatma. Since Parmatma is omnipresent,

our prayers are definitely heard. Parmatma is Chaitanya, present everywhere. In terms of Kaal or time he is always there. In terms of Desh or place he is everywhere and in terms of vastu or thing he is chaitanya. So if our prayers go to him, they are definitely heard.

तमिद्वो॑चेमा वि॒दथे॑षु शं॒भुवं॒ मंत्रं॑ देवा अने॒हसं॑ ।
इ॒मां च॒ वाचं॑ प्रति॒हर्य॑थाव नरो॒ विश्वेद्वा॒मा वो॑ अश्नवत् ॥


देवाः '- Oh the leader devtas!

तम इत् - This.

शंभुवम - Wishing for happiness.

अनेहसम् - Without any flaws.

मन्त्रम् - Of mantras.

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Rig Ved 1.40.5

Here it says that the various devtas look after various departments. So also the Acharya's role is also important. On the basis of your lernings he decides whether to follow karmakand or to follow the Upasana way. In the Upasana marg you have to

cleanse your inner inclinations and in Karmakand you have to cleanse the impurities of your heart. But you have to strictly adhere to it.

प्र नू॒नं ब्रह्म॑ण॒स्पति॒र्मंत्रं॑ वदत्यु॒क्थ्यं॑ ।
यस्मि॒न्निंद्रो॒ वरु॑णो मि॒त्रो अ॑र्य॒मा दे॒वा ओकां॑सि चक्रि॒रे ॥


ब्रहणस्पती - Brahanaspati dev.

उक्यथे - To praise.

मंत्रम - With mantras.

नूनम - Certainly.

प्र वदति - To pronounce.

यस्मिन - In which.

इन्द्रः - Indra.

वरूणः - Varun.

मित्रः - Mitra.

अर्यमा - Aryaama.

देवाः- Of devtas.

ओकांसि - Residence.

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Rig Ved 1.40.4

An intelligent person(विद्वान) plays a big role in the meeting of Atma and Parmatma. Here the intelligent person means Ritwik(ऋत्विक). When the intelligent person gives us the knowledge we fulfill it with Guru seva as per the need.

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When the Guru is satisfied he will give us the divine knowledge which leads to our Atma meeting Parmatma. All our ignorance(अज्ञान) will then be destroyed. We will realise our true self which is our wish.

यो वा॒घते॒ ददा॑ति सू॒नरं॒ वसु॒ स ध॑त्ते॒ अक्षि॑ति॒ श्रवः॑ ।
तस्मा॒ इळां॑ सु॒वीरा॒मा य॑जामहे सु॒प्रतू॑र्तिमने॒हसं॑


यः - Which.

वाघते -Of Ritwiks.

ददाति -To give.

सूनरम् - Beautiful to take.

वसु -Wealth.

सः -That.

धत्ते - To carry.

अक्षिति - Indefectible.

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