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For each retweet this gets I will post one surprising thing we discovered running AD&D by the book with an all original campaign. (Note: was a die hard B/X, ACKS, Classic Traveller guy going into this.) Image
In first edition AD&D, orcs are not the Predator-looking monsters of those execrable fantasy movies that have now set how most people imagine them. Nope! In addition to having pig noses, real AD&D orcs are also SHORT. Human fighters cram them into lockers all the time! Image
Unlike illustrations of half-orcs in later editions, first edition AD&D half-orc player characters are of the "superior 10%" that "are sufficiently non-orcish to pass for human." This is among the most hilariously unintentionally funny passages in rpg history & is GREAT GAMING. Image
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A thread on AD&D alignments, and how there are more than nine, for @JeffroJohnson, and anyone else interested in my "conspiracy theory."

#17Alignments #SuperAdvanced #SecretsOfPros
@jeffrojohnson Alignment in the AD&D game is based on the Outer Planes as the source of alignment. Alignment is a matter of religious/philosophical/ethical ideas as #EGG et. al. write.
@jeffrojohnson In the AD&D game, alignment is more akin in a certain sense to the Platonic idea of the forms rather than the dualistic eternal struggle between Law & Chaos as it is in Anderson, Moorcock, and the non-#Advanced TSR versions.
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