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@POTUS is always dropping things ahead of time, that become more relevant at a later date- esp. wrt EOs.

The President's Advisory 1776 Commission is one such EO.

Through these words we can see that there is an intent - returning power back to the people…
Purpose: The American founding envisioned a political order in harmony with the design of "the Laws of Nature & of Natures' God," seeing the rights to life, liberty, & the persuit of happiness as embodied in & sanctioned by natural law & it's traditions.
The formation of a republic around these principles marked a clear departure from previous forms of gov't, securing rights through a form of Gov't that derives it's legitimate power from the CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED.

This is the new paradigm we are moving to after the 'STORM'.
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I knew you loved Santa! I saw the retweet. Wait for it!
727 Image
I literally caught the Decode at 9:12 his time ...


Bonus question implied by decode: is there a link between SpaceX and the NFL?
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The illusion of ownership.

While the left tries to sell us on the evil of capitalism, how many of us understand how far we truly are down the whole of not being allowed to own property?

Spelled out the easiest way I can explain this.

Due to fiat currency, inflation
Has made it impossible for the average man to pay cash for a home.

With mortgage loans strung out over 30 years that leaves a MASSIVE window for;

1-the banks to double the money they loan you to pay for your property and

2- nearly an entire career worth of time for the
Home owner Tom fall on hard times and default.

What about those who can pay cash, or succeed in paying off their loan? Don’t they “own” their property?

Simple answer: No.

1- Property taxes. If you default on your property taxes they can take your home. With property taxes
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The CUE operation & an A-Z red-pill resource for any new 👀 looking for a crash course on the current state of play.
An anon put this together, which I'm re-posting with a list of vids that will be sure to red-pill anyone who spends the time to watch- highly recommended! ImageImageImageImage
The CUE operation was started by JFK because the deep state/CIA was actually running the country. He was assassinated for trying to expose them. Interesting enough, JFK's memorial site is in the shape of a “Q”. ImageImage
The operation strategically went underground where they devised “The Plan” to regain control of America. It was further accelerated by “JFK Jr’s tragic plane crash” in 1999.
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Corn moon was named in inspiration of AlgonQuin [Q Celtic] tribes, as described in the FARMERS ALMANAC [farmerGOD = Saturn]. NESARA started with the FARMERS finding a legal HOLE. Was Roy Cohen and DJT involved with that? Cohen honeypotted the MAFIA, who owned all the farmers!
DJT about Cohen: "a GENIUS, but a lousy lawyer [sea pirate]".
Makes PERFECT sense.
Credit to @FionaMcmurdo for sniffing this out.
Roy Cohen had a collection of green frogs as a child. KEK
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RED_RED = Donald J. Trump jr. Twitter video on 25th with 2 redbulls [2 red ba'als] + [55 sign].
55 = Ba'al and St. James.
5Eyes > 55 [y]es.
The_Castle_Runs_Red_yes ImageImageImageImage
Stringer was sent out on RED_RED.
Stringer = command.
"Mind will be blown by chain of command. Q".
Did Hussein post a video august 27/28th? Sports related?
Code Yellow = Plasma.
Plasma powers what?
Sports players malfunctioning on LIVE tv? Image
Code Red = blood related. Knights Hospitaller + Red Cross Blood/Plasma. How does this connect to Sports and AIDS? Plasma relates to sports. But AIDS?
Keystone = Public Trust. Image
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>Social upheaval<
>Political upheaval<
>Financial upheaval<

an update> I posted this 12 months ago & it would seem that we are now well placed for the last major upheaval to occur, the first 2 we have witnessed world wide over the last 12 months
1/ ImageImageImageImage
2/ I wrote then, that we are 1 major event away from a debt bubble implosion & financial melt-down.
IMO we are now well advanced on the financial melt-down, but it is being stage managed by Treasury to preserve the retirement plans & wealth of individual investors in the markets ImageImageImageImage
3/ to prevent another 1929 scenario (Cabal initiated wealth transfer event) from playing out.
What we are witnessing with the QE to infinity, is a train- wreck in slow motion. But... it doesn't matter because there's going to be a reset... ImageImageImageImage
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Down With The Sickness. #CEMEX #ThesePeopleAreSick I hear CEMEX is feeling the heat in the Lions Gate 💥💣🍕🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
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Elites fighting desperately against Global Slave Revolt

Check this out:
" clear Evidence of
Human to Human transmission of the novel
Credit (C_) Valeria KindQ
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