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September 23, 2020
"American Road"
@clouthub #Trump2020…
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#Trump2020 #MAGA
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#WalkAway "Hi everyone !! My name is J. & I am 17 years old. At first I really didn’t think anything of politics and honestly made fun of trump along with everyone else my age. Until my mom Amanda Perez Ruiz really opened my eyes !! I did my research and really dug into

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politics even though I can’t vote this year ☹️ Being 17 and using my freedom of speech is hard. It’s also hard when the uneducated won’t listen to what you have to say! I’ve had KIDS ages 13-15 try and bash me because of my political beliefs and honestly I could care less

because I know that they know absolutely nothing !! 🇺🇸 I know what is right for our country and trump is the first step !!! #Trump2020 #vote #VoteInPerson2020" 🇺🇸

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#WalkAway "Lifelong Democrat because that was the only choice in my house growing up right? After Obama's first time I started to see the BS... Got red pilled in the last year and started researching for MYSELF... Trump isn't the nicest or the "most presidential" but he

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gets shit done and means what he says! You got to give me more than "orange man Bad" I'm looking at Facts and Trump is the TRUTH..
I have lost friends and even my oldest Brother on this journey but I couldn't give a DAMN... Some of the worst treatment, I have received has

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been from those that look just like me because I choose to think for myself and vote based on FACTS not Feelings 🤷🏽‍♂️
#2A" - Q. 🇺🇸

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#WalkAway "Hi everyone, my name is Miriam and I was born and raised in a struggling Puerto Rican Democratic family. When I was able to vote I voted like the rest of my family because I was told to and that’s what I was taught. I’ve made a lot of mistakes and paid the price. I

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used drugs and I went to prison. I collected social services because I needed it but eventually my mind set changed. I got a job, then I got two and eventually I moved from Brooklyn to Queens to Long Island. In 2012 I started my own business & in 2014 I opened my second one.

When I started to work for mine I started to realize the Democrats don’t want you to succeed, they want you to accept a little handout & stay poor and continue to vote for them so they can get richer. Today by the grace of God I am a successful 2x business owner, home owner,

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Tuesday September 22, 2020
Nightly on Channel 130
#Trump2020 #Maga…
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#Trump2020 #MAGA
#Trump2020 #MAGA
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#WalkAway "This is my 2nd “coming out” story.
20 years ago it was way easier for me to tell everyone I’m a lesbian.
Now, I’m scared to lose my friends, I’m scared to lose clients and hurt my new business, I’m scared of cancel culture, I’m scared of getting physically hurt

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or worse.
But, I’m tired of being silent. I’m tired of hiding. I want to be vocal and say that I support President Trump.
I wasn’t always conservative. I think I was more a moderate. Coming from Israel I knew all about the “Fake News”. How the worldwide media is biased in

their covering of the situation between Israel and the Palestinians. I didn’t like Obama and how he treated us as a country. He was the worst President in respect to Israel.
I was a feminist in a way. Wanted equality for women in all aspects of life. But not in a way that

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While the world is on the brink of fundamental peace developments in the Middle East after two decades of BLOODSHED insecurity and violence.
We were witnesses of the Peace agreements ceremony at the White House between Israel, the UAE and Bahrain other PGCC countries. #Trump2020
In spite of Israel’s hardworking to spread peace and get normalisation in their relationship with other countries in the region Islamic Republic of Iran has Not given up their efforts to achieve Nuclear Weapon,even though after suspicious explosion in their two
important sites Natanz and Parchin .
In order to easily register itself as a First Anti Semitism power in the region which has get the Atomic arsenal.Thus got affordability as a bargain chip to extort in favour of their communicates . @israelipm_farsi @SecPompeo #Trump2020
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#WalkAway "I was recently invited to a Facebook group, Pennsylvania women for Biden. (They are so scared that Trump WILL WIN Pa again!) 👊🏻

There’s no way in hell I would ever accept an invite into that group, but of course I had to take a peek 👀 to see what they are

saying....and WOW...the comments in that group are disgusting, heartbreaking and full of hate! I already know that I’m in the right place right HERE, but those comments confirmed I made the right decision.

They called Trump supporting women disgusting, said that we can’t

think for ourselves and only vote Trump because our husbands tell us to. They say they can’t be friends, or acquaintances with President Trump supporters. They are so blinded by their own hate, that they can’t see how truly self absorbed and biased they are being.
They say

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Proceedings resume, at the Julian Assange trial in London
Defence asks for more time to discuss future witnesses with the prosecution to see which ones need to be called.
Proceedings adjourned until 4pm
Defence say the evidence of the next witness, US writer Cassandra Fairbanks, can be read into evidence as the prosecution have no questions for her, only to comment that she is partisan
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WOW! Kamala Harris just said that during 2013 (UNDER THE ‘OBAMA ADMINISTRATION’) the #SCOTUS gutted the Voter Rights Act causing mass State Voter Suppression Laws?

Another ‘by design’ #DNC plan to cause @realDonaldTrump more grief after he wins the upcoming election!?!🤦🏻‍♀️
This Act may be cited as the `Fannie Lou Hamer, 👉🏻Rosa Parks👈🏻, and Coretta Scott King Voting Rights Act Reauthorization and Amendments Act of 2006'.… ImageImageImageImage
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#WalkAway "Today I turn 36 and I have never voted. This year will be the first time I vote and I will be voting for Trump, proudly. I would not consider myself as a #walkaway, but more of a #walkwith. I wasn't raised to be democratic or even republican. My mother raised me

and taught me the importance of human values, human decency, to have kindness and respect, and to always hold my head high in the hardest of situations. I was raised to be a good person and to always offer a helping hand to those who need it. To never judge anyone in a

negative manner just because they don't hold my same values or opinions. I have seen Evil, but these last few years the evil I see surrounding and coming from the Democrat party is terrifying. It hurts me to see how badly people treat each other, how divided we have become,

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@americandream09 @realDonaldTrump @GOPChairwoman @GOP #Trump2020 #amd09vault #amd09threads #amd09videogopwarroom

Real News Source
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Please check this out, 2 min read:


Barring catastrophe or unprecedented cheating by the deep state and the people they control, Donald Trump will win the 2020 election, and it won't even be close.

That's the future we're headed toward, and I'm excited for it.
We - the good guys - good people all along the political spectrum - are waging a very real war, almost entirely fought with words and ideas and attention instead of physical weapons - against one or more cabals of truly sick, evil people that have persisted for ages.
Does that sound crazy? Why would it? Why have so many of us been taught our whole lives that fiction is the only arena in which a few selfish, foul-minded people brainwash, gaslight, and bleed millions of others? That the Matrix, or 1984, have no analogs in reality?
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🇺🇸DILLEY 300
Janelle @ShadyJ969
was here again to represent #Trump2020 and of course #TheDilleyShow 🇺🇸🇺🇸
🇺🇸Nikki & Gloria
More DILLEY 300
@clouthub #Trump2020
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#WalkAway "Just a little something about me. Ever since I was able to vote, my mom and other family members always told me to vote Democrat. I questioned it and the go to response was always, “if you’re black, you vote Democrat.” As young as I was, I always thought that was

weird that just because I’m black I have to vote Democrat. I’m not ashamed to say that yes, I was one of many people who voted for Obama (twice) just cause of the color of his skin. It wasn’t until I actually started paying attention to politics that I regretted voting for

him. From that day on, I decided to have my own mind and vote for the candidate that is going to do right by the american people. Vote for REAL change! Long story short, I share that with y’all to say this..

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Barack Obama has now embarked on a new campaign. He is continuing to break tradition as he backs Organizing for Action (OFA). None of us knows to what degree this is illegal or subversive. We do know it is bad for America. We also know Obama is cloaking himself in secrecy while
this organization destroys our America.…
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Critical race theory is a conscious attempt by Marxists to destabilise the West using race as a vector to create social unrest in order to establish conditions under which a revolution against capitalism can occur.
Since this tweet went further than anticipated, here are some receipts from Kimberly Crenshaw's foreword to Critical Race Theory, The Key Writings That Formed The Movement.
As you can see, CRT is trying to create "oppositional accounts of race" in order to "change" the laws of the US. These accounts deliberately draw racial divisions between Americans, stoking the race war that foments unrest to destroy law and order. Like what BLM is doing now.
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Trump acabou de salvar o futuro das próximas gerações. Não vão ter mais aulas comunistas nas escolas 🙏🏻🙌🏻
E aqueles que o sucederem não terão como mudar isso sem queimar o filme se assumindo Comunista !
Pessoas que destruírem estátuas sem permissão serão presos
imediatamente sem corte por 10 anos!
TRUMP mata a cobra e mostra o pau
#Trump2020 ImageImage
#Trump2020 Image
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Minneapolis High School Principal pleads for help after defunding of police leaves schools & children unprotected.

Part 1 of 3... pls listen to all three parts. She’s close to tears. #Minneapolis City Council & Mayor should all be fired!

Part 2
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