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So, one of the recurring sources of trouble for the UK government in pursuing a Brexit deal is that the Leave campaign was lying, and knew they were lying.

So they assumed a lot of what they were told by the EU, by experts, etc., was all just posturing. Just part of the game.
After the referendum passed, the people suddenly in charge of negotiating the UK's exit found themselves waiting for everybody else to drop the act only to slowly realize they'd been the only ones acting.
I imagine that Trump has been going through a similar experience these past few weeks. I mentioned before that his "you don't have to call it a wall" thing was him expressing frustration that they couldn't just agree to come up with two different stories to tell their voters.
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Nancy Pelosi was holding all the cards when the day began. Now she’s holding the entire deck. This time next week she’ll be holding the deed to Trump Tower. #TrumpCaved
There are very few people who truly scare the crap out of Donald Trump. Here’s why Roger Stone is one of them.…
Robert Mueller just made sure Donald Trump can’t pardon Roger Stone…
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THREAD #TrumpCaved
Trump said the Budget (the negotiation in Congress on how funding is divided up for the year) must contain funding for #TheWall & he threw out $5.7 Billion as a negotiating starting point for the wall funding & Nancy Pelosi committed to $1 as her starting point
Trump then brought Nancy & Chuck in the Oval Office with cameras rolling, and they admitted they were against the wall & begged Trump to turn off the cameras so that they could NEGOTIATE IN GOOD FAITH. Remember that? I sure do.
Then Nancy & Chuck refused to negotiate at all & they still do, here's a quote from Chuck Schumer today after a month of #GovernmentShutdown: “Democrats are firmly against the wall”. So they are still at $1. Doesn't sound like good faith negotiating to me.
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Donald Trump’s day so far:

- #TrumpCaved
- Roger Stone got arrested
- Nancy Pelosi got the Violence Against Women Act reinstated
- Ann Coulter had a meltdown
- Sean Hannity appears to be in legal trouble
- Trump and his goons are all going to prison
- It’s still only 7:45pm
Robert Mueller just made sure Donald Trump can’t pardon Roger Stone…
You can thank Adam Schiff for Roger Stone’s arrest…
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Donald Trump’s day so far:

- Ends shutdown without wall
- #TrumpCaved is trending
- Nancy Pelosi piles on
- Ann Coulter goes berserk
- Trump is losing his base
- Roger Stone arrested
- They’re all going to prison
- It’s still only 6pm
Donald Trump caves like an idiot on wall and shutdown after his world collapses…
You can thank Adam Schiff for Roger Stone’s arrest…
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To Correct those thinking #TrumpCaved

President Trump is dotting his i’s & crossing his t’s

IF Congress does not fund the wall in 3 weeks, by February 15th, President @realDonaldTrump will use his Executive powers & declare a national emergency

Keep Your FAITH & Truth the plan

@realdonaldtrump Is ALL 🇺🇸 CITIZENS President
✅1.7 Million non-u.s. citizens illegally voted in California
✅Nancy pelosi only gets elected using illegal Non-U.S. Citizens to illegally Vote for her
@SpeakerPelosi chooses illegal Criminals over U.S. CITIZENS
How Much of U.S. CITIZENS money is given to people who are not CITIZEN of United States you ask?

Securing Our Border frees 100's of BILLIONS of U.S. CITIZENS hard earned money

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We just had a thread about Trump tweets using cave over and over re: Pelosi.
Now everyone is saying POTUS caved...
Weird, right? 😁
#TrumpCaved is trending now...🤔
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If you can't see how corrupt the Democrats and mainstream media is when dealing with President Trump after this whole Shutdown deal then you can't be helped. They hammered him & blamed him for the shut down. Now they're mocking him with "#TrumpCaved" and more for ending it today.
They all know we need a wall but they don't care about the workers not getting paid, which is why they turned down votes to even pay our Coast Guard, took off on vacations, sent aides to the White House to do their "negotiations", and refused offers from Trump before presented.
They see his announcement today as some sort of victory for them. It's a victory for the workers that they claimed to care about but consistently voted against paying. No mistake: Republicans are the only ones in DC that are happy that government employees are getting paid again.
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So, I want to talk about this framing. And I want to talk about the framing it's arguing about.

In fact, what I want to talk about is framing, period.
I saw someone replying to a @sarahkendzior endorsement of the above framing that Trump doesn't seem to be in control of the situation.

And I agree with that.

But the situation is complicated and fluid, and can be understood in multiple ways.

(Just like any situation.)
There are two things I am almost 100% certain are true:

1. Trump feels defeated, like he surrendered, was humiliated today.


2. Trump fully intends to win on February 15th and if he does, he'll look back on this as his masterstroke.
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It's early, but the initial reaction by the #QAnon crew to Trump caving on the shutdown is really negative. No "5-D chess master" stuff, just pissed off and betrayed true believers. Pay attention to this.
More #QAnon-ers letting months of rage and hope vent at Trump caving on the wall. Talk of grabbing guns, locking and loading, etc. Don't claim you didn't know.
"Take the situation into our own hands." "Handle this fucking shit once and for all." But sure, #QAnon is totally non-violent, devoted only to research.
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