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BREAKING: DC DISTRICT COURT partially unsealed hundreds of indictments. Charges include bribery of public officials, conspiracy, public embezzlement, providing material support for terrorists, arms dealing, child sexual abuse, sexual exploitation of children +++ #QAnon
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IDK if Qproof but any time Trump tweets in all caps I search.…

#Qanon #MAGA
Also no Y in word THEY”

As well here is both if you see anything connected besides the Y in ‘THEY’ let us know.

18 min apart is R Renegade AKA Obama. Next tweet ending at 32 which is Obama again. 🤷🏻‍♂️ thoughts.

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are you fucking kidding me? #occult #qanon
"Inspire your children to be free and find their own individuality" 😂 #occult #qanon
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1) The point that I'm trying to make over & over is that #DeepState took 100 years to wedge themselves deeply into our Government, Churches & Companies. What's the fastest way to get rid of them? Set them up for something new that you have conclusive evidence for.
2) Look at Al Capone - They NEVER got him on murder or racketeering or interstate fraud, none of that. He was too clean. You know what they got him for? Tax Evasion. They got his bookies & sham accountants.
3) This last 2 years & however much longer it lasts, has been to set them up & nab them instead of getting them on questionable charges with questionable evidence.
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All is not well in #QAnon-land: a believer posted a rant on Voat, decrying the lack of action and blown predictions.

Rather than turning into a struggle session, other believers chimed in with their own frustrations, accepting that little is going to happen in the end.
The hottest thread on #QAnon Voat is another argument over who's a shill, who's a real patriot, and whether the lack of results on the part of Q is actually part of the plan, or proof the whole thing is a sham.
While some #QAnon believers are melting away, others are taking to Voat to announce their intention to arm themselves and form citizen militias.

Yes, it's likely all anonymous nonsense. But it only takes one disaffected believer to cause considerable damage. Be aware.
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FOX is controlled opposition. The more you are aware of it, the more obvious it is.

You only need to look at the recent @GeorgePapa19 interview on @TuckerCarlson to know, 3 mins at the very end. FOX takes whatever the left's talking points are daily and counters them in a manner that allows the left to dictate the conversation.
It's intentional. They take whatever the 4am talking points are. Both sides get them, take their positions, and move on to the next news day.

When something important comes up that's negative to the left, queue the distractions.

Like Jim Acosta.
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1) Everybody is freaking out over the Dems because since Election Day they've stolen 2 Senate seats & 9 House Seats and it looks like they're going to steal 7 more House seats.

This all has to happen. I know it's like in Top Gun when Maverick says "I'm letting them get closer."
2) Remember, it's a clear as the nose on our faces that they're cheating. Everybody knows they're cheating. Every Democrat voter who has an IQ over 90 knows they're cheating.

The real question is: Why are they being allowed to cheat?
3) First, what did @POTUS tell them before the Election and what will he soon remind them of when DHS starts the crackdown?
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Alexander 'the pedo enabler' Downer

Downer has panicked and involved himself with the US/UK 'deep staters' in an attempt to impeach President Trump in the largest mass treason event in world history.

Could the reason for his panic be because he enables pedophilia?

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I wanted to know a bit more about this California high speed rail project, since the location of the current wild fires seems to match the rail line perfectly. Coincidence? #TheRainMakers #Qanon…
I wondered who got the mutli-billion dollar contract?
#TheRainMakers #QAnon…
These guys had the lowest bid for California's high speed rail project. They failed to complete the first portion of work, but got a raise totaling $240,000 each for the next six months of work. Hmm... #TheRainMakers #QAnon…
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Liberal free market economics = business generating profits.

For Leftist silicon valley? They've a monopoly used to further their cultural ideology.

Profit is 2nd to cultural ends, so they lie, saying cultural acceptance = profit, thereby defining the acceptance. Insane. #QAnon
More: When you are a cultural coastal elite, this makes complete sense. When you attend these universities, get indoctrinated, and follow along, the feedback loop is complete:

You believed this, you got rich, you have power, you turn and exert it back onto the population.
And more: All the while, nobody would have adopted your crap lefty platform if you presented it accurately according to your Fascist beliefs. You waited until you had a monopoly/market dominance....


These owners are bad people. #Qanon
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1) 11/13/18 Trump Picks a Retired General as Ambassador to Saudi Arabia
*Awaiting confirmation and announced this evening @CarrollQuigley1 @BenKTallmadge @MadAddictSport @almostjingo…
3) Red Flag 2: Petraeus
In 2000 it looks like they were roommates. Hollister is even on the record.
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Is the vote SAFE? Qanon 53-47


#Qanon #VoterFraud #MAGA @TheSpeaker2018
I SHOULD OF NOTICED 3:02 in my video is like 302s!!! Ive even made freaking memes about it. Slipping. 😀

@MelissaM_Haskin @GenFlynn #WWG1WGA @POTUS
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1. "At some point, the streets (for them) will not be safe". #Qanon dropped this because @potus, Q team, the wizards and warlocks, @GenFlynn and few others know how devastating the disclosures of the deep state crimes will be to those who are exposed. The election fraud is the
2...tip of the iceberg...Exposing the DNC election fraud on a national level is is now so obvious to the public the Dems are trying to steal the election; the public will naturally ask why is it the Dems are so desperate to steal this election...the stage is set for
3..."the why"; why are they so desperate to steal the election? when the declassification of FISA takes place, and all the other disclosures of human trafficking, treason, etc begin to drop, the public will then realize why the Dems were so desperate to steal the election. Their
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1) CNN suing Trump is a meaningless story intended to create distraction on real happenings: election fraud and FISA. Let’s keep our eye on the ball, people. We’re making it easy for the left like this. Don’t fall for it. #Qanon
2) look how sloppily written and hashed together this “lawsuit” is.

this is desperation to cover for election fraud.

we do this constantly. The fake news puts out a distraction story, and people tweet about it wall-to-wall rather than what’s important. #QAnon
3) nobody is talking about Broward county Florida, or how hundreds of thousands of more votes went to the Arizona and Florida senators than for governor.

we can’t be “sheep no more” if we are this easily maneuverd by the MSM.
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Can Israelis and Palestinians See Eye to Eye? || Creators for Change

interesting. no likes or retweets on this. sounds like a conversation that should be had... i hope there are more.
high production value propaganda? could be... some great questions that both sides must come to terms with if they both want peace. Jews and Arabs before the Zionist Greater Israel Agenda seemed to get along just fine.
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1) He'll never break 30%
He'll never break 35%
He'll never break 40%
He'll never get a plurality.
2) There'll be a floor fight. He'll never get enough delegates to win.
His Campaign is doomed. He set the GOP back 50 years.
He'll never survive these allegations.
98% chance of Clinton Victory.
3) Russia Russia Russia
Leaks Leaks Leaks
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PRECEDENT SETTING CASE that follows the same pattern we can expect to see with Clinton Foundation & Planned Parenthood indictments in the future.

'conspired with others to misapply millions substantial, undisclosed payments to lobbying firms & political advocates'
"...monetary & in-kind contributions to the campaigns of candidates for public office, & to bribe public officials. Nolan also admitted that she knew her co-conspirators defrauded the charity in order to enrich themselves & her."

Notice the charity name has FAMILY in it. #QAnon
This is a big deal. #TheGreatAwakening
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Does the #FakeNews #MSM think we are all that stupid.
The #prayers and thoughts woman has been interviewed during ever major shooting in the last 10 years.
Video evidence below..

Please remember sometimes false teeth etc are used to slightly change her appearance .
Her REAL name is Veronica Munoz she is a CIA agent who works inside the Columbian Government a n is an advocate for gun removal and rights from citizens.

Video's Are NOW.
Same woman 4 events.

#Qanon #Trump #FFNow #guns #love @realDonaldTrump @CNN
Prayer woman.
Orlando shooting same woman as well as same woman posses as victim and mother during 5 other events. Videos in above poats.

Prayer woman vs Orlando woman.

#QAnon #PatriotsUnited
@CNNPolitics @NRA @NRATV #rights #FactsMatter
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I know a guy who is in jail for shoplifting a few things, yet the biggest crime in the history of the world continues to go unpunished. Everyone involved should have been executed by now. #Qanon
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[isaac kappy] is not who he says he is—— a thread:
1) 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

🚨 8:39 🚨“ISAACS ESOTERIC HOUR” In above video IK admits to his practice of Volume 5 OTO Temple of Set “Light” magick —that HE practices. He is telling us who he is. Believe him!!! 🤡
#QAnon #TheGreatAwakening #FakeMAGA #outofthewoodwork

first 10 mins are very telling on IK.. #QAnon
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Very interesting Q proof by The President him self.

USSS 'stay' alerts prevent travel.


#Qanon @realDonaldTrump #MAGA
Why did @realDonaldTrump repost???

I don’t see anything different besides times. HMMMM

#Qanon #MAGA
OK Im wrong its cemetery. A to E.

Arizona Elections.

We all know I cant spell and have the attitude of a dog SQUIRREL.

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Ironic Q called Senate vote over a MONTH ago?


#Qproof #Qanon
This IMO is Q telling us and “them” Patriots are in control. Lets see what happens with voter fraud.

The time stamps in both posts are very interesting.

2 Oct 2018 - 3:31:13 PM
13 Nov 2018 - 12:12:14 AM


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DECIDED: In honor of today, the birthday of my brother—whom I am forbidden contact by our father—I have thus decided:

I shall request a Senate Judiciary investigation into my father’s potential involvement in the CDC coverup of evidence linking vaccines to autism.

#Q #QAnon
Being simultaneously a ranking CDC official for the Federal Government, and a high-ranking California Public Health Department official—he should be asked, under oath, what knowledge or involvement he had in suppression or destruction of State/Fed evidence.
Ask him specifically about the years 2003 and 2004.

Ask him what Federal documents did he force my mother and I to help him destroy?

Ask him what sinister-looking cultures was he hiding in the cellar?

Ask him why was he wiretapping people?

Ask him why all the FBI “friends”?
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