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“QAnon is ...a self-sustaining environment of #disinformation & #misinformation...

.. QAnon hijacks the architecture of social media..

..By controlling acceptable forms of information, QAnon traps its members in a downward spiral of radicalization.”…
“As P.W. Singer and Emerson Brooking describe in.. book Likewar: The Weaponization of #SocialMedia, this phenomenon of “junk” or “fake news” is not new. In 2016, a similar, but related, conspiracy known as “Pizzagate” resulted in a shooting at a DC area pizza parlor.” #SoMe
Above is not limited to academic articles

There has been an increase in #antiAsianhate crimes
targeting of #GOTV by minorities
including this attempt to intimidate me for my GOTV, by armed right wing

There was the #Nashvillebombing (with QAnon beliefs)
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Learn to spot #agitprop ON Twitter, and REPORT IT until they're gone. 👇
Yup, @GuidoFawkes1976 is another charlatan spreading the #QAnon-plane nonsense alleging that the E-4 is "a sign", because they prey on the uninformed. The E-4 flies (almost) every day, he's lying to people to take advantage of them.
Get rid of this trash.

Do we have one of these softheaded charlatans go off about a "Doomsday planes" once every few months?

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🚨🚨Texas corporations have donated more than $1 million to the sponsors of racist voter suppression bills #SB7 and #HB6. Here's a thread on the top donors to the sponsors of these bills and how much they've donated to elect them since 2019 #txlege 1/13
#SB7 & #HB6 harken back to Jim Crow. They will close polling locations in minority neighborhoods, make voting by mail harder, ban drive-thru voting, shorten the hours that polls are open, impose restrictions on people with disabilities AND cost taxpayers $35 million 2/13 #txlege
Since 2019 @ATT has donated $133,250 to elect the sponsors of #SB7 and #HB6. #txlege 3/13
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#1 O mundo vai mesmo de mal a pior. Onanistas reunidos em fóruns de internet têm sido capazes de pautar da esquerda à direita. Rapazes e adultos, incapazes de estabelecer relações afetivas criam idiotices que vão do #QAnon ao Ok supremacista.…
#2 A linguagem do 4Chan é a referência para acusar @filgmartin de supremacista branco. Categoria que inclui neonazistas. Se o assessor do @jairbolsonaro é ou não um racista moreno é algo que merece investigação. Mas vamos mesmo códigos criados por inceis abobalhados?
#3 Sendo assim, os malucões do QAnon teriam razão no que dizem? Não é razoável descartar ou acreditar, conforme a conveniência, em histórias que tem a mesma origem estapafúrdia. No Brasil, os inceis estão envolvidos racismo, violência e misoginia.…
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#InvestigativeJournalists PLEASE PLEASE take note of my #thread on #MattGaetz! The connections between Gaetz, Luckey, and Thiel are IMPORTANT!
Gaetz is not interesting in women, yet he is engaged to Luckey's sister. He brought Chuck Johnson to the SOTU. He hired Darren Beattie/1
This "virtual border wall" was given a military contract under the Trump Administration! Gaetz is on the Armed Services Committee, Judiciary Committee, All Military Caucuses, SOCOM... PLEASE I'm begging a journalist to look at this! /2…
Gaetz is a #WannaBeRogerStone. An #AuthoritarianInTheMaking who is positioning himself for a run in the near future. His connections to these #Populist #WhiteNationalists #WhiteSupremacists is not by accident. His pushing of a House Bill based off of a #QAnon msg board, & more./3
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'LOKINET' and the 8kun connection to Melbourne, Australia…
'LOKINET' and the 8kun connection to Melbourne, Australia and N.T. Technology and Jim and Ron Watkins, et al
'LOKINET' and the 8kun connection to Melbourne, Australia and N.T. Technology and Jim and Ron Watkins, et al
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BIG THREAD: When a self-professed "disinformation specialist" turns out to in fact be a specialist in circulating disinformation.

I was surprised at how many people failed to scratch below the surface of @davetroy's semi-recent yet widely circulated pontificating about QAnon

Many people know that I was among the first people in the world to call out QAnon for the giant scam/psyop that it is.

I called it out in a now famous & epically long thread that I wrote in May 2018.

That thread was picked up & amplified by Julian Assange & WikiLeaks.

My thread calling out QAnon for a psyop and warning people not to fall for it was not only written while I was living in Russia, but was widely circulated by many Occupy-related activists & WikiLeaks supporters.

Why? Because we knew QAnon was bullshit & were warning people

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"The Identity of Q"


via 5chan
5chan via N.T. Technology
5chan via N.T. Technology
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Dalenius’ desideratum

Re: #QAnon / q-anon / k-anonymous / etc.

All it turned out to be was a dictum to be created then exploited.

It was exploited.

A sucker is born every minute.
Dalenius’ desideratum sounds like a dictum to be used as an exploit of personal privacy data, by using it as the basis for defending the collection, aggregation and analyses of same for the purposes of developing weaponized propaganda as a political tool.
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Q-anon Scalability
Even if the number of users to be evaluated is bounded, would it be practical to calculate q over, say, a million users for every API call?

"...such minimization generally scales linearly for the Facebook data that was tested..."
Let's posit that #QAnon is not a 'person' but 'an algorithm'; a 'process'.

For harvesting and defining 'affinity groups'.

To 'influence'.
Calculating Q
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Christopher Wray, director of the @FBI, sworn in to testify at US senate hearing on #CapitolSiege. Image
"The FBI is committed to seeing this through" no matter how many people or resources it takes, Wray tells senator. "I've been sounding the alarm on domestic terrorism" since he's been on the job and "it remains a top concern" and a "critical threat." Image
Situational report containing "raw, unverified" information prepared by @FBINorfolk ahead of #CapitolSiege was quickly disseminated and communicated by LEAP, e-mail and verbally to law enforcement, including US Capitol Police and @DCPoliceDept, according to Wray.
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1/ There is #antisemitism woven into #QAnon. As someone who is formerly Christian Identity, I'm very familiar with some key conspiracies that QAnon borrows from, and so will start a thread. Soros is mentioned twice in what is considered the 2nd Q post. Image
2/ I'm not a fan of predatory investors like Soros, but Soros is used as the new Rothschild, as in, the new wealthy Jew that can be portrayed as the puppetmaster who infiltrated the US government, funds civil unrest, and brings in migrants.…
3/ Soros has been a right-wing boogeyman at least since 2004. Glenn Beck talked a lot about Soros in 2010, including doing a series called, "The Puppet Master." I care less about Beck's intentions, than how this plays into antisemitic conspiracy theories.…
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What happened was I started noticing a network of people harassing me, some of whom are in and out of court, some accused of criminal stalking, some caught spying &/or w/govt. ties & some of these people were communicating w/fake-named accounts, like "Kaidinn" and @jimmysllama...
At least two men who made contact w/me through #SuzieDawson's activist groups (& later in-person) approached me "romantically," & at different times were abusive to me...were found to be communicating with some of these people and at times, even each other...
The more I would read about this "network's" former court cases, that were in the public domain, the more people within this network would crop up & ironically, hysterically, screech (& many believe disingenuously) that they were "victims"...& try to incite attacks on me.
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Far-Right Platform #Gab Has Been Hacked—Including Private Data

The transparency group #DDoSecrets says it will make the 70 GB of passwords, private posts, and more available to researchers, journalists, and social scientists

Those #Gab patrons, whose numbers have swelled after Parler went offline, include large numbers of #Qanon conspiracy theorists, white nationalists, and promoters of former president Donald Trump's election-stealing conspiracies that resulted in the January 6 riot

#EmmaBest wrote in a text message interview with WIRED.

“It's another gold mine of research for people looking at militias, neo-Nazis, the far right, #QAnon, and everything surrounding January 6."
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In anticipation of trump's #CPAC2021 speech, these analyses from @BrandeisNow are a view into the #codedlanguage he uses to speak directly to those he has targeted messages for. His base feels as though they have their own secret signals to communicate. /1
Trump's use of literary devices like non sequitur & dog whistles allow him to wiggle away from responsibility because he encodes his messages in the garb of #plausibledeniability I have broken out some definitions as well b/c well, I had to learn them.… /2
Definitions: non sequitur, political dog whistle, plausible deniability, and perlocutionary effect.
#codedlanguage #nonsequitur #dogwhistle #plausibledeniability #perlocutionaryeffect #literarydevices /3
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#Memes 🤔 That's funny #RickGaetz because who was it that waged a multimillion dollar Memetic Warfare operation in the 2016 election?
#CPAQ #CPAQ2021 #GaetzIsArranged
Palmer Luckey: The Facebook Near-Billionaire Secretly Funding Trump’s Meme Machine
#GaetzIsArranged #CPAQ… /2
Fiancée of Matt Gaetz tells how she responded to the Republican congressman's Mar-a-Lago proposal after their whirlwind 10-month romance…
#GaetzIsArranged #CPAQ /3
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Weil es mal wieder aktuell ist. Dieser Polizist trägt einen sogenannten "Blue Lives Matter" oder auch "Thin Blue Line"-Patch.

Und ich denke, es benötigt etwas aufklärung.

Zunächst eine kurze Einleitung. Das Symbol der blauen Linie auf schwarzem Hintergrund soll die Polizei als letzte Verteidigungslinie vor dem Abgrund ins Chaos und in die Gewalt darstellen.

Ursprünglich angelehnt an die "Thin Red Line", einem Infanterieregiment...
... während des Krimkriegs (1853-1856), was die Russische Kavallerie zurückhalten konnte.

Erinnern wir uns mal an den 6. Januar zurück, als tausende Anhänger von #Trump, #QAnon und der Republikaner das Kapitol gestürmt haben.

Darunter auch: Äußerst viele Polizisten in Freizeit.
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Pizzagate in de polder: ik las wekenlang mee in Telegramgroep van #QAnon-complotdenkers. Ze bezoedelen graven en gedenkstenen en beschuldigen ze RIVM-baas Jaap van Dissel van satanistische kindermoorden. Nabestaanden en betrokkenen reageren verbijsterd.…
De waanbeelden lijken op de bekende Amerikaanse complottheorie #Pizzagate. Nieuwsuur interviewde recent de eigenaar van Comet PingPong, de pizzeria in Washington die werd belaagd door een gewapende complotdenker. De uitbater wordt nog dagelijks gestalkt.
In de Telegramgroep van de bloemenleggers wordt ook dit bizarre verhaal verspreid:
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Kerzenverkäufer #HeikoSchrang teilte ein Video eines "Schrang"-Fans, der mal wieder ein vermeindlich "leeres Krankenhaus" entdeckt hat und das als Beweis für eine "erfundene Pandemie" sieht.

Schauen wir uns das heute mal näher an.
Zuerst das Video.

Er läuft durch irgendeinen Flügel eines Krankenhauses an der Anmeldung der Radiologie (00:20) und der BG Sprechstunde (00:19) vorbei.

Natürlich ist da nichts los.

Vermutlich hat er Szenen wie bei Emergency Room erwartet.
Beim Ersteller handelt es sich um David Kroll aka #DavidDexx aus Celle.

Auf Instagram bezeichnet er sich als Philosoph, Entertainer, Musiker und "FreeWorldCitizen".

Und er bewirbt mit einem Partnerlink Produkte im Webshop von #HeikoSchrang.
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‘Dramatische toename complottheorieën speelt rol bij veel protesten in Europa’. Dat is één van de conclusies uit het lijvige rapport 'State of Hate' van het Britse @hopenothate, Duitse @AmadeuAntonio en Zweedse Expo foundation
Samenvatting in draad >>…
Voor het rapport werden 34 experts uit 32 landen geraadpleegd. Ook werd de mening van 12.000 respondenten in Nederland, Zweden, Frankrijk, het VK, Hongarije, Polen en Italië gepeild over o.a. immigratie, minderheden en politieke ontevredenheid. >>
Conclusies o.a.
-Veel protesten gedreven door geloof complottheorieën
-Verantwoordelijkheid deels bij sociale media platformen
-Covid-19-gerelateerde complottheorieën nieuwe route naar antisemitisme
-Verspreiding 'quasi-religie' QAnon in Europa >>
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🇵🇹 2020 legionnaires-covid19 COINFECTION OUTBREAK PROVED 👉 “Houve 88 casos e 15 mortes, 11 das quais devido a uma coinfecção com a Covid-19.” 15 DEATHS with COINFECTION 👉… 🇺🇸 2019 legionnaires outbreak North Carolina (Covid-19 possible coinfection) ‼️👇 ImageImage
*11 deaths by coinfection‼️
Low eyesight, small phone, walking and tweeting, errors, bugs, imperfections, high school diploma, no income & prohibited from working, not “Associated Press” service. The correct info was written in Portuguese 🤦🏻 👉 not a 🤖. Image
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My thoughts 👇🏼
Facebook restricts Australian audiences, publishers from sharing, viewing news

It began two day`s ago for me on FB when I tried to share @MarkMcGowanMP #covid19 daily reporting
My shares each day were [taken from public viewing?
FB told me only I could see them & they were against FB community standards

I used their box ticking to complain of their decision

I now see that news sharing has stopped on FB for Australians
I look at this in the reality that this is now a good thing because @newscorpaus propaganda cannot be shared on FB
Stokes/Costello propaganda cannot be shared
#QAnon propaganda cannot be shared
#AntiVaxxer/ #AntiCC propaganda cannot be shared
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