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I didn't see this before. I apologize. here is a database that anyone can use to see where some continue to exist…
From the same basic mapping but clearer with the legends.
I'm just going to show you a few comments of butthurt WP that their precious town is on the list and we are just making all of it up to be divisive. No benefit of the doubt granted here is there. It's just simply NOT possible. #ThisIsAmerica #VilliansInThisAmericanHorrorStory Your map is complete horseshit, there is no accompanying docWorst map ever. A couple towns in upstate new york, includinThis map is a joke! I’ve lived in many states all over theWhat a bunch of manure. I looked at the one's listed near me
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Your experiences are simply not the same. You are experiencing prejudices. Pre judgements. Racism includes the actions below that are based on actions below. Laws put place to target your identity! Your right to exist!!
So many of you want to be victims so bad while literally denying the level and existence of the racism we face every single day. In a country that wants to dictate where we can move our bodies, determine who's acceptable for us to vote for or when we can get access to our money.
None of these are the same in impact. And even when we have accomplished all the things that "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" means we are then met with constant resentment. And actions to put us in "our place" #ThisIsAmerica #VilliansInThisAmericanHorrorStory
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I've said this before woke is AAVE, Black vernacular, anti woke efforts are literally saying anti-Black out loud. NOW there is legislation to allow this attack to exist on us.

But we are better now tho right? #VilliansInThisAmericanHorrorStory
I talked about the 1877 compromise in my disinfo detox room and people think I'm crazy to go back through our history to show us what is happening right now is what we've done before. That's why they want us silenced.… Image
Targeting us is a full-on strategy that started in the south. FL is the southern per the image I shared above. What makes anyone think that this party isn't using this across this entire nation? It literally showed up in California.
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“Through our research, we have found that extremist voices from Conservative media have dominated the online discussions and that Black scholarship, which teaches Critical Race Theory in higher academic institutions, has been silenced…” — @digitalsista
Months of research and data collection lead us to the conclusion that Conservative Media isn't just controlling the discourse with mostly disinformation but that left-leaning media is helping to amplify instead of counter the narratives that are leading to legislation.
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I'm going to talk about sundown towns in this thread today. I've been in several rooms on CRT and other aspects of the way we look at laws but also "the rules are the rules" framing that continues to go around. For most of us the rules and laws are for some.
Now. I've said this many times. Sundown towns still exist. Signs are still posted and Sirens go off. Yet I'm told over and over sundown towns are illegal. Asking for you so why are the signs and sirens still existing?
"The rules of a sundown town were simple: Black people were allowed to pass through during the day or go in to shop or work, but they had to be gone by nightfall. Anyone breaking the rules could risk arrest, a beating or worse."…
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Some of will never understand the anger I harbor. Anger that lived in my soul when I was 19 and I left my home behind in part because of this man that took out ads to get 5 innocent boys in Harlem killed for something they did not do. The army of blue came to Harlem & never left.
To leave all I knew behind including dear friends to end up here. Fighting battles I was not prepared for but did it anyway. Eventually debates on the hill and with a WH that at least listened. And yet my country voted in a white supremacist, the very one I thought I left.
To my warnings along with other amazing BW that identified a problem that the platforms, nor media wanted to hear from us. Women who like me had enough of a history to know what could happen. Some of it passed down. Whispers our elders shared.
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Some of you really do think you can say anything w/o evidence but demand proof from others. It's wildAF.
Also using stereotypes or myths as facts need to die in a hot fire.
And if "everybody knows" then prove it or STFU. because whoTF is everybody? your racist circle of friends who literally deny ANYTHING a black/brown person says even with evidence?
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