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Somewhere floating on the net & buried on an ancient hard drive or floppy are my experiences on this day 20 years ago. I sat down that night and wrote about my day. I wish I could find them. #WhereWereYou
I can tell you how I felt. Uncertain. Sad. Afraid. Like everyone else.

I was almost 27 & lived 45min or so from NYC.

I overslept.
I backed over the mailbox when I heard.

I watched the 2nd plane hit & the towers fall while pet sitting.

I remember the jumpers.
I remember checking on clients who worked in Manhattan.

I remember a last minute job requested the prev day, a Dalmatian.

Her ‘dad’ lost most of his co-workers at Cantor Fitzgerald bc his wife convinced him to go away for a few days.

Others in the neighborhood died that day.
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I had heard about this transcript but had never read it. Chilling. Infuriating. Amazing. Heroic. 🙏 thread #NeverForget #WhereWereYou
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I was at work. My office had the only TV and when the first person knocked they only said there was an accident in NYC. We turned on the TV and it looked like a horrible accident until we saw the second plane. For a moment I remember being confused. Was it a replay? Then (cont.)
It dawned on us and the tears started. I sent everyone home. Tried to get in touch with family. My then-husband worked in DC and I couldn’t get through. By then the Pentagon had been hit. I thought he was dead. I drove home, the new home we had just bought. I had moved to (cont.)
The US about 2.5 years before. It still didn’t feel like my country. I wasn’t a citizen yet. My family and friends were in Brazil. I drove by a guy who was crouched on his front yard, arms around his little boy. The kid was holding a baseball bat, the father teaching him (cont.)
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I was clerking for a federal judge in St. Louis, and we had to evacuate the courthouse. #WhereWereYou
We hold in our hearts the 2,977 who lost their lives on 9/11, the survivors and loved ones who’ve had to rebuild their lives, and the first responders who served to keep us safe. We honor their memories by remembering that Americans are strongest when we come together.
As always, I believe in matching words with action. That’s why I backed the bill that passed earlier this year to make the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund permanent.
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#WhereWereYou That morning, I had just started a new schedule and was due into the office @ 9:00 a.m. a few blocks from the WTC. I remember leaving on time but, the train kept stopping & starting after leaving Grand Central.
When I finally got off at the Bowling Green & walked out onto Broadway, I smelled the burning jet fuel immediately & stopped. In the few seconds it took me to recognize that something was wrong, I heard a loud noise overhead & looked up.
I saw the flash of the tail as something flew above the downtown buildings & heard a loud boom. My view was obscured but, it sounded like an explosion. Immediately, I could hear people on the street screaming & dozens began running in my direction.
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