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Imagine the coincidence of the timing of this.

#WTCbuilding7 Not Destroyed by Fire, Concludes Final University of Alaska Fairbanks Report

#QAnon #QArmy #Q #NeverForget #September11
“It is now incumbent upon the building community, the media, and government officials to reckon with the implications of these findings and launch a new full-scale investigation.”
AE911Truth and its allies among the 9/11 victims’ families will now use the findings in the report as part of a formal “request for correction” that the group plans to submit to NIST in the coming days.
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I wrote this 2 years ago. The reason I’ve been in isolation for over a week is b/c I responded on 9/11 and got sick. I was 21 and it was my job. That day and the days that followed were hard to get through. I’m not sure why young people are finding it so hard to simply stay home.
Going out at this point is only putting more people at risk. First responders, medical workers, sanitation, and other necessary workers are working around the clock. We should be trying to limit their exposure as well. #besmart #COVID19
Context: Tommy was a ferry boat captain on 9/11. Instead of docking he kept making return trips to lower Manhattan and is responsible for evacuating thousands. He served in the @USCG as well as the @FDNY. In Nov 2017 he ran the NYC marathon. Just 5 months later he died.
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On this anniversary of #BloodySunday we thank God for civil rights leaders like @repjohnlewis.
And we reject the racism from the @BernieSanders camp who refer to black voters as low info voters! Because we’re in the south, we have NEVER had the luxury of being low info! #Selma
And we will #NeverForget
#BernieBros are still pummeling black people for their vote! We don’t owe our vote to a cult leader with supporters who don’t respect the man who fought for our right to vote with his very blood!
#BernieBros have no respect for our civil rights heroes and will try to lecture us on civil rights! These are our heroes⬇️, not privileged white cult leaders who didn’t even work or vote until they were 40!
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Today, it is 18 years since the #Gujarat2002 Pogrom/Genocide, began with a 3 day period of planned violence which continued for a year.

Officially 1,044 dead, 223 missing & 2,500 injured, CCT estimated 1,926 killed, Other sources estimated 2,000 plus.


Following the initial outbreak of violence of three days, there were further outbreaks of violence in Ahmedabad for three months; statewide, there were further outbreaks of violence against the minority Muslim population for the next year.

According to official figures, the riots ended with 1,044 dead, 223 missing & 2,500 injured. Of the dead, 790 were Muslim & 254 Hindu.

CCT estimated 1,926 & other sources estimated 2,000+

Many brutal killings & rapes were reported & widespread looting & destruction of property
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HC GM Khan, 9th Bn CRPF
Martyred in Anantnag 16 yrs ago
25 yrs since this Khalsa of Gobind fell, fighting in the lands brought back into the folds of the Motherland by his forefathers.
NEVER forgotten
In memory of the 16 men lost to avalanches in Sonmarg and Gurez this day in 2012.
God Bless them
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What I think is incredible, is that we have amazing humans in this itty bitty lil corner of Twatter...

This exposes MSM or MS(LSD) as the great one @marklevinshow would say...

[They] never compile, [they] never follow up. [They] put out half a story & act like [they] reported.
When you look at the whole story by bringing together their fragmented bullshit it is downright fucking scary how we go from 9/11 #NeverForget to this bullshit in less than a decade 🤯🖕🏽
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I am with @RealJamesWoods ... I would just add that I would film the feeding frenzy and replay it for friends and family.

This POS needs learn the meaning of "dirt nap."
@RealJamesWoods There is only ONE group that continually promotes or enables violence against innocent Americans...


Some highlights of their beliefs:
-Defend MS13
-Defend rapists, murders and pedos
-Celebrate abortion
-Defend human traffickers
-Hate GOD

@RealJamesWoods Let's review.

The Luciferian LEFT using their Propaganda DOGs MSM have twisted the minds of young developing brains to rationalize violence against innocent American's as a "CORRECT" social response to any issue they feel angry about.

Patience is thin.…
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Saffron Terror/Hindu Terror was used prominently in media reports and Govt source based ones post the Malegaon Blasts of 29 Sep 2008. Then came 26/11 with those “Kalava” Dharis. Pitch was readied but Kasab was caught alive.
The timeline of various blasts in 2008 prior to Malegaon Blasts
The 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks came just a day after the Home Secretary-level talks between India and Pakistan concluded in Islamabad. The trip was extended by a day and officials went to a place where there was no connectivity…
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Today, it is 37 years since the #NellieMassacre, one of the darkest chapters in history of Independent India

On 18th February 1983, Officially 3,000 (over 10,000 in unofficial estimates) Muslims were massacred in Assam during a six-hour period of mayhem

The massacre claimed lives of 3000 Muslims (10,000 unofficial ) from 14 villages—Alisingha, Khulapathar, Basundhari, Bugduba Beel, Bugduba Habi, Borjola, Butuni, Dongabori,Indurmari, Mati Parbat, Muladhari, Mati Parbat no. 8, Silbheta, Borburi and Nelli-of Nagaon district, Assam.
#NellieMassacre has been described as one of the worst pogroms since World War II.

A documentary, "What the Fields Remember", has been directed by Subasri Krishnan @subzburz

Replug of a insightful article on #NellieMassacre by @harsh_mander…
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Today, it is 37 years since the #NellieMassacre, one of the darkest chapters in history of Independent India.

On 18th February 1983, Officially 3,000 (over 10,000 in unofficial estimates) Muslims were massacred in Assam during a six-hour period

The massacre claimed lives of 3000 Muslims (10,000 unofficial ) from 14 villages—Alisingha, Khulapathar, Basundhari, Bugduba Beel, Bugduba Habi, Borjola, Butuni, Dongabori,Indurmari, Mati Parbat, Muladhari, Mati Parbat no. 8, Silbheta, Borburi and Nelli-of Nagaon district, Assam.
#NellieMassacre has been described as one of the worst pogroms since World War II.

A documentary, "What the Fields Remember", has been produced by Public Service Broadcasting Trust.

Replug of a insightful article on #NellieMassacre by @harsh_mander…
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75 years ago the bombing of Dresden began. On that night in 1945, more than 12.000 buildings in Dresden were decimated and 250.000+ (!) lives lost. The temperature in the dwellings quickly rose to 1.600 degrees Celsius, instantly incinerating the people inside.
Late 1944 / early 1945: Over 12 million Germans flee from Prussia, Silesia and Pomerania from the Red Army. The winter hits them hard, the path is difficult. Nevertheless, it is estimated that over 600,000 refugees can save themselves into Dresden.
At that time, Dresden had around 650,000 inhabitants - and on top housed as many displaced persons from the East. The city was considered a safe haven, had no anti-aircraft guns or military defenses. Two thirds of the population consisted of women and children.
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REMEMBER: When @SpeakerPelosi ripped up @POTUS Trump’s speech when he was done, that speech contained the names of:

- Military killed in action;
- American heroes;
- American citizens killed by illegals;
- Martin Luther King
- Pioneers

THAT is what she thinks of YOU!
When #NancyPelosi was asked why she ripped up @POTUS Trump’s speech, she replied “it was the polite thing to do considering the alternatives.”

Folks, please please please #NeverForget the level of disrespect she and many Dems showed towards YOU, THE PEOPLE!
While Pelosi probably thought she was sending a zinger at Trump, she didn’t.

She sent AMERICA the middle finger by doing that.

The #SOTU speech isn’t about a person; it’s about our nation as a whole. This was a display of disrespect on par with burning the American Flag.
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My great grandfather’s name was Zygmunt Modelski. He was deported to Auschwitz on August 8, 1941 where he died March 30, 1942. #Auschwitz75
My three great uncles Teofil, Zygmunt, and Jerzy were also deported to Auschwitz and survived. My grandfather was the only one to escape. Here you can see Teofil speaking about Auschwitz’s “Black Wall”…
Teofil was later transferred to Buchenwald, where he was liberated by American soldiers including my Jewish great uncle Norman Krasna, whose film of the camp is an invaluable historical source of the atrocity:…
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1. In memory of my father Rene Salomon van der Velde and those in my family who suffered, were tormented, tortured and murdered, and who were forever silenced I vow to #NeverForget and to never be silent in the face of hate. 🕊#HolocaustRemembranceDay
2 in memory of great Opa Salomon van der Kaars. My father adored him. He said Salomon would take the train to visit the family on weekends and would always bring him balloon and a cake from the bakery near the station. He was murdered April 04, 1943 . #HolocaustRemembranceDay
3. In memory of my Opa and Oma Betje Akker and Emmanuel van der Velde. He was a butcher and cantor. They were transported in a cattle car and murdered in Sobibor extermination camp July 2 1943. #HolocaustRemembranceDay
#WeRemember #NeverAgain
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#BoltonMustTestify in a proper independent 9/11 Inquiry about PNAC's plans to murder 3,000 Americans in New York to start Wars & Regime Operations in 7 countries to turn the Middle East into chaos & carnage & destroy the Bill of Rights…

#BoltonMustTestify about Richard Perle's 1996 "A Clean Break" which advocated starting multiple Wars of Aggression and arming Wahhabi al-Qaeda type terrorists to turn the Middle East into Chaos and Carnage

The Real Reasons the Neocons invaded Iraq…
John Bolton must Testify about PNAC's 2000 "A New Pearl Harbor".
An obvious reference to 9/11 which came one year later & enabled PNAC's planned multiple Wars of Aggression to turn Middle East into Chaos & Carnage

The Real Reasons the Neocons invaded Iraq…
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Its intresting and sad to see how the memorial culture of the Holocaust changed so massivily since the AfD reached power in 2015. In Saxony they are actual strongest parti but not in goverment. Was it @BjoernHoecke who described the Holocaust memorial as " Monument to Shame"
Alexander Gauland the Nazi time and its crime as" bird shit in thousend years of sucesfully German history". And also Gauland sayed:
"If the French are rightly proud of their emperor, and the British of Nelson and Churchill, we have the right to be proud of the achievements of German soldiers in two world wars."
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Khomeinist Iran always had a great relation with the criminal Nusayri/Alawi rulers of Syria.

Khomeini himself, from the very beginning of the Revolution had excellent ties with the Bathist regime of Hafez Al-Assad. In 1978 when Khomeini was forced to leave Iraq where he had been in exile since 1963, Assad suggested him refuge in Damascus.
Assad was quick to embrace the Iranian Revolution of 1979. He sent Khomeini a gold-illuminated Qur'an and congratulatory telegram in which he proclaimed support for the revolution, which he said served the interests of both Arabs and Muslims.
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Aamir Khan feels unsafe to live in India, Farhan Akhtar protests #CAA_NRC without knowing the facts & Deepika Padukone shows up at JNU to support Aishe Ghosh. It can’t be a coincidence and it’s not. They are all managed by a Mumbai based company - Spice PR 👇#DeepikaPRBackfires
This is how the PR machinery works. They have creatives, content, strategy all figured out much before the actual event. Right after Deepika left from JNU, the following creatives started floating on SM platforms like Twitter, FB, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. #DeepikaPRBackfires
Soon within 24 hours #ISupportDeepika was trending at No. 1 in India with 236K tweets and No. 3 in Worldwide trends with 234k tweets. But how did they get so many tweets in 24 hours when #BoycottChhaapaak was trending at No. 2 with just 177K Tweets? Weird no? #DeepikaPRBackfires
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Comienzo el hilo de temporadas vistas en el 2020:
T02 | @castlerockhulu

Los orígenes de Annie Wilkes (la enfermera psicópata de #Misery, creación de @StephenKing). Lizzy Caplan está inmensa en el papel y su “hija” Joy es Elsie Fisher de #EighthGrade. Qué final 😱 disfruté los twists de esta antología.
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Damn straight!

Thank you for your service sir 🙏🏽

Pretty unreal when you think about it...

These clowns are told or paid to hate @realDonaldTrump so badly that they recite Iranian propaganda and are featured on the state run news...

Literally this 😂
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Daily dose y’all 🙌🏽

Ht @FineWineDrinker & @Avery1776


Is that before or after crying like little bitches!??…
Not sure that went quite exactly as was planned 🤣

Babies, children, mothers Yea Yea...

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Daily dose of WTF...

Next level TDS 🤣🤣🤣

Orange Man most def Bad...

You intellect will surely be missed...
What was it you were saying again???
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