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*Nangya kar k saarya aay* -- 'his clothes was removed and then brunt', a minor watching a phone video of #Sialkot lynching standing near the murder site repeats this multiple times.
#blasphemy #Pakistan
2 factory workers Talha & Furhan, part of the bigger lynch mob explain why they burnt alive the Sri Lankan manager on #blasphemy suspicions. They refused to work unless the management did something about their complaint & when it didn't, they decided to kill the man. #Sialkot
*Zaleel khwar kar k waasil e jahanum kar chadya*. We sent him to hell. These young lynchers are brainwashed into thinking that TLP's word on practicing Islam is the ultimate truth. TLP has mainstreamed radicalisation. Feel terrible for those exposed to their narrative. #Sialkot
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Republicans find a new young White supremacist sociopath to glorify and emulate every year. This is how they recruit more Republicans and more White supremacist sociopaths, who so often graduate to become White domestic terrorists. The MSM colludes with them to normalize it all.
Flashback to when @TeenVogue cornered the market on Kyle Rittenhouse hot takes 2+ years in advance. Swap out the names and the gist remains the same:

“It’s about who we believe, who we protect, and who we decide is or is not worthy of those things.” - @brittneymac15 ImageImageImageImage
Kyle Rittenhouse is an American problem. Derek Chauvin is an American problem. The McMichaels are an American problem. The J6 insurrectionists are an American problem. The GOP/MSM alliance that aids, abets and incites ALL of these American problems is an AMERICAN PROBLEM.
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Kristallnacht – O início do holocausto.
Considerado como o início do holocausto, entre os dias 9 e 10 de novembro de 1938, tropas nazistas com o apoio e participação de civis iniciaram uma onda de pogroms contra judeus na Alemanha, Áustria e em partes ocupadas da Checoslováquia.
“Pogroms”, termo russo que significa “causar estragos”, se refere aos ataques violentos de cidadãos não-judeus a comunidades judaicas locais, desde o Império Russo até outros países onde o antissemitismo era e é recorrente.
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Behind the windows of this beautiful villa on the shore of the Wannsee in Berlin, fifteen men met on the morning of Tuesday, January 20, 1941.
Ten of the fifteen were university graduates. Eight of them had doctorates. Eight of them had studied law. One of them died as recently as 1987, having - unbelievably - successfully practiced law in post-war West Germany.
At the end of their 90-minute meeting, having agreed responsibilities which they believed and hoped would lead to the deaths of up to 11 million Jewish men, women and children, under the leadership of Reinhard Heydrich, the men enjoyed a hearty buffet breakfast.

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This week marks the 83rd commemoration of the infamous Kristallnacht. Years of indoctrination, hatred & antisemitism were channelled into one night. An orgy of violence, arson & death was let loose on my people.…
83 years on the word Jew has been replaced by Zionist. The exact same cannards are being used, violence against Jewish lives & property are once again, & the majority watch in silence. The United Nations favourite punch bag, Israel is roundly condemned by all and sundry
Extreme right & left wing groups, NGOs, so called HR groups & the media led by @nytimes Al Jazeera & their ilk, Social media platforms like @Twitter @Meta are awash with slander of Israel on a daily basis and the world takes it all in as if it is the Gospel truth.
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As the daughter of a Holocaust survivor, the phrases #NeverForget and #NeverAgain were learned at any early age.
2. My father taught me that we must never forget the horror of the Holocaust so that we prevent it from ever happening again.
3. He taught me that everyone has the responsibility and the ability to fight hate in all of its forms.
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I recently had a periodic neurology visit. Such is the life of a dopamine depleted Parkinson’s brain. These visits come with the gig to see how I’m doing. What meds need tweaking etc. They’re obligatory in a way. There is no cure. A wee reality check on fascism 🧵👇🏻
My neurologist is about my age. We get along, we both go through the motions. He knows he can only do so much, he knows I’m trying to do what I can to retain my sense of value. I like him. He likes me. He is from Belarus.
Alexander Lukashenko has declared himself the winner of a recent election there. Look at the words. ‘Declared’, ‘himself’ & ‘winner’. He did not win. He declared so. A declaration of an election victory is the stealing of an election victory. Sound familiar?
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🏃‍♂️Academy Class Session 146 has arrived at our Division 1 station for their first stop in their run to the National Law Enforcement Memorial Wall in DC. #LawEnforcementMemorialRun
👮‍♂️@ChiefAzizPGPD stopped by to thank all those who are running to honor our fallen this morning. #NeverForget
Our runners who began their journey in Philly are wearing purple in honor of #DomesticViolenceAwarenessMonth for the last leg of the run into DC. 🏃‍♂️ Image
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Martyrs of Chhattisgarh Police - 12 Oct Image
On this day 33 years ago, Hav Pandurang Kakfale, deployed with his battalion in IPKF, was one of the section commanders of the company tasked to assault and capture Maruthnamadam town. Image
The enemy offered stiff resistance, and Kakfale was soon wounded.
Unmindful of his injuries, he continued leading his section and personally destroyed a bunker housing a machine gun that had stalled their advance.
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We @AE911Truth were saddened to learn of the passing of retired @FDNY Firefighter & 9/11 Truth activist Rudy Dent on October 7, 2021, from a 9/11-related illness. Rudy is now one of the thousands of 9/11 first responders who have died as a result of ...
@EPA @GovCTW @NIST FDNY Firefighter Rudy Dent
...breathing the toxic air at Ground Zero.

Having lost several close colleagues on September 11, 2001, Rudy was for many years an outspoken advocate for the 9/11 Truth movement.

#NeverForget #ControlledDemolition #asbestos
On that morning, he was called in from his day off and arrived on the scene after both of the Twin Towers had fallen, later witnessing firsthand the fall of World Trade Center Building 7. He knew immediately from the loud boom that compared with the explosions he heard during...
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L/Nk Jagjit Singh, 2 Sikh.
Fell this day in 1992, but not before earning himself a Kirti Chakra Image
Nk Jaswinder Singh, 17 Sikh.
Fell fighting in the accursed 'Jannat' this day 21 years ago.
#NeverForget Image
Martyrs of The Sikh Regiment - 03 Oct.
One more name in addition to the two above. Image
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@hbomax #Sopranos binge... #itsjustlunch 🤷‍♂️ Image
Pilot was very high pork roll content... Tony keeling over every 15mins it seemed. 😬
This supposed to be a Starbucks? 🤔😏 Image
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A few things…

1. When confronted about the @ADL’s complaints against @TuckerCarlson, a categorical antisemite, remarked, “fuck them.”

2. @RepMattGaetz later asserts that the @ADL is a “racist organization.”

Such overt antisemitism scares this Jewish man to the core.

I’m sad.
The bystander effect is a social psychological term that refers to the diffusion of responsibility bystanders experience when they witness a crime (eg “someone else will do something”) leading to collective inaction. The term stems from a famous case in which a woman was attacked
and murdered, screams heard by ~38 onlookers, none of whom called the police. The same dynamic occurs with bigotry that threatens a target existentially eg think early Nazi Germany. What we are witnessing with the @FoxNews host & the @GOP member is nothing short of a bystander
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Remember, this is how the media treated our national treasure Om Prakash Mishra 'Bol na aunty aaun kya' rapper waale who singlehandedly screwed up Pakistani cricket
Just look at the manner in which Legend Om Prakash Mishra was dragged through the mud. They even accused a song that literally asks "Bol na aunty aaun kya" of disregarding consent 😤
They accused Om Prakash Mishra 'Bol na aunty aaun kya' rapper waale of "verbal gang rape"!!
#NeverForget 😤
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On September 21, 1972, #PH #democracy was still functioning.

Martial Law (Proc. No. 1081, w/ Gen. Orders, Letters of Instruction, etc) may have been postdated to Sept. 21 but that doesn't mean it came into effect on that day. That is a Marcosian LIE.

THREAD. #NeverAgain
#OnThisDay in 1972, there was a huge rally held at Plaza Miranda, Quiapo led by the Movement for Concerned Citizens for Civil Liberties. Headed by Sen. Jose W. Diokno & the National Press Club, it grew to 30,000 the next day.
At the same time, Congress was holding its last session in Congress before adjournment. And this was key to why Marcos chose September 21 as the date of the declaration of Martial Law.
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BUS PARADE! Celebrating the inaugural ride of new Route 85 with @ancpeoplemover! 🚏Downtown 🚌 🚏West Anc 🚌 🚏Loussac Library 🚌 🚏 Dimond Center Mall! #ANCgov
Also, this is definitely the cleanest city bus system I've used! And the best name "People Mover"
Like the old Route 36, Route 85 will head through Turnagain and serve part of West Anc that current routes don't serve.
(yes, I'm live tweeting a bus ride)
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Quick. Someone call the cops. "Some people are grilling some hot dogs." How about we grill him on.... settlements for police abuse and misconduct he signed off on as a City Council member, eh?
Check on a “black male wearing a black hat, selling hot dogs.”… #NeverForget
And let's not forget the time Samuels worked to shut down an artist--living in Powderhorn, not his ward--who was using his yard for his art. "It's an attraction to crime and it downgrades the quality of life to neighbors. #SamuelsGreatestHits #NeverForget…
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The barbaric Police, Crime, Sentencing & Courts Bill has passed its final reading & is awaiting consideration by the House of Lords.

It contains new limits on the right to protest, sweeping new police powers, the criminalisation of Travellers & increased stop & search powers.
Damage to memorials, such as the statue of slave trader Edward Colston, could mean 10 years in prison - longer than many rape sentences.

The Bill is an unacceptable extension of police & state powers, & attacks the fundamental freedoms of speech, assembly & the right to protest.
If you STILL can't see the *crystal clear* historical parallels, you're either blind, or in denial.

Or you simply just don't care.


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I see we've reached the 'racism is justified against black people & travellers because laws' stage of the Tory regime.

Reminds me of something we did in History at school - can't quite put my finger on it... 🙋‍♂️
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⭐️ 2001 ⭐️

D: Why do you think the terrorists attacked us?

R: Because they hate our freedom

⭐️ 2021 ⭐️

D: Why do you think we have mask and vaccine mandates?

R: Because you hate our freedom

D: Maybe you would reach a different conclusion if you listened to what the CDC was telling us

R: But it’s FAKE NEWS

D: Oh, FFS

R: Once you understand COVID is a Democrat hoax no worse than the flu, it becomes quite obvious that mandates are part of an anti-freedom agenda
D: So you think the US government is enforcing lockdowns because they hate our personal freedom, & that’s it?

R: In the words of Sherlock Holmes: once we eliminate everything that we have been repeatedly told is impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth
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@khrafnsson Secretary @mikepompeo should do sthg for Julian. Show the world that he stands by his words.
@khrafnsson @mikepompeo @wikileaks @AusHCUK Australian Ambassador Hon. George Brandis once said this.. Mr. Assange broke no Aussie and US laws. So why is Biden's @TheJusticeDept not letting Julian go?

@khrafnsson @mikepompeo @wikileaks @AusHCUK @TheJusticeDept @AusHouseLondon @MoJGovUK They (USA & UK) make it too complicated. The simple truth is that Julian Assange is innocent and they are war criminals. Orwell laughing!

Presidential candidate Dr.@RonPaul explains:

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1/ Who's going through those declassified documents? #Sept11 #NeverForget #Declassified Image
2/ Image
3/ Image
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