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#RBGProofOfLife #WheresRuth #TheSleeperMustAwaken

Behold the many faces of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
And the many eyes....
and introducing......ROBORUTH 👏👏👏👏👏👏
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#WheresRuth #RBGProofofLife @Distinct_Words @X22Report @TheBadDadder @DeepStateExpose @SOTN_Newsflash @CityPrepper1 @TriggeredNewsc1 @GingerGirl777

**Public Information** Contact info SCOTUS.
Everyone needs to start calling, emailing and documenting the responses.
Retweeting won't do anything! These hashtags (probably anyone in a thread with them) are shadowbanned. Tweets are not going to cut it! Call these people and get their answers on the record! We need documented proof so when prosecutions come later, they wont be able to deny it.
Kathleen Arberg
Patricia McCabe Estrada
Angela Frank
Ashley Saunders
(Contact for applications)
PIO address

Main numbers: (202) 479-3211, 3050, 3000
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#RBGProofofLife #WheresRuth #SCOTUS
@paulmuaddib61 @SOTN_Newsflash @Distinct_Words @TheBadDadder

This is intentional deception and sleight of hand. These are articles from several different sources all about the same story of the fake RBG being at the Oz Memorial.
same event but ALL have different pic and not one is the fake body double at the event. These two sites got sloppy and went too far back and showed a picture of the real RBG. Its clear as day this is not the same person.
Oh yeah, the sellout Fania blocked me. THEY ARE SCARED!
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Even the clothes on the woman in the background match. See pics here and in my second tweet below ⤵️⤵️⤵️
#WheresRuth? #MAGA #KAG @nytimes, we caught you again. You should probably fix it quick before someone notices 😉
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The Q Review For You 2/15/19: Message Discipline and the Right Wing Puke Funnel and how Q can't use the latter cause he doesn't have the former.
1. Q put in a lot of work today for a lot of nonsense. We begin with dumb fearmongering over a possible False Flag event that could happen and QAnon members are told to be on guard. So if anything big happens it's all a lie.
2. An Anti-Lynching bill that had been pushed hard by Kamala Harris and Cory Booker got signed into law. Q acts like this is a good thing for some reason even when evil Deep State Satanists were fighting for this.
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Thread by @HNIJohnMiller: "1) So, moment of seriousness here. The Notorious RBG... is not dead. But she probably soon will be. Here's my thoumittedly limited) knowledge pool, as well as inferences and the references to inferences from others. 2) Firs […]"…
Thread by @CatesDuane: " ? Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg IS NOT DEAD. HOW do I Know this? Because as @ScottAdamsSays has pointed he chances of her passing unremarked by the MSM or the Court is EXACTLY ZERO. […]" #WheresRuth #Kavanaugh #History…
This is my own running thread on Justice Ginsburg #RBG ⚖️👩‍⚖️🇺🇸
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Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg IS NOT DEAD.

HOW do I Know this?

Because as @ScottAdamsSays has pointed out in a recent

Periscope Session the chances of her

passing unremarked by the MSM or the Court is

The wild speculation as to her condition & whereabouts

has caused the creation of the Hashtag #WheresRuth?

since sh'e now missed 3+ Weeks of work at Court.

I agree with Scott 100%.


If she's alive WHY is there a BLACKOUT on her Location

& condition?

The BLACKOUT on her Location and condition is patently

OBVIOUS to anyone capable of critical thinking.

Sadly it's now a Lost Art.

TRUMP, US.GOV & SCOTUS have imposed the BLACKOUT.

What? That's not OBVIOUS to you?

Cast you mind back to Sept. 2018

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(1of3) Fake news cnn putting it out there that Justice Ginsburg was believed to be seen in her first public appearance since her cancer surgery. The only problem is, the photo that was used for the story was taken April 27, 2017. #WheresRuth
(2of3) They are trying to say that she is alive and well when in fact she’s probably on life support at best, or already dead. #GinsburgIsMissing
(3of3) Q asked the questions, “What off-market drugs are being provided to [RBG] in order to sustain minimum daily function”? and, “What is the real medical diagnosis of [RBG]”
Are they saving her for an interference of the President’s plans?
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Fudging the numbers @jack?

It was in the 700s earlier today when it started taking off.

@jack about #WhereIsRBG instead then since they're fudging the numbers?
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