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The Q Review For You 2/15/19: Message Discipline and the Right Wing Puke Funnel and how Q can't use the latter cause he doesn't have the former.
1. Q put in a lot of work today for a lot of nonsense. We begin with dumb fearmongering over a possible False Flag event that could happen and QAnon members are told to be on guard. So if anything big happens it's all a lie.
2. An Anti-Lynching bill that had been pushed hard by Kamala Harris and Cory Booker got signed into law. Q acts like this is a good thing for some reason even when evil Deep State Satanists were fighting for this.
3. Dumb cryptic gibberish and empowerment of the followers.
4. Insane conspiracy theory about an assassination attempt on trump. Debunk here by @rothschildmd
5. More celebrating followers. Then this continued talk about a conspiracy of people meeting after the election. If it was seven people then name then. Hillary did give a concession speech the morning after the election. More lies Q puts in his QDrops.
6. Rehashing the assassination nonsense, trashing McCabe and he reposts the friggin plane. God how deeply lazy this all is.
7. Finally a QDrop that says the spending bill doesn't have poison pills and then we get to the main event. Q's walk back on RBG being dead. This is again where Q's nonsense makes it so painfully clear this is a LARP.
8. The right wing media in this country is extremely powerful. Billionaires back all sorts of media projects. From FOX News, Sinclair Broadcasting, AM talk radio, Prager U, Turning Point USA, The Daily Wire, countless newspapers etc etc.
9. Even the most wildly absurd nonsense can find it's way onto Gatewaypundit and slowly begin working it's way up the Right Wing Puke Funnel where it ends up on FOX News and then the mainstream media starts to kick the tires on the story cause the Right Wing is screaming.
10. If Q was a serious Super Secret Spy with his army of twitter followers/Youtube video makers he could leak some info that would start trending on twitter and getting folks to look into stuff. Imagine a shady loan between Hillary and Wells Fargo.
11. Q could have his army twitting #HRCWellsFargoScam Or something to that effect and get people screaming and yelling about it. Folks would start digging into the claim and looking for info. It would begin working it's way up the Puke Funnel. Maybe it makes FOX, maybe it doesn't
12. But Q could do things to get the corruption of the Deep State out there for the media to look into. If Q had solid message disciple their message could move beyond social media and become part of the political narrative.
13. Q doesn't care to do this cause Q isn't about getting on FOX News with info that'll attack the Deep State. Q just wants buzz and controversy on social media. Q wants their followers riled up and screaming about nonsense.
14. Q's "Why was she selected" QDrop was on Jan 6th. He followed this up with more "Where's Ruth?" QDrops the next day. On the 11th he used her no-show to SCOTUS as a QProof and game theoried out how her replacement should be a woman. "Enjoy the Show" of a Senate confirmation.
15. At any time between then and today Q could have posted "BTW RBG isn't dead." but he didn't. He let QTwitter/Youtube go wild with statements that RBG is dead. #WheresRuth kept trending. Over a month Q could have stepped in and elected not to.
16. Only when confronted by proof that RBG is alive does Q say "I never said she was dead. Media lies about what I say, typical slandering Fake News." Q pulls the old "Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest" and then is just shocked when the priest dies.
17. This is because Q like miscommunication. He likes having people freaking out that D5 is when the Patriots exact justice and then gets to say D5 was nothing cause it was all about Huber's delayed hearing. Q always has it both ways. Never stop people from flipping out.
18. Q wants the worst possible interpretation for his edicts to have QTwitter enraged and frothing at the mouth that something big will happen, yet gives himself just a tiny bit of wiggle room to claim he never said it would happen.
19. Q plays QAnon for fools. How many people took those QDrops to mean RBG was dead? Joe M and all the rest of them got played and Q themselves just said he played them. Of course he blamed "The media" for misquoting him but didn't most of his followers "Misquote" him too?
20. Q doesn't want to be a real source of information because they have no information and causing freak outs on social media is their whole game. Pro Tip to QAnons. Stop believing Q, all he does is lie. He just admitted it and laughed in your faces.
21. Q let you all scream RBG was dead for a month and look like idiots and now he washes his hands of the whole affair. Maybe you should spend your days following somebody who won't use you and laugh at you afterwards.
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