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At the exact time Nielsen wrote this lie, a young mother was detained in Texas, her 2-year-old son ripped from her arms at the border. “This is what happens when you come to my country,” border agent told Nilda as she begged to keep them together. But @FortuneMPW is honoring her?
I just can’t believe Kirstjen Nielsen is being honored as a “powerful woman” by @FortuneMPW. She used her power to kidnap Nilda’s baby & detain her for two months w/ no information on his whereabouts. Nielsen literally tortured this family & thousands more.
Now reunited, Nilda is unfortunately 1 of more than 300k asylum seekers struggling to survive w/o resources for necessities, like food or housing #whiletheywait to find out if they’ll be allowed to stay. Visit for info on how you can donate & help.
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The border agent told her: “I don’t care if one of your kids dies,”

Please take the time to read this MUST READ story.

If you want to know how difficult our broken immigration system is for a family fleeing danger, read this.…

via @stillsarita
We tried to get Grethshell Juliet out of detention & @ConMijente are supporting the family #WhileTheyWait.

You can help here:

Sindy will reunited with her daughter tonight in SFO for the first time in over two months, but this treatment is disgraceful.
@ConMijente Sindy was reunited with her baby Gretshell Juliet late last night at the San Francisco airport.

It was a brutal two months without her.…

There are thousands more like her awaiting deportation process. Learn more:
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Don’t spend a second on Trump’s unhinged Bezos or Warren tweets tonight. He’s trolling you. Instead watch Nilda’s Story. Survivor of sex, domestic, & gang violence. Then child separation at his orders. She has strength, courage, selflessness. His opposite.
Then spend the time you saved supporting people like Nilda, now living in the US, struggling to survive while they wait to find out if they’ll be allowed to stay. Visit for info on how you can donate & join the movement.
Money raised for the #WhileTheyWait Fund will go to helping the 311k asylum seekers now released & living in the U.S. struggling to pay for necessities, while they wait for work authorizations, & expand access to legal counsel. Click here to donate:
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This is Nilda & her 2-year-old. Forcibly separated in Texas. Nilda was held in 5 detention centers over 2 months. Told: “This is what happens when you come to our country.” She doesn’t know what happened to Keyden. Just that’s he’s changed. Their story:
I met Nilda shortly after reconnecting w/ Keyden. My office (@BklynDefender) mobilized teams of bilingual social workers & immigration attorneys when ICE sent children to NYC. Ensured planned reunions actually happened & provided trauma counseling. Nilda & Keyden were clients.
She was strong from the beginning. Clear that she wanted to tell her story. “If I don’t, nothing will change.” She recounted the harrowing journey. Why she fled her home in La Ceiba, Honduras & risked everything to come to the U.S. She expected: “A country of freedom & safety.”
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“If I dont tell my story no one will. Nothing will change.” Thats what Nilda said to us after detained, separated from her 2-year-old. Bravest person I’ve met. Inspired this video. Watch. Visit to help others like her #whiletheywait
In June 2018, my org (@BklynDefender) mobilized social workers & attorneys to help reunite parents & children sent to NYC by ICE. That’s how we met Nilda & Keyden. Survived separation. Now struggling to survive in U.S. #whiletheywait for asylum. Help:
Just got off phone w/ Nilda. She asked me to ask you all to please watch this 👇. Then if moved, go to to help others like her #whiletheywait in the US for legal status w/ next to nothing. She told her story to help others.
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Nilda is a Honduran mother who came to the US w/her 2 y/o son, Kayden.

They were separated, held at five detention centers, & only reunited two months later.

They're seeking asylum, but face heavy financial & legal hurdles.

This is their story:
Nilda is one of 1M+ w/same story: little money & *no guarantee of a lawyer*

That's why we're partnering w/@BklynDefender & @ACLU_SoCal to raise $$$ for immigrants #WhileTheyWait & demand *universal right to counsel* for all in immigration court.

Join us:
There are 1M+ people in this country w/open immigration cases.

300K are seeking asylum.

But NONE are guaranteed a lawyer.

If they're lucky, they get services via orgs like us & @BklynDefender. Otherwise, they're alone in front of judges & ICE lawyers who want them gone.
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