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Hahaha! It IS a Red Pill!!! #Hydroxychloroquine is being made as a RED PILL! I made memes a while ago.😏 Sweet!!
Also check out the “OR SOMETHING ELSE” Gematr!a code! Woah!💥 So many from past & important. Rev 8 👉🏻 #Wormwood Good for us 🙏🏻😊 Poison to [them]!💀
#Biblical! #HCQ
2. Here are a few #Hydroxychloroquine red pill meme’s I previously made! I’m ecstatic it really is a red pill! Hahaha 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 #HCQ #QAnon #QArmy #MemesReady
3. And I just made more! 😁
TAKE IT! Take the RED PILL! 🥳 #WakeUp
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3. Tracking past “Vase” decodes & mentions. 🗃
The look on our beautiful @FLOTUS’s face when President Trump says he hopes Kim Jong Un’s “Christmas present is a beautiful vase. That’s what I’d like, a vase.”🏺is simply priceless 👌🏻😂
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1. New Thread 🧵 Hydroxychloroquine / Azithromycin Combos Health Tracking.
QDrop 3976 “Worth tracking”.
#COVID19 #Chloroquine #Quinine #Artemisinin #Wormwood #HolisticHealth #NaturalRemedies #Pandemic #GameChanger #AnonsKnew 🐛
2. Meet Dr. Didier Raoult Biologist & Infectious Disease Specialist who discovered 60+ diff virus & world 🌎 specialist. Europe compares his knowledge to Plotkin who is known as their Godfather of vaccines💉.
We like Raoult😁, we do not like Plotkin😠!
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More New QDrops today. # 3975 “Clear your mind. Heal” 👇🏻 Video link below.
2. 🎶 Here is the continuous version music for 50 minutes. 🧘🏼‍♂️🧘🏻‍♀️
“Clear your mind. Heal” - Q

Prayer is when you talk to God, meditation is when God talks to you! Learn to listen. 🙏🏻
3. Lol. 😆 I forgot to add the link. Sorry!
🎶 Here is the continuous version music for 50 minutes.
“Clear your mind. Heal.” - Q.
Prayer is when you talk to God, meditation is when God talks to you! Learn to listen. 🙏🏻
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1. 🧵 Passover - Pass Over - Easter
The Biblical Passover - The Cosmic Pass Over & The Pass Over We Are Called To Do Within.
2. I’ve been trying to get this thread up for well over a week. Better a little late to the party than never 😆😂🥳
As I’ve stated in other threads, some may really not like knowing this, others will love it. But I still have to share it. 💝
3. We just experienced the Full Pink Moon (told you I was late😆). The Biggest & Brightest of 2020. 1st after March makes it the 1st Full Moon of spring & a Paschal Full Moon. 👉🏻Pink for Pink phlox wildflower (moss pink)
NOTE: The EGG Moon 🥚 (more on that in a bit)
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Dr Fauci. No more questions. ✋🏻
Do the complete opposite of what the deep state & their #fakenews puppets say. #wormwood
Laser beam provided by👉🏻 @realDonaldTrump 💥👏🏻👌🏻
2. Noooo more questions on Dr. DeepFake Fauci.
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1. THREAD: 👉🏻CoronaVirus 👉🏻Chloroquine 👉🏻Hydroxychloroquine (Hydra 💦 #watchthewater quine - equine 🐎 #horseshoe) 👉🏻Artemesinin 👉🏻[P]arasites & Yeast 👉🏻Wormwood 🐛 👉🏻Eat Unleavened Bread of Truth🥖🙏🏻 👉🏻BB Bread & Butter🦃 👉🏻Butter Gets Pardoned #BeBest 👉🏻 #ItsGonnaBeBiblical
2. This is going to be a doozy! Please be patient. It will be 20+ long. I’m going to do my #BeBest to explain it & pull some couple years of decodes together & from others #TeamWorkMakesTheDreamWork 🙏🏻. The delay is I keep uncovering things & I’m mind blown 🤯
H = 8 works better with A = 1.
Let’s explore Hydroxychloroquine aka Chloroquine.
A 70 yr old malaria medicine w/ “spectacular improvement & recommended for all clinical cases that test positive for CoronaVirus” source following
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9. Oh I knew there would be moar!
Caps N & C for news conference. Not normal.
Some say North Carolina b/c of Coronavirus, might be.
Then I see @realDonaldTrump announces RALLY IN...
North Charleston, SC! 👉🏻NC
TS matches 28 @LovesTheLight we have our “Picture Being Painted!”😲💥
10. I made full graphic of above to help everyone see it.
N.C might = North Charleston
2 original timestamps of 8:03 = 11 11 & match to Qdrop 28.
Rally announcement time stamp equals a total of 28 which is the date of the rally & matches to Qdrop 28 👉🏻“Picture Being Painted”.
11. Unreal! New add to older thread for @realDonaldTrump’s “CARONavirus” vs “Coronavirus & “chocked” vs choker 👉🏻CHOKED. All connects to Gates depop. agenda.
💥Do you see the “Y”💥
Note key words in GEORGE article: plague of the past, malaria,
Cancer treatment
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